Family Sheet for Joseph Heritage

Husband: Joseph Heritage  

Born: 6 Oct 1832Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 14 Oct 1832Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died:   Source
Buried: 23 Oct 1887Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Father: Joseph Heritage  

Mother: Sarah Gibbard  


shepherd: From 1850 To 1881Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
ag lab: 1851/1861Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
labourer: From 1853 To 1869Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
labourer shepherd: 1871Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Married: 28 Mar 1853Tingewick, BucksSource
Wife: Sarah Terry  

Born: Cal 1828/1829Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  

Father: Joseph Terry  

Mother: Elizabeth Garner  

Other spouse


lacemaker: 1861/1881Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource


Name: Elizabeth A. Heritage  
Born:  Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 16 Apr 1854Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  

Name: Eliza Anne Heritage  
Born:  Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 23 Aug 1857Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1885  
Spouse ? Bishop

Name: Sarah Heritage  
Born:  Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 4 Sep 1859Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  
Spouse Richard Varney

Name: Fanny Heritage  
Baptised: 4 Aug 1861Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1871  

Name: Joseph Heritage  
Born: Cal 1864Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  

Name: Hannah Heritage  
Born: Cal 1865Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1881 Source

Name: Lucy Heritage  
Born: Cal 1867Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1871  

Name: Benjamin Heritage  
Born: Cal Sep 1869  
Baptised: 5 Sep 1869TingewickSource
Died:   Source
Buried: 11 Mar 1871TingewickSource

Name: William George Heritage  
Born: Cal 1872Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 31 Mar 1872Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1901  
Spouse Ida Poole

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