FROM THE BUCKS HERALD around October 1843case at Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

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FROM THE BUCKS HERALD - around October 1843

bucksherald_t.jpg BUCKINGHAM - We are glad to announce that three more of the offenders, who committed the gross outrage on a defenceless woman at Tingewick, about two months ago, are safely lodged in Buckingham goal, and will be had before the magistrates for committal. The names of the parties now apprehended, are - Adams, Spratley, and Terry. This desirable circumstance was owing to the vigilance of Mr Giles, the superintendent of police in this town, who having received a vague information that all these men, and also John Holton [possibly this one] (not engaged in this outrage) were enlisted into the 28th regiment. On Thursday week after depositing the body of Joseph Emerton [NOT this one] in Millbank prison for transportation, he repaired to the Hampshire Hog, in Westminster, a noted house as a recruiting rendezvous, he enquired of Mr Fox, the landlord, whether he knew anything of these men; Fox immediately remembered four men from the country coming to his house about three weeks ago and enlisting. To make sure, Giles applied to the Recruiting Register Office, and found all of them had enlisted into the 28th regiment, and each too in his proper name; he then started for Chatham, the depot of the regiment, and there found them. The Sergeant-Major confined them until a person from Tingewick arrived to swear to their persons. On Monday Mr. Everett [possibly this one], the active Tingewick constable arrived, and on Wednesday they were safely incarcerated in Buckingham gaol. The effective activity of Giles will be highly esteemed by the magistrates, who have all through evinced an extreme anxiety to get hold of the whole of them, which would have been the case long ago, had it not been for the negligence of the other constables of Tingewick.