My grandmother's photos

1915 letter to her mother from my grandmother aboard S.S. "City of York" en route to India

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lunch at Port Said that I would // be liverish before reaching there.
Now he says I am going to diet // myself to doge the bet. Wait till
tiffin and we'll see. Strangely // enough one of the party is very
keen on Coon-can, that card game // Jack taught Vincent, & wants to
play. The other two are not // particular but would play if I
would. How can I play with // three fellows, tho'. The ship's company
might have something to say. If I // don't stop telling you rubbish like
this, you will have a fat letter // when we reach Marseilles. At
the rate we are going we expect // to arrive there about Friday, much
before time, only of course we may // be standing well out to sea.

[Thursday] A bit more for you, // Mater, tho' there isn't much to talk

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