Those ancestors of Norma Bennet who lived in Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

Virginia Ling

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Numbers follow the Ahnentafel system: not all her ancestors are shown, mainly those who have a connection with Tingewick.

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(1) Virginia Ling is the g-g'dau of:
(14) Albert James Terry (b 1869)
who married (1897) winifredmurfet_t.jpg
(15) Winifred Murfitt

and the 2g-g'dau of
(28) Richard Terry (bp 1823 at Tingewick, d. abt 1870 in Tasmania after being transported in 1844)
who married (1855 in Perth, W.A.)
(29) Mary Baulch (b. abt 1849) (maryannbaulch_t.jpg )

and the 3g-g'dau of
(56) Joseph Terry (bp 1797 at Tingewick, d 1862 at Tingewick)
who married (1820 at Preston Bissett)
(57) Elizabeth Garner (b 1897/99, bp 1800 at Stratton-upon-Fosse, Gloucestershire, bur 1882 at Tingewick) (elizabethterry1800_81_t.jpg photo )

and the 4g-g'dau of
(112) Joseph Terry (bp 1769 at Tingewick, bur 1831 at Tingewick)
who married (1788 at Tingewick)
(113) Ann Read (bp 1771 at Tingewick, bur 1847 at Tingewick)

and the 5g-g'dau of
(224) James Terry (poss. b Clifton in Deddington, Oxfordshire, bur 1772 at Finmere, Oxfordshire)
who married (1764 at Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire)
(225) Elizabeth Pettifer

Virginia has contributed some lovely photos to the website.