Holton family photos - Tingewick, Buckinghamshire and Finmere, Oxfordshire (England)

Holton Family Photos

John Moss (1842-1901+) & Sarah Holton (1844-1917+) (see family group sheet)
Contributed by Yvonne Bonner - see more Moss photos here

Kitty Frank Holton 1871-1955
Kitty Frank McIntyre nee Holton is the granddaughter of Thomas Holton who was the first of the Tingewick emigrants to settle in Jobs Corner, Pennsylvania, arriving in New York around 1830.
Contributed by Jean Murray via Rae in Oneida, New York

Descendants of John Harvey Holton (b. 1798 in Tingewick) who moved to Paulerspury with his mother.
Sarah Holton 1856-1918 Harry Howard 1870-1911
killed in a mine explosion
John Howard 1884- Raymond Howard 1891-1915
killed by runaway horses
Grand-daughter who emigrated to Wisconsin with her second husband in the late 1880s Great-grandsons whose parents emigrated to Wisconsin around 1889.
Contributed by Carol Riggle via Judy Palm Contributed by Judy Palm