My grandmother's photos

1915 letter to her mother from my grandmother aboard S.S. "City of York" en route to India

page 4

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ginger & nuts. It's rather cold, & wet // this morning, but I'm perfectly warm
in bed - just like a toast, without // my thick coat. The bed is rather
hard, but that's nothing. More tomorrow

[Monday]. Since last writing we // have had an awful spell of weather.
I didn't have sea-sickness at all. // One of the men, the one who
argued about Holyhead, took me // right away to the end of the ship
to see if I could stand it - of // course I could. The ship has done
nothing but roll horribly since // about three yesterday. I didn't turn
in until about 10.30 - because // the cabin made me feel sick, & I
was the only lady upstairs after // about 7. The whole ship, with the
exception of the crew, three fellows // I have made friends with &
myself, were in bed by nine.

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