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Voyage to India

Indian newspaper clipping anticipating the arrival of the City of York

The following passengers are expect-ed in Calcutta by the steamer City of York, on Nov. 21st:-
Mrs N.M. Webb; Mrs E.C. Ward; Mr John Dey; Miss E. Corkey; Mrs. M. Farrington; Miss B.M. Day; Mrs Rowbottom; Miss Jenkins; Miss M. Walsh; Miss K. Sawdye; Mrs J. Fraser; Mr and Mrs H. Coats and child; Mr and Mrs H. Bruce Lewis; Mrs Dawson, and three children; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Willet; Mrs. Williamson and three children; Mr and Mrs C. G. Fyfe; Mr and Mrs J. Stevenson and two children; mr and Mrs Markquick; Rev. F. R. Wilcox; Mr. J. R. Haggart; Mr. Geo. Gray; Mr and Mrs Prentice; Mrs D. Graham; mrs Hy. Lawton; Mrs J. Black and child; Miss D. M. Larchar; Mrs T. Cruickshank and child; Mrs Winchester and child; Mr G. Hepburn; Miss Alice Hawker; Miss F. A. Gifford; Mrs Graham and child; Mrs R. B. Addis; Mrs N. Gunson and three children; Miss M. C. Williams; Mr and Mrs J. Tannahill; Mr and Mrs Miller M. King; Miss Ina Peters; Mrs Ferguson and child; Mr and Mrs S. H. Forbes and child; Mr C. Douglas; Rev. W. N. Alsop; Mr T. J. Ponton; Mr D. P. Keiller; Mrs Dickson and child; Mrs A. H. Harley and three children; Miss Morton; mr Stanley Taylor Mann; Mr and Mrs J. Lornie; Mr and Mrs Maxwell; Mrs E. Herrick Woodward; Mr and Mrs W. H. Miles; Mrs A. J. W. Christie; Miss E. A. Watson; Mrs H. R. Bell; Mr and Mrs Vansittart; Misses E. Vansittart and A. Diamantopoulos; Mrs W. G. McGinn and child; Mr L. Church; Mr and Mrs Gaunt; Mrs L. C. Jewitt; Mrs W. Duncan and two children; Mrs G. Reilly and child; mr A. McMillan; Mr S. P. Lawton; Mr R. Christis; Mr A. A. Allum; Mrs J. McAndrew; Miss E. Fawdry; Miss Christison; Mr and Mrs A. W. Christison; Mrs Foreman; Mr Pike; Mrs W. E. Debrunner; Mr Thos. Williamson; Miss E. G. Edwards; Miss E. Dival; Miss Turner; Mrs Scott Vigrow; Mrs D. Baker and child; and Mr C. E. Sime