My grandmother's photos

1915 letter to her mother from my grandmother aboard S.S. "City of York" en route to India

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You would laugh to see the way // I monopolise three fellows, when men
are in the minority. It isn't my // fault, they seek me out & of course
I like the company. They are // contemplating taking me out to
dinner at Marseilles, & we have // such fun about it - you would
laugh to see the four of us // tramping up & down the deck,
your humble in sou'wester & // thick coat. They are going to
take my photo in the sou'wester & // I'll ge thtem to develop me one
to send you

[Wednesday] We have had such // fun this moring. There was
nothing much I wanted for "brekker" // so I contented myself with grape-
nuts & then toast. The fun comes in // the fact that yesterday one
of the quartette & I made a bet of a

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