Family Sheet for Richard King

Husband: Richard King  

Born: 15 Mar 1810Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 12 Aug 1810Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: 24 Mar 1891Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Buried: 30 Mar 1891Tingewick ChurchyardSource

Father: Golby Bartholemew King  

Mother: Anne Clarke  


One of the 'Nobility, Gentry & Clergy': 1842Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
registrar of births & deaths: From 1854 To 1877Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
relieving officer & registrar of births & deaths: 1871Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
listed in Kelly's as non-commercial resident: 1891Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Married: 5 Sep 1831Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Wife: Matilda Pulley  

Born:  Bletchington, OxfordshireSource
Baptised: 19/9 May 1805Blechingdon, OxfordshireSource
Died: 3 Feb 1870Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Buried: 8 Feb 1870Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource

Father: Thomas Pulley  

Mother: Ann Butler  

Other spouse William Bartlett


Name: Ann Barbara King  
Baptised: 11 Mar 1832Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died:  CroydonSource
Spouse Mark Fossey

Name: Matilda King  
Born: Cal 1834Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 30 Mar 1834Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Buried: 26 Jan 1893Tingewick, BuckinghamshireSource
Spouse William Durrant

Name: Ellen Emma King  
Born: Cal 1837AkeleySource
Baptised: 24 Jul 1836AkeleySource
Died: 11 Nov 1886Water StratfordSource
Spouse John Thompson

Name: William Golby King  
Born:  Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 24 Feb 1839Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: Aft 1861 Source
Spouse Elizabeth

Name: Esther King  
Born: Cal 1842AkeleySource
Baptised: 31 Oct 1841AkeleySource
Died: Aft 1884 Source
Spouse Samuel Heard Timms

Name: Thomas Richard King  
Born: Cal 1847Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Died: 18 Apr 1877Water Stratford, BuckinghamshireSource

Name: Amelia King  
Born: Abt 1844Akeley, BuckinghamshireSource
Baptised: 24 Mar 1844Akeley, Buckinghamshire 
Died: 28 Jun 1920 Source
Buried: 28 Jun 1920Tingewick CemetarySource
Spouse Joseph Francis Steeden

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