William Arlent Webb Family Research

William Arlent Webb's Scrapbook

A second cousin of my late father-in-law, William John Webb was almost the last of his genealogical line. His only close relatives were two unmarried nieces. His father, William Arlent Webb, was an enthusiastic amateur genealogist in the 1930's. When William (the son) died in 1989, I was fortunate enough to be given a trailer-full of his father's research including boxes of neatly annotated Victorian carte-de-visite (photographs), mourning cards and two huge scrapbooks full of trees and photos and letters.

William Arlent Webb married Cecil Thompson from Tingewick but the majority of the Webb ancestry relates to Melksham in Wiltshire. Most of the letters are dated in the 1930s, after the death within weeks of his daughter and wife. However it appears he was still researching as late as 1951, when the 1851 census was released. He laid out his main scrapbook with a double page for each generation for each of the families he was researching. As well as all the trees, transcripts and photos you might expect, between the leaves are often letters relating to his search for that branch of the family that can make fascinating reading.

I'm still rebuilding the pages, but the three sections can be found under Allcock=Flowers  |  Webb=Chivers  |  Thompson=King