My grandmother's photos

1915 letter to her mother from my grandmother aboard S.S. "City of York" en route to India

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of. We are standing out to sea // & no-one knows exactly where the
ship is. We measured the mileage // on the map this morning, &
reckoned the latitude & longitude, // to find the two, instead of
corresponding, were a day's sail // apart. Something must be wrong, but
we can't say what.

Just let Snooker know there are // three cats aboard, so she is
superseded. One of them has just // been rubbing its nose against my
elbow. Two are barred, one is black. // The two tabbies come hunting around
me just like Snooks, but the other // is very select. I suppose we shall
see Gibraltar somewhere about lunch // time, tho' there won't be much to see.

[Friday] We rounded Gib. yesterday // shortly after two, & saw the African
coast quite plainly. Now we are

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