My grandmother's photos

1915 letter to her mother from my grandmother aboard S.S. "City of York" en route to India

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I imagine I was the only lady // not afraid of being sea-sick.
One of the three fellows, an // awfully nice quiet youngster going
out for his first trip was very // ill & stayed up all night.

[Tuesday] The weather is getting // delightful. This morning the sun has
come out, & it seems much warmer. // A couple more days like this & I shall
be able to dispense with my thick // coat except for being on deck at
nights. The monotony I am afraid is // going to be dreadful. There are only
twenty-eight {crossed out} three of us, you see, & so there
isn't much chance of making // things hum, expescially when you
can count out a man who boozes // the whole day, & sleeps like a hog,
a couple of ordinary working-class // men who never will be any thing
different, & one or two old fogies.

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