Researchers of Tingewick families

Descendants of Tingewick families

These are some of the descendants of Tingewick families who have been in touch with me. If you would like to be included in the list, please send me details in a similar format to my daughter's and I will be delighted to add you.

Descendants and connected researchers added so far:

Teri Adcock ,  |  Jan Anderson, California,  |  Norma Bennett (Australia),  |  Bernard Bond,  |  Yvonne Bonner,  |  Marc Brewerton England,  |  James Brewerton , England  |  Shaun Burgin, England  |  John Burman,  |  Lorna Caporn, Australia,  |  Joan Cook, (New Zealand)  |  Bob Copeland (U.K.),  |  Mick Day (Canada),  |  Barbara Dixon,  |  Jean Durbin (Australia),  |  David Empson,  |  Simon Fairthorne (U.K.),  |  Liane Fenimore (U.S.A.),  |  Martin Fenimore (U.S.A.),  |  Julie Fitzgerald,  |  Hatty Floyd (Scotland),  |  Roger Gomme ,  |  Richard Goodwin (U.K.)  |  Fred Greaves (England)  |  Marty Grundy  |  John J. "Jim" Henry ,  |  Don Holton (New York),  |  Margaret Hunt (Australia)  |  Janet Hutchinson  |  Keith Jackson (England)  |  Dottie Johnson (California),  |  Michael King,  |  Lyn Lindsay, (Australia)  |  Virginia Ling, (Australia)  |  Robert Bernard Lovell, (UK?)  |  Jayne McHugh, (Canada)  |  Eoghan McTiernan , (England)  |  Patricia Maleary,  |  John Martinson (Idaho),  |  Sarah Meads(U.K.)  |  Brian Mintrom,  |  Jane Munro,  |  Annette Nicholson  |  Judy Palm (Oregon, U.S.A.)  |  Pauline (Australia)  |  Dale Pobega, (Australia)  |  Rae, (U.S.A)  |  Eddie Richardson,  |  Neville Ridgway, (Australia),  |  Carol Riggle, (U.S.A.),  |  Rob Rockall (Australia),  |  Peter Roots (Australia),  |  Patty Champion Sanderlin (U.S.A.),  |  John Short (Australia),  |  Toni Skidmore (U.S.A.),  |  Andy Smith (U.K.),  |  Miriam Smith (Australia),  |  Lorraine and Alan Steeden (UK)  |  Bob Strong (New Zealand)  |  Rowena Summers (Australia),  |  John Stockley (England)  | , John Reg Swan (England),  |  Valerie Symes (U.K.),  |  Hazel Tachtatzis (U.K.) |  Peter Terry (U.K.),  |  Jim Wynn Thompson (Australia),  |  Joe Twitchin (Australia),  |  Marion Walter (Canada),  |  Brenda Ward (UK)  |  Wendy Webster (UK)  | 

Interesting how many of them are in Australia. Did the first ones entice the later ones out with glowing reports of a land flowing with milk and honey? Did some Assisted Emigration scheme coincide with a period of particular hardship in the parish, perhaps after the Inclosure of 1774, or the Agricultural Depression of the late 19th century? Any opinions, please let me know!