Photos of the Cross family of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

The family of Richard King

Richard King (1810-1891) married Matilda Pulley (1805-1870) in Akeley in 1831. They had seven children before moving to Tingewick in the late 1840s. Richard King was the relieving officer and registrar for the parish from at least 1842.

Ann Barbara King Matilda King Ellen Emma King William Golby King Esther King Amelia King Thomas Richard King
(1832- ) m. Mark Fossey (1834-1893) m. William Durrant at Tingewick in 1877 (1837-1886) m. John Thomson at Wandsworth in 1865 (1839- ) m. Elizabeth (1842-1884) m. Samuel Heard Timms at Tingewick in 1868 (1844-1920) m. Joseph Francis Steeden at Tingewick in 1878 (1847-1877) died unmarried