My grandmother's photos

Voyage to India

- letter from my grandmother aboard S.S. "City of York"


11.25 a.m.
Somewhere off the Welsh Coast

S.S. City of York
Sunday 24 X '15

Dear Mater
      We are off - turned // out of the river somewhere about
eleven last night. It seems as though // the passge will be all right from
the passenger point of view. Of my // cabin fellows one is a nurse for the
1st Class so she clears out first thing // in the morning until the evening. Last
night she was in bed when we turned // in 9.30. Another one from the cabin,
a Scotchwoman, has friends going, & by // some accident a berth in their cabin
is vacant so she has changed. Whether // for good or only to Marseille she
does not know yet. so you see a I am // very lucky indeed. The remaining
passenger is a very nice lady, // about forty to forty-five I should
think, unmarried, going out to a

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Image from The Allen Collection

"The collection belongs to the Martello Tower Museum at Pembroke Dock which has given permission
for the photographs to be made available in the current form for research and educational purposes only."