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Finally, Constable John Gore provided another corroboration: Goody Sarah Bacon gave him evasive answers, when he came on Wednesday to serve the summons.

In the event, apparently everybody showed up at Magistrate Danforth’s house on Thursday — except Goodman Bacon. And Danforth must have found in favo(u)r of William and Martha Munroe (and their cast of thousands), inasmuch as he found it necessary, two weeks later, to send the Marshal around to give the arrogant and nonresponsive Bacon a bit of extra motivation.

Marshal Mitchelson delegated the task to his deputy, John Gleason, already involved as one of the Munroes’ prosecution witnesses. I haven’t checked the Gleason genealogy, but John’s got to be close kin to the Thomas Gleason with whom our Michael Bacon (or maybe his similarly contentious father) had a cattle dispute* three years earlier…

*Middlesex County (Massachusetts) Clerk of Courts, Card index to births, deaths, wills, and miscellaneous court records, 1600-1799. FHL US/CAN Film 1420474 Item 3.

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