Family stories from the parish of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

Family Stories

Stories and clippings in this section have generously been contributed by other researchers and descendants, to whom I give grateful thanks. Some of the links lead to other websites run by these descendants. More contributions or links to other websites would, of course, be very much appreciated!


In 1844 William Adams and four other Tingewick men were sentenced to transportation to Tasmania. His 3g-g'son Dale Pobega has written about the events leading up to his transportation and his life as a convict in an online E-book here and gives the reasons for his hesitation and apprehensions here. See also the Terry entry below and letters sent to them from their family back in England.


An old folk tale about Alcock's Arbour near Welford on Avon
George Alcock of the White Hart
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The Political Persecution of the Aris Family in 1910
Another story about George Aris


Two interesting wills from 1610 and 1670. The American descendants of this family have done much thorough research. Martin Fenimore's site
Dale Fenimore's site

Greaves (Eagles)

Newspaper cutting (ca 1923) about Rishton's oldest residents

n.b. Greaves one-name organisation
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1899 newspaper report of the death of Walter Howard after being thrown from a train in North Dakota
1911 newspaper report of the death of Harry Howard (son of Walter, above) in a goldmine explosion in British Columbia.
1915 newspaper report of the death of Raymond Howard (son of Walter, above) in an accident with runaway horses.


Biograph of Henry William Judd (1865-1924) son of Edwin and Ann Judd who was an outstanding athlete and cricketer: he emigrated to Tasmania in 1891 where he worked as a journalist ... read more
Also Newspaper cutting with details of Henry William's cricket century score in Tingewick in 1889.


Newspaper & parish magazine cuttings (ca. 1923) about the diamond wedding celebrations of John and Sarah Moss of Droylsden
Newspaper cutting (ca. 1948) about the diamond wedding celebrations of James and Sarah Moss of Droylsden
Newspaper cutting (1954) 66th wedding anniversary of James and Sarah Moss of Droylsden


Red Riding Hood revisited?  


Rev. John Theodore Archibald Reed of Leckhampstead
Rev. George Varenne Reed, curate of Tingewick 1839-54, later tutor to the sons of Charles Darwin.


Rev. John Risley - tried for murder!  


The emigration of Benjamin and Fanny Savins to Australia


The death due to meningitis of Joseph Cornelius Sear in 1927 was at first mistakenly thought to have been caused by aspirin poisoning. click to enlarge


Weddings of the three oldest daughters of Reginald & Edith Steeden.
Gwendolen Violet married Frank E. Tapping in the winter of 1938/9
Alice Lucy married Frederick Arthur Trump in June 1941
Dorothy Hilda married Harold Andrew Tibble in spring 1939


Three members of this family were transported to Tasmania in 1844. Fascinating letters were sent to them by those left behind. See also the Adams entry above and an account of their early years as convicts..  

Walworth nee Clifford

Poem written by Rosa Mary Clifford to her daughter Nellie  
  Whist and Women's Institute (1941) - extract from The Buckingham Advertiser and North Bucks Free Press  
WWI casualties (Tingewick War Memorials, and other descendants)
Christening Confirmation
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Percy Floyd (1908-1996) Frederick Jackman (1911- )