Transcript of the 1861 census of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

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Source description: The 1861 census of Tingewick



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Folio 4a Sch. 1
SIDEJames(Head) M35(1826) Mag labBKMTingewick  
SIDEJane(Wife) M34(1827) F OXFEpwell?  
SIDEEdmund L(Son)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
SIDEJohn T(Son)  3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
SIDEJames(Son)  9 mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 4a Sch. 2 Wood House
TOLTONHenry(Head) M69(1792) MWood BailiffOXFMixbury  
TOLTONPenelope(Wife) M68(1793) F BKMBuckingham  
Folio 4a Sch. 3 By? House
JONESWilliam(Head) M41(1820) Mfarmer of 5 acresOXFCharlton  
JONESAnn(Wife) M32(1829) F BKMBurnham  
JONESElizabeth M(Daughter)  12(1849) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
JONESWilliam G(Son)  10(1851) M BKMPreston Bissett
JONESEdwin J(Son)  6(1855) M BKMBarton Hartshorn  
JONESEsther J(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMPreston Bissett
JONESJames T(Son)  2(1859) M BKMPreston Bissett  
JONESJosiah(Son)  10 m(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 4a Sch. 4
STANBRIDGEThomas(Head) M24(1837) MFarmer of 68 acresGLSLittle Compton  
STANBRIDGEElizabeth(Wife) M26(1835) F(empl. 1man+1boy)OXFGt. Rolright  
BERRYElizabeth(Mother in law) W65(1796) FFarmers widowOXFCornwall
STANBRIDGEThomas(Servant) U21(1840) MCarterGLSLittle Compton  
Folio 4a/b Sch. 5 "Red Lion"
BERRYThomas(Head) M43(1818) MPublicanBKMTingewick  
BERRYMary(Wife) M43(1818) F BKMEdgcott  
BERRYJoseph B(Son)  14(1847) M BKMTingewick  
BERRYJohn(Son)  12(1849) M BKMTingewick  
BERRYWilliam(Son)  10(1851) M BKMTingewick  
BERRYCharlotte A(Daughter)  7(1854) F BKMTingewick
BERRYEmily(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMTingewick  
BERRYElizabeth M(Daughter)  1(1860) F BKMTingewick
BILLINGEmma(Servant)  14(1847) FGeneral ServNTHSyresham  
Folio 4b Sch. 6
BARNESEdward(Head) M32(1829) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
BARNESSilence(Wife) M29(1832) F NTHBrackley  
BARNESJoseph(Son)  12(1849) M OXFFinmere  
BARNESSusanna(Daughter)  10(1851) F BKMTingewick
BARNESCharlotte(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
BARNESJohn(Son)  6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
BARNESIsabella(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMTingewick  
BARNESWilliam(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 7
COATSWilliam(Head) M28(1833) MCarpenterNTHSyresham  
COATSAnn(Wife) M26(1835) F BKMTingewick  
COATSRichard(Son)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
COATSWilliam J(Son)  19 m(1860) M BKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDJames(Father in law) W63(1798) MFormer harness makerBKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 8
COLEMANCorbett(Head) M75(1786) MFormerly PublicanNTHBletchley  
COLEMANJane(Wife) M70(1791) F NTHBletchley  
Folio 4b Sch. 9
HUMPHRIESGeorge(Head) M29(1832) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
HUMPHRIESAnn(Wife) M32(1829) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
HUMPHRIESHenry(Son)  7(1854) M OXFFinmere  
HUMPHRIESThomas G(Son)  5(1856) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch. 10 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
TOMPKINSThomas(Lodger) U38(1823) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
Folio 5a Sch. 11
NEALJoseph(Head) M34(1827) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
NEALElizabeth(Wife) M51(1810) F OXFChurch Heaston  
NEALElizabeth(Daughter)  9(1852) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 5a Sch. 12
TYRELLCharles(Head) W55(1806) MGrocerOXFNewton Pursell  
TYRELLAnn(Niece) U38(1823) FHousekeeperOXFNewton Pursell  
TYRELLJane(Daughter) U17(1844) F OXFNewton Pursell  
TYRELLThomas(Son)  14(1847) MScholarOXFNewton Pursell  
TYRELLAnn(Daughter)  13(1848) FscholarOXFNewton Pursell  
TYRELLAnn L(Visitor)  3(1858) F SRYBrixton  
Folio 5a Sch. 13
TREDWELLSarah(Head) U61(1800) Ffarmer 30 acre 1 manOXFCottisford  
EDGINGTONElizabeth(Servant) W70(1791) Fgeneral servantOXFMurcott  
Folio 5a Sch. 14
GUDGENWilliam(Head) M42(1819) Mfarmer 40acre 2menNTHLong Buckby  
GUDGENMary M(Wife) M46(1815) F OXFFringford  
EBORNFanny(Servant) U20(1841) Fgeneral servantBKMAkeley  
Folio 5a Sch. 15
EASTThomas(Head) M43(1818) MAg labBKMMaids Moreton  
EASTMartha(Wife) M40(1821) F NTHWoodend  
EASTElizabeth(Daughter)  9(1852) FscholarBKMMaids Moreton  
EASTThomas G(Son)  5(1856) MscholarBKMTingewick  
EASTJane M(Daughter)  12da(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 5a Sch. 16
BARNESWilliam(Head) M29(1832) MAg labOXFFinmere  
BARNESSarah(Wife) M28(1833) F BKMTingewick  
BARNESJohn T(Son)  5(1856) M BKMTingewick  
BARNESAnn(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMTingewick  
DAVISWilliam(Lodger) U17(1844) Mag labBKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 17
NEALJohn(Head) M54(1807) Mag labBKMTingewick  
NEALElizabeth(Wife) M40(1821) FlacemakerNTHBrackley  
NEALGeorge(Son)  8(1853) M BKMTingewick  
NEALElizabeth(Daughter)  5(1856) F BKMTingewick  
NEALThomas H(Son)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 18
BRADFORDMartha(Head) W68(1793) FlaundressOXFLew?  
BRADFORDJane(Daughter) U26(1835) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 19
COLLINGRIDGEMary(Head) W55(1806) FlacemakerBKMMarsh Gibbon
COLLINGRIDGEEllen(Daughter)  12(1849) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 20 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
COLLINGRIDGEHenry(Lodger) M22(1839) MAg labBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEEliza(Lodger) M21(1840) F OXFFringford  
Folio 5b Sch. 21
BARRATTJonathan(Head) M25(1836) Mag labOXFMixbury  
BARRATTAnn(Wife) M25(1836) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
BARRATTElizabeth(Daughter)  2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
READMaria(Mother in law) W54(1807) FlacemakerNTHPauls Perry
SMITHFanny(Visitor) M27(1834) FLacemakerOXFMixbury  
SMITHElizabeth(Visitor)  2(1859) F BDFStagsden  
SMITHArthur(Visitor)  3 mo(1861) M BDFStagsden  
Folio 5b Sch. 22
BUCKINGHAMHannah(Head) U55(1806) Fformerly lacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 23
WINTERBURNEliza(Head) M22(1839) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
WINTERBURNPhillis J(Daughter)  1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 24 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
MORETONAnn(Lodger) W79(1782) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
MORETONMary(Lodger)  17(1844) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 25
HARRISCharles(Head) M49(1812) Mag labWARStoneley  
HARRISAlice(Wife) M43(1818) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HARRISLucy(Daughter)  12(1849) FLacemakerBKMHanslope  
HARRISWilliam(Son)  8(1853) M BKMTingewick  
HARRISAnn(Daughter)  6(1855) F BKMTingewick  
HARRISEdwin(Son)  3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
HARRISEllen(Sister) U44(1817) FLacemakerBKMFenny Compton  
Folio 6a Sch. 26
DICKENSCharles(Head) M36(1825) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
DICKENSMaria(Wife) M43(1818) FlacemakerOXFMixbury  
FINCHCharles(Sister/Son in law) U20(1841) Mag labOXFMixbury
DICKENSSarah A(Daughter)  15(1846) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
DICKENSJohn(Son)  6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
DICKENSMary J(Daughter)  2mo(1861) F[or 20 months?]BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 27
RICHARDSONGeorge(Head) M42(1819) Mretired farmerBKMBuckingham
RICHARDSONSarah(Wife) M46(1815) F BKMStudley  
RICHARDSONSarah P(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMBuckingham  
RICHARDSONHannah(Niece) U18(1843) F OXFNorth Aston  
Folio 6a Sch. 28
TAPPINGWilliam(Head) M49(1812) MMasonOXFFinmere  
TAPPINGElizabeth(Wife) M58(1803) F GLSHabboton  
HALLElizabeth(Mother in law) W87(1774) F WARStrenton  
Folio 6a Sch. 29
REEDThomas(Head) M33(1828) Mag labBKMTingewick  
REEDSusanna(Wife) M31(1830) FlacemakerBKMPreston [Bissett]  
Folio 6a/b Sch. 30
ELBOROUGHGeorge(Head) M57(1804) MGrocerBKMBuckingham  
ELBOROUGHSarah(Wife) M44(1817) F BDFRoxton  
ELBOROUGHSarah E(Daughter)  14(1847) F BKMBuckingham
ELBOROUGHMary J G(Daughter)  5(1856) F BKMGawcott  
Folio 6b Sch. 31
CAVEThomas(Head) W67(1794) MButcherNTHCharlton  
HOWSEJane(Housekeeper) M50(1811) FhousekeeperNTHHinton-in-Hedges  
Folio 6b Sch. 32
BARRATTBenjamin(Head) M59(1802) MshoemakerBKMTingewick  
BARRATTHannah(Wife) M51(1810) F BKMTingewick  
BARRATTAnn(Daughter) U29(1832) F BKMTingewick  
BARRATTBenjamin(Son) U18(1843) MshoemakerBKMBarton Hartshorn
BARRATTFredric(Son)  15(1846) MShoemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 33
ALLUMWilliam(Head) M45(1816) MCoachmanHAMFareham  
ALLUMSarah(Wife) M38(1823) F HAMPortsea  
ALLUMWilliam(Son)  13(1848) MScholarHAMFareham  
ALLUMSarah(Daughter)  11(1850) F HAMFareham  
ALLUMElizabeth(Daughter)  7(1854) F HAMPortsea  
Folio 6b Sch. 35
JENNINGSRichard(Head) M36(1825) Mcoal merchantBKMSteeple Claydon  
JENNINGSMary(Wife) M35(1826) F BKMSteeple Claydon  
Folio 6b Sch. 36
CROSSRichard(Head) M47(1814) MmasonBKMTingewick  
CROSSSusanna(Wife) M49(1812) F OXFMixbury  
CROSSJohn(Son) U23(1838) MbricklayerOXFMixbury  
CROSSGeorge(Son) U19(1842) MbricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSRichard(Son)  16(1845) Mbricklayer's labBKMTingewick
CROSSEdwin(Son)  8(1853) M BKMTingewick  
CROSSJames(Son)  14(1847) Mbricklayer's labBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b/7 Sch. 37
HARVEYThomas(Head) W37(1824) MMasonBKMTingewick  
HARVEYAnnie M(Daughter)  9(1852) F BKMTingewick  
BAYLISSElizabeth(Mother)  72(1789) F NTHNorthampton  
Folio 7a Sch. 38
STEEDENSophia(Head) W59(1802) FlacemakerBKMRavenstone  
STEEDENMary A.(Granddaughter)  10(1851) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 39
POLLARDJames(Head) W51(1810) MBuilderNTHCroughton  
POLLARDWilliam(Son) U23(1838) MbricklayerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDCatherine F(Daughter)  15(1846) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 40
POLLARDReuben(Head) M25(1836) MBricklayerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDSarah(Wife) M24(1837) F BKMWeedon  
POLLARDMartha M(Daughter)  3(1858) F BKMHardwick
Folio 7a Sch. 41
LOVELLDavid(Head) U33(1828) MShoemakerBKMTingewick  
LOVELLJane(Mother) W67(1794) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 42
WORVILLEdmund(Head) M43(1818) MshoemakerBKMBuckingham  
WORVILLAnn(Wife) M37(1824) F BKMTingewick  
WORVILLCaleb L(Son)  16(1845) MshoemakerBKMTingewick  
WORVILLWilliam A(Son)  15(1846) MshoemakerBKMTingewick
WORVILLAmy(Daughter)  10(1851) F BKMTingewick  
WORVILLRobert E(Son)  8(1853) M BKMTingewick  
LOVELLMary(Daughter)  3(1858) F BKMTingewick  
WORVILLSarah A(Daughter)  3 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 43
PULLEYZilpah(Head) U54(1807) FDressmakerOXFBletchington  
KINGThomas R.(Visitor)  14(1847) MscholarBKMAkeley  
Folio 7a/b Sch. 44
PETTYJoseph(Head) M56(1805) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYMartha(Wife) M37(1824) F BKMTingewick Deaf
PETTYAnn E(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYSusanna(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYCharles(Son)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 46
WIMBUSHThomas(Head) M44(1817) MBaker & GrocerOXFGt Bourton  
WIMBUSHCatherine(Wife) M39(1822) F BKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHJohn(Son)  15(1846) MbakerBKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHRichard N(Son)  13(1848) M BKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHAnn U(Daughter)  10(1851) F BKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHThomas H.(Son)  9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHWilliam B(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
WIMBUSHBenjamin J(Son)  4 mo(1861) M BKMTingewick
SMITHMary A(Servant)  14(1847) FGeneral ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 47
STARKEYGeorge(Head) M43(1818) MVictualerNTHFarthingoe  
STARKEYSarah(Wife) M42(1819) F NTHMarston  
STEVENSAugustus G(Visitor)  3(1858) Mfarmer's sonBKMWater Stratford
SIRETTMartha(Servant) U18(1843) Fgeneral servantBKMAdstock  
Folio 7b Sch. 48
HAYWARDThomas(Head) M54(1807) MBrewerNTHKings Sutton  
HAYWARDAmelia(Wife) M49(1812) F NTHCharlton  
HAYWARDMary A(Daughter) U21(1840) FNeedlewomanBKMTingewick  
HAYWARDAmelia M(Daughter)  15(1846) F BKMTingewick
Folio 7b Sch. 49
STOKESHenry(Head) M23(1838) Mag labBKMStowe  
STOKESMary(Wife) M28(1833) FlacemakerOXFWestbury  
STOKESClara(Daughter)  1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 7b/8 Sch. 50 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
KEENNathaniel(Lodger) M59(1802) MMalsterBKMWater Stratford
KEENElizabeth(Lodger) M60(1801) FLacemakerOXFWestburgy  
Folio 8a Sch. 51
LUCASWilliam(Head) M59(1802) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASFanny(Wife) M54(1807) FLacemakerOXFMixbury  
LUCASMary A(Daughter) U20(1841) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASHarriet A(Granddaughter)  8(1853) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 52
ALLENJohn(Head) M51(1810) MTailor & GrocerBKMTingewick  
ALLENMary(Wife)  58(1803) F NTHSyresham  
ALLENSarah(Daughter) U21(1840) F BKMTingewick  
ALLENBenjamin(Son)  15(1846) MTeacher (Pupil)BKMTingewick
ALLENRebecca(Daughter)  13(1848) F BKMTingewick  
DAVIESDaniel(Apprentice)  16(1845) MTailor (ap)OXFFinmere  
Folio 8a Sch. 53
LINFORDEdmund(Head) M28(1833) Mag labOXFFinmere  
LINFORDSarah(Wife) M27(1834) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
LINFORDGeorge(Son)  5(1856) M BKMTingewick  
LINFORDSarah(Daughter)  4 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8a Sch. 54
HARRISRachel(Head) U28(1833) FlacemakerOXFMixbury  
HARRISThomas(Son)  8(1853) Mag labOXFMixbury  
Folio 8a Sch. 55
STEEDENDaniel(Head) M64(1797) Mcattle dealr emp2m1bBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M61(1800) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENEliza A(Daughter) U20(1841) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENAmelia(Daughter)  17(1844) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENFrancis(Son)  17(1844) M BKMTingewick  
EVERETTAmy(Granddaughter)  15(1846) F BKMTingewick  
EVERETTMary A(Granddaughter)  3(1858) F MDXCity of London  
Folio 8b Sch. 56
HARTLEYJoseph(Head) M62(1799) MRetired farmerOXFSouthnewington  
HARTLEYMary(Wife) M63(1798) F BKMLower Hayford  
Folio 8b Sch. 57
CLEAR?Arthur(Head) M28(1833) MPolice ConstableCAMCambridge  
CLEAR?Rebecca(Wife) M31(1830) F NTHMilton  
CLEAR?Alfred(Son)  5(1856) M MDXSt Giles  
Folio 8b Sch. 58
PETTYJohn(Head) M48(1813) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYAnn(Wife) M50(1811) F NTHCharlton  
PETTYJohn(Son) U19(1842) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 59
ALTONThomas(Head) M85(1776) MTailorIRLKerry  
ALTONSarah(Wife) M77(1784) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 60 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
RIDGWAYGeorge(Head) M45(1816) MAg LabBKMThornborough  
RIDGWAYCatherine(Wife) M38(1823) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYJohn A(Son)  17(1844) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYWilliam(Son)  15(1846) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYElizabeth(Daughter)  11(1850) F BKMTingewick
RIDGWAYSarah A(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYGeorge(Son)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYMargaret(Daughter)  2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 61
KEYThomas(Head) M53(1808) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
KEYMary(Wife) M53(1808) FLacemakerBKMBuckingham  
ADAMSJohn(Nephew)  13(1848) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LINFORDMary A(Granddaughter)  5(1856) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b/9 Sch. 62
BUTCHERRichard(Head) M32(1829) MSawyer (wood)BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSusan(Wife) M40(1821) FLacemakerOXFLaunton  
BUTCHERGeorge(Son)  14(1847) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERJane(Daughter)  11(1850) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 63
LUCASJohn(Head) M57(1804) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERJane(Housekeeper) M19(1842) FHousekeeperBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 64 (Beer House)
LEEAnn(Head) U60(1801) FPublicanOXFSibford Ferris  
CROSSJohn(Nephew) U30(1831) MBailiffNK   
Folio 9a Sch. 65
PETTYJoseph(Head) M25(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYSarah A(Wife) M23(1838) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYThomas(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 66
BLOXHAMJoseph(Head) M74(1787) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMAnn(Wife) M70(1791) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 67 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
NEALAlfred(Head) M30(1831) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALSarah A(Wife) M26(1835) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
NEALSarah A(Daughter)  1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 68
DURRANTJohn(Head) M31(1830) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
DURRANTHarriett(Wife) M32(1829) FLacemakerBKMWater Stratford  
DURRANTAnn(Daughter)  6(1855) F BKMTingewick  
DURRANTFanny(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMTingewick  
DURRANTEllen(Daughter)  9 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a/b Sch. 69
LUCASMartin(Head) M56(1805) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASSarah(Wife) M50(1811) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASJames(Son) U27(1834) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASMary A(Daughter)  16(1845) FLacemakerBKMTingewick
LUCASJane A(Daughter)  13(1848) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASJohn(Son)  10(1851) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASGeorge(Son)  6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 70
SMITHWilliam(Head) W52(1809) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHPleasant(Daughter) U25(1836) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 71
HERITAGEJoseph(Head) M28(1833) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HERITAGESarah(Wife) M32(1829) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HERITAGEJohn T(Son)  11(1850) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HERITAGEElizabeth(Daughter)  7(1854) F BKMTingewick
HERITAGEEliza A(Daughter)  3(1858) F BKMTingewick  
HERITAGESarah(Daughter)  1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 72
HARRISJohn(Head) W50(1811) MAg LabBKMBintle  
DURRANTSarah(Daughter) W27(1834) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HARRISJohn(Son)  15(1846) MAg LabBKMBuckingham  
HARRISAmy C(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
DURRANTEdwin T.(Grandson)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick
DURRANTElizabeth L(Granddaughter)  3(1858) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 73
MARKHAMJoseph(Head) W46(1815) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMSarah(Daughter) U22(1839) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJohn(Son) U20(1841) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 9b/1 Sch. 74 'Manor Farm'
ARNATTJonathan(Head) M49(1812) MFarmer26ac emp11lab3(More)BKMTingewick
ARNATTLucinda(Wife) M38(1823) F BKMBuckingham  
AUBREYAnn M(Servant) U26(1835) FDairymaidNTHPlum..l..ton?  
WATTSAnne(Servant) U17(1844) FGeneral House ServNTHMiddleton Cheney  
Folio 10a Sch. 75 Parsonage
COKERJohn(Head) M39(1822) MRector of TingewickGLSCheltenham
COKERElizabeth M(Wife) M35(1826) F WORWorcester  
COKERLewis E(Nephew)  11(1850) M  At Sea  
PHIPPSEmma M.(Visitor) U22(1839) F LANLiverpool  
GULLICKSarah A(Servant) U27(1834) F  Shipton Mallet  
HAGGERTFrances E(Servant) U16(1845) F SOMStreet  
Folio 10a Sch. 76
PRICEJonathan(Head) M29(1832) MGardenerOXFFritwell  
PRICEEmma(Wife) M31(1830) F WORGt Malops?  
PRICEJohn(Son)  7(1854) M OXFFritwell  
PRICECharles(Son)  3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10a Sch. 77
DURRANTAmbrose(Head) W55(1806) Mfarmer120ac14lab1boyBKMTingewick  
DURRANTAmbrose(Son)  16(1845) M BKMTingewick  
DURRANTFredric W(Son)  14(1847) MScholarBKMTingewick  
DURRANTMary A(Daughter)  11(1850) FScholarBKMTingewick  
DURRANTMary(Mother) W87(1774) F NTHCulworth  
WARRJane(Servant) U31(1830) FGeneral ServantOXFBlackthorn  
Folio 10a Sch. 78
SMITHJoseph(Head) M43(1818) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHEmma(Wife) M36(1825) F OXFHarley  
SMITHJames(Son) U16(1845) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHCaroline(Daughter)  11(1850) F BKMTingewick
SMITHEdmund(Son)  9(1852) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHJoseph(Son)  8(1853) M BKMTingewick  
SMITHWilliam(Son)  6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 79
SHORTMaria(Head) W54(1807) FlacemakerBKMTingewick  
SHORTIsabella(Daughter)  12(1849) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 80
MARSHALLRichard(Head) M44(1817) MAg Lab (thatcher)BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLLouisa(Wife) M40(1821) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLJames(Son) U21(1840) MAg Lab (Thatcher)BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLWilliam(Son)  13(1848) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLElizabeth(Daughter)  11(1850) F BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLMary A(Daughter)  9(1852) F BKMTingewick
CLARKMary(Boarder) W74(1787) Fformerly lacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 81
HARVEYJames(Head) M62(1799) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHannah(Wife) M62(1799) F OXFCasington  
PAXTONHenry(Sister/Son in law) M32(1829) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
PAXTONEliza(Daughter) M30(1831) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONHannah(Granddaughter)  10(1851) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONJoseph(Grandson)  7(1854) M BKMTingewick  
PAXTONMary(Granddaughter)  5(1856) F BKMTingewick  
PAXTONGeorge(Grandson)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 82
CLARKNewman(Head) M33(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
CLARKEmma(Wife) M32(1829) FLacemakerBKMBarton Hartshorn  
CLARKWilliam(Son)  10(1851) M BKMTingewick  
CLARKEli(Son)  6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
CLARKEllen(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b/ Sch. 83
HALTONBenjamin(Head) M33(1828) MbutcherBKMTingewick  
HALTONEliza(Wife) M27(1834) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HALTONJoyce(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
HALTONSarah(Daughter)  6(1855) F BKMTingewick  
HALTONJames(Son)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
HALTONAnn(Daughter)  7 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 84
RIDGEWAYWilliam(Head) M47(1814) MAg LabBKMThornborough  
RIDGEWAYRebecca(Wife)  46(1815) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYCatherine(Daughter)  14(1847) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYJames(Son)  9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYThomas(Son)  5(1856) M BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYElizabeth(Daughter)  2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 85
NEALRobert(Head) M32(1829) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALMary(Wife) M34(1827) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
CLIFFORDThomas(Son)  12(1849) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
NEALSusanna(Daughter)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 86
ARISThomas(Head) M48(1813) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
ARISMary A(Wife) M49(1812) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
ARISJohn(Son) U22(1839) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ARISUrias(Son)  17(1844) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ARISThomas(Son)  14(1847) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
ARISEliza(Daughter)  10(1851) FlacemakerNTHBrackley  
ARISJoseph(Son)  7(1854) MscholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 11a/ Sch. 87
BUTCHERRichard(Head) M43(1818) MGrocerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERAnn(Wife) M31(1830) F BKMAkeley  
BUTCHERRichard(Son)  15(1846) MGrocer's ShopmanBKMTingewick
BUTCHERFrederic J(Son)  10(1851) MscholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERJohn C(Son)  4(1857) MscholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERHenry A(Son)  6(1855) MscholarBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERGeorge N(Son)  1(1860) Mscholar [sic]BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERFanny(Mother) W78(1783) F OXFHeath  
BUTCHERWilliam(Brother) U49(1812) MRailway AgentBKMTingewick  
HITCHCOCKElizabeth(Servant)  14(1847) Fgeneral serv.OXFNewton Purcell  
Folio 11b Sch. 88
BURNELLGeorge(Head) M52(1809) MWheelwrightBKMGawcott  
Folio 11b Sch. 89 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
LUCASJesse(Head) M26(1835) MHawkerBKMTingewick  
LUCASElizabeth(Wife) M26(1835) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASJesse(Son)  3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
LUCASJames(Son)  7 mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch. 90
PACKERCharles(Head) M61(1800) Mmusician (blind)BKMBuckingham  
PACKERSarah A(Wife) M62(1799) FCarrierBKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch. 91
DENNY?John(Head) W75(1786) MAg LabBKMPadbury  
Folio 11b Sch. 92
PARKINSAmelia(Head) M35(1826) FLacemakerOXFWestbury  
PARKINSFredric J(Son)  13(1848) MAg LabBKMShalstone  
PARKINSEliza(Daughter)  11(1850) F BKMShalston  
PARKINSMargaret(Daughter)  9(1852) F BKMShalstone  
PARKINSJeremiah(Son)  7(1854) M BKMShalstone  
PARKINSMartha(Daughter)  6(1855) F BKMShalstone  
PARKINSIsabella(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMShalstone  
PARKINSNoah(Son)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 11b/ Sch. 93
STEEDENAnn(Head) W38(1823) FLacemakerBKMPreston [Bissett]  
STEEDENAnthony(Son)  18(1843) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENThomas(Son)  14(1847) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEmily(Daughter)  10(1851) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENWilliam(Son)  7(1854) MScholarBKMTingewick  
STEEDENGeorge(Son)  5(1856) MscholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 94
MILESAnn(Head) U33(1828) FSchoolmistressNTHTowcester  
Folio 12a Sch. 95 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
BANNISTEREdmund(Head) M21(1840) MAg LabOXFMixbury  
BANNISTEREllen(Wife) M24(1837) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 96
BUTCHERGeorge(Head) W51(1810) MShoemakerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHEREmily(Daughter) U18(1843) F BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERGeorge(Son)  15(1846) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 97
KIMESarah(Head) U48(1813) FLanded ProprietorBKMPreston Bissett
ANCELLAnne(Servant) U19(1842) FGeneral ServOXFLaunton  
GRAYGeorge(Servant) U30(1831) MGroomBKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 98
GRAYJames(Head) M75(1786) MFormerly BlacksmithBKMTingewick
GRAYAlice(Wife) M72(1789) F OXFStanton St John  
GRAYElizabeth(Daughter) U35(1826) F BKMGawcott  
Folio 12a Sch. 99
BALDWINRichard(Head) W68(1793) MRetired BakerNTHFarthingoe  
BALDWINAmelia J(Daughter) U24(1837) F BKMWinslow  
STEVENSEleanor(Daughter) M31(1830) FFarmers WifeBKMWinslow  
STEVENSFlorence M(Visitor)  1(1860) F BKMWater Stratford  
CLAYDONMaria(Servant) U15(1846) FGen. Serv.BKMOvin[g]  
Folio 12a/ Sch. 100
LAMPETTWilliam(Head) M58(1803) MFormerly MillerOXFHook Norton  
LAMPETTElizabeth(Wife) M61(1800) FSchool MistressOXFTadmarten
LAMPETTElizabeth A(Daughter) U28(1833) FGovernessWARAvon Dassett  
CURTISMarion L(Granddaughter)  6(1855) F NTHCulworth  
Folio 12b Sch. 101
BARRETTWilliam H(Head) M37(1824) MBlacksmith (1 man)BKMWater Stratford  
BARRETTAnn(Wife) M32(1829) F NTHBrackley  
BARRETTWilliam J(Son)  9(1852) MScholarBKMWater Stratford  
BARRETTSarah A(Daughter)  7(1854) FScholarBKMWater Stratford  
BARRETTJames T(Son)  5(1856) MScholarBKMTingewick  
BARRETTGeorge(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENShugborough(Visitor) M23(1838) MButcherBKMTingewick
STEEDENElizabeth(Visitor)  30(1831) F NTHBrackley  
Folio 12b Sch. 102 "White Hart"
SHARMANAmos(Head) M35(1826) MPublican+CoalMerchan(More)WILAldbourn  
SHARMANAnn(Wife) M33(1828) F WILAldbourn  
SHARMANWilliam(Son)  12(1849) M WILAldbourn  
SHARMANElizabeth(Daughter)  11(1850) FScholarWILAldbourn  
SHARMANJane(Daughter)  8(1853) FScholarWILAldbourn  
SHARMANGeorge(Son)  6(1855) MScholarWILAldbourn  
SHARMANMary(Daughter)  6 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick
BARRETTElizabeth(Mother in law) W64(1797) F WILHighworth  
SIDEThomas(Lodger) U17(1844) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 103
HADLANDRobert(Head) M62(1799) Mfarmer of 10 acresBKMBuckingham  
HADLANDMary(Wife) M56(1805) F BKMTingewick  
HADLANDJohn(Son)  19(1842) M BKMTingewick  
HADLANDFredric(Son)  17(1844) M BKMTingewick  
HADLANDEleanor(Daughter)  14(1847) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 104
COATSWilliam(Head) W57(1804) MGlazier & PainterNTHAstwell Park  
COATSMarie(Daughter) U36(1825) FLacemakerNTHSyresham  
COATSAnn(Daughter)  33(1828) FStraw PlaiterNTHSyresham  
COATSMary A(Granddaughter)  15(1846) FLacemakerNTHSyresham  
Folio 13a Sch. 105
DUDLEYJohn(Head) M42(1819) MButcher+farm80a3m1b(More)BKMTingewick  
DUDLEYElizabeth(Wife) M40(1821) F OXFFritwell  
DUDLEYGeorge(Son)  11(1850) M BKMTingewick  
DUDLEYJohn(Son)  10(1851) M BKMTingewick  
DUDLEYElizabeth(Daughter)  9(1852) F BKMTingewick
DUDLEYJob(Son)  7(1854) M BKMTingewick  
DUDLEYAnn(Daughter)  6(1855) F BKMTingewick  
DUDLEYRobert(Son)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
DUDLEYWilliam T(Son)  1 wk(1861) M BKMTingewick  
DUDLEYThomas(Son)  1wk(1861) M BKMTingewick  
HARRISMartha(Servant) U18(1843) FGen Serv.BKMWater Stratford  
HORWOODMary(Servant) U13(1848) FGen Serv.OXFFinmere  
Folio 13a Sch. 106
STOCKLEYThomas(Head) M42(1819) MTea+Cigar MerchantBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYJohn H(Son)  13(1848) MscholarOXFShelswell  
STOCKLEYJames W(Son)  8(1853) M OXFShelswell  
STOCKLEYAlmier? E(Daughter)  6(1855) F BDFBedford  
STOCKLEYAnnie A M(Daughter)  3(1858) F BDFBedford
SEWELLSarah(Servant) U50(1811) FHousekeeperNTHSyresham  
Folio 13a/ Sch. 107 "Royal Oak"
BODLEYWilliam(Head) M27(1834) MPublicanBKMSimpson  
BODLEYCaroline(Wife) M23(1838) F BKMWavendon  
BODLEYWilliam G(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 108
BATEMANMartha(Head) U68(1793) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONMerenda(Lodger)  15(1846) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 109 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
CAVESarah(Head) U50(1811) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 110
MILLERJohn(Head) M51(1810) MCarpenterBDFMarston  
MILLERSarah(Wife) M51(1810) F NTHTowcester  
MILLERJohn(Son) U19(1842) MCarpenter (deaf+dumbBKMTingewick
MILLERWilliam(Son)  16(1845) MCarpenter (Ap)BKMTingewick  
MILLERGeorge(Son)  14(1847) MCarpenter (lab)BKMTingewick
MILLERSophia(Daughter)  10(1851) FscholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 111
BEVINWilliam(Head) M52(1809) MTailorBKMStoney Stratford  
BEVINAnn(Wife) M54(1807) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
Folio 13b Sch. 112
FURNESSGeorge(Head) M47(1814) MPortableEngineDriverNTHTiffield
FURNESSElizabeth(Wife) M36(1825) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 113
GIBBSRichard(Head) M57(1804) MProprietor of HousesOXFFringford
GIBBSAnn(Wife) M53(1808) F BKMBuckingham  
GIBBSElizabeth A(Daughter)  16(1845) F MDXNeston Halgate?  
Folio 13b Sch. 114
CARRPenelope M(Head) W79(1782) FProprietor of HousesBKMTingewick  
BARRETTAnnie(Niece) U20(1841) F BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSEsther(Servant) U21(1840) FGen ServBKMGawcott  
Folio 13b Sch. 115
LINESElizabeth(Head) W80(1781) FIndependentBKMGrandborough  
LINESElizabeth(Daughter) U53(1808) F BKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 13b Sch. 116 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
STOCKLEYJohn(Head) M82(1779) MRetired farmerBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYSarah(Wife) M73(1788) F NTHSyresham  
Folio 14a Sch. 117
GREAVESWilliam(Head) M52(1809) MbakerOXFFinmere  
GREAVESSarah(Wife) M46(1815) F OXFSouthnewington  
GREAVESCharlotte(Daughter) U21(1840) F OXFFinmere  
GREAVESCaroline(Daughter) U19(1842) F OXFFinmere  
GREAVESKate(Daughter)  17(1844) F OXFFinmere  
GREAVESFanny(Daughter)  15(1846) F OXFFinmere  
GREAVESWilliam(Son)  13(1848) M OXFFinmere  
GREAVESRichard(Son)  11(1850) M OXFFinmere  
Folio 14a Sch. 118
COLESDaniel(Head) M76(1785) MDroverOXFFinmere  
COLESElizabeth(Wife) M61(1800) Fformerly lacemakerBKMPadbury  
COLESThomas(Son) U34(1827) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
COLESGeorge(Son) U20(1841) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
COLESDavid(Son)  15(1846) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
KEYBenjamin(Sister/Son in law) M25(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick
KEYCatherine(Daughter) M26(1835) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
KEYJesse(Grandson)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
KEYJohn(Grandson)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
KEYEmma(Granddaughter)  4 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a/ Sch. 119
JACKSONWilliam(Head) M45(1816) MCarpenterOXFNewton Purcell  
JACKSONElizabeth M(Wife) M33(1828) F LINBoston  
JACKSONMary E(Daughter)  10(1851) FscholarBKMTingewick
JACKSONEliza H(Daughter)  8(1853) FscholarBKMTingewick  
JACKSONKitty C(Daughter)  6(1855) FscholarBKMTingewick
COLESMatilda(Visitor) U24(1837) F BKMTingewick  
COLESThomas G(Visitor)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 120
STEEDENEli(Head) M25(1836) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENSarah(Wife) M23(1838) F OXFFringford  
STEEDENElizabeth(Daughter)  4 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 121
MEADSRobert(Head)  24(1837) MAg LabWARKearsley?  
MEADSEleanor(Wife) M23(1838) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
MEADSMary A(Daughter)  1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 122
SMITHLetitia(Head) W48(1813) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
SMITHAnn(Daughter) U27(1834) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
SMITHRichard(Son)  18(1843) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHGeorge(Son)  11(1850) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHHarriet(Granddaughter)  4(1857) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 123
KEYJohn(Head) M45(1816) MGrocerBKMTingewick  
KEYAnn(Wife) M41(1820) F BKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 14b Sch. 124
BUTCHERBenjamin(Head) M32(1829) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERAnn(Wife) M35(1826) FLacemakerBKMThornborough  
BUTCHERJohn(Son)  8(1853) M BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERThomas(Son)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b/ Sch. 125
TERRYRichard(Head) M38(1823) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYMary(Wife) M37(1824) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
TERRYSarah(Daughter)  11(1850) FLacemakerBKMTingewick
TERRYWilliam(Son)  9(1852) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYMary(Daughter)  7(1854) F BKMTingewick  
TERRYRichard(Son)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
TERRYElizabeth(Daughter) M1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
SAVINGJames(Father in law) W62(1799) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
Folio 15a Sch. 126
BUTCHERJames(Head) M59(1802) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSarah(Wife) M59(1802) FLacemakerOXFCassington  
BUTCHEREliza(Daughter) U19(1842) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 15a Sch. 127
HARVEYJohn(Head) W59(1802) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYWilliam(Son) M30(1831) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHarriett(Daughter in law) M24(1837) FLacemakerBKMPadbury  
Folio 15a Sch. 128
HOLTONJohn(Head) M35(1826) MSaddlerBKMGawcott  
HOLTONMary A(Wife) M33(1828) F BKMGawcott  
HOLTONEliza M(Daughter)  9(1852) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONFredric(Son)  7(1854) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONEllen(Daughter)  5(1856) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONLouisa(Daughter)  2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
TEWWilliam(Apprentice)  16(1845) MSaddler ApBKMShalstone  
Folio 15a Sch. 129
BARLOWMary(Head) W56(1805) FLacemakerBKMShalstone  
BARLOWJames(Son) U21(1840) MAg LabBKMShalstone  
BARLOWWilliam(Son)  17(1844) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 15a Sch. 130 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HILLESDENJohn(Lodger) U20(1841) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 15a/ Sch. 131
HUNTWilliam(Head) M37(1824) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HUNTElizabeth(Wife) M45(1816) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HUNTCatherine(Daughter)  15(1846) FLacemakerBKMBuckingham
HUNTElizabeth(Daughter)  13(1848) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HUNTJohn(Son)  11(1850) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HUNTSarah(Daughter)  6(1855) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 132
MEADSRobert(Head) M25(1836) MAg LabOXFMixbury  
MEADSEliza(Wife) M23(1838) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
MEADSEliz'th(Daughter)  10 m(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 133
GREAVESSarah(Head) W38(1823) FLacemakerBKMPreston [Bissett]  
GREAVESMaria(Daughter)  16(1845) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
GREAVESEdwin(Son)  12(1849) MLacemaker [sic]BKMPreston [Bissett]
GREAVESWilliam(Son)  17(1844) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 134 "Holly Tree"
COLLINGRIDGEJohn(Head)  25(1836) MPublican "Beer Shop"BKMTingewick
COLLINGRIDGEAnn(Wife)  28(1833) F BKMWhaddon  
COLLINGRIDGECharles W(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 135
BUTCHERJohn(Head) W40(1821) MLand ProprietorBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERElizabeth M(Daughter)  15(1846) F BKMTingewick
BUTCHERJohn(Son)  14(1847) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERClara(Daughter)  12(1849) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERAnne(Daughter)  9(1852) F BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERLeah(Daughter)  3(1858) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 136
HERITAGEElizabeth(Head) U59(1802) FNurse *N D*BKMTingewick
HERITAGEAnn(Daughter) U35(1826) FDomestic ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 15b/ Sch. 137
HORWOODWilliam(Head) M57(1804) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
HORWOODElizabeth(Wife) M54(1807) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
HORWOODMary(Daughter) U24(1837) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
HORWOODWilliam(Son) U20(1841) MAg LabBKMWater Stratford  
HORWOODElizabeth(Daughter)  17(1844) FLacemakerBKMTingewick
HORWOODThomas(Son)  14(1847) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 138
GREENThomas(Head) M21(1840) MHarness MakerBDFBedford  
GREENFanny(Wife) M21(1840) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERRichard(Son)  7 mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 139
PAXTONRobert(Head) M27(1834) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
PAXTONElizabeth(Wife) M30(1831) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONThomas(Son)  5(1856) M OXFFinmere  
PAXTONAmos(Son)  3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
PAXTONSarah A(Daughter)  1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 140
TOMPKINSThomas(Head) M30(1831) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEliza(Wife) M25(1836) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSJoseph(Son)  2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 141
READAndrew(Head) M22(1839) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
READCaroline(Wife) M22(1839) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
READGeorge(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 142
TERRYJames(Head) W72(1789) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYJames(Son) U46(1815) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYJames(Grandson) U13(1848) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 143
TAPPINGRichard(Head) M25(1836) MAg LabOXFWeston on Green  
TAPPINGRebecca(Wife) M19(1842) FDressmakerOXFBicester  
TAPPINGMary A(Daughter)  4 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 144 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
TAPPINGZacariah(Head) M26(1835) MAg LabOXFWeston on Green  
Folio 16a/ Sch. 145
MORTONHenry(Head) M36(1825) MFarrierBKMTingewick  
MORTONSarah(Wife) M36(1825) F SOMWells  
Folio 16b Sch. 146
SIDEJames(Head) W61(1800) MCarpenter+farmer35acBKMTingewick  
COZENSSarah A(Daughter) M31(1830) F BKMTingewick  
COZENSMary A(Granddaughter)  11 m(1861) F BKMGrendon  
SIDEIsaac(Son) U22(1839) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 147
WOOTONHenry(Head) M45(1816) MFarmer76acr3men2boysBKMDenton  
WOOTONRuth(Wife) M48(1813) F BKMWeston Turvill  
WOOTONHenry(Son)  16(1845) M BKMSteeple Claydon  
LUCASWilliam(Servant)  17(1844) MShepherdBKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 148
MARSHALLRichard(Head) W74(1787) MAg Lab (Thatcher)NTHAstrop
LAINCHBURYEliza(Daughter) W42(1819) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 149
BUTCHERElizabeth(Head) W73(1788) FLacemakerBKMPadbury  
BUTCHERJohn(Son) M44(1817) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERElizabeth(Daughter in law) M38(1823) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERAnn(Granddaughter)  9(1852) FLacemakerBKMTingewick
BUTCHERJames(Grandson)  7(1854) M BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERJoshua(Grandson)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERRuth(Granddaughter)  2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 150
PARKINSWilliam(Head) M57(1804) MClerk of ParishBKMTingewick
PARKINSDiana(Wife) M43(1818) F OXFBanbury  
HENDERSONGeorge(Boarder)  8(1853) M OXFMixbury  
Folio 16b Sch. 151 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
GRIMSLEYEli(Lodger) U26(1835) MSchool MasterOXFBicester  
Folio 16b/ Sch. 152
MARKHAMGeorge(Head) M25(1836) MAg Lab (Thatcher)BKMTingewick
MARKHAMFanny(Wife) M26(1835) F BKMMaids Morton  
MARKHAMRichard(Son)  9 mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 17a Sch. 153
STEEDENGeorge(Head) M52(1809) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEliza(Wife) M50(1811) FLacemakerBDFWinnington?  
STEEDENJames(Son)  15(1846) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENMary(Daughter)  10(1851) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEllen(Daughter)  8(1853) FLacemakerBKMTingewick
STEEDENMark(Son)  5(1856) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Granddaughter)  3 mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 17a Sch. 154
STEEDENCharles(Head) M43(1818) MMasons LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEliz'th(Wife) M43(1818) FLacemakerBKMShalstone  
STEEDENCharles(Son)  15(1846) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENSarah(Daughter)  13(1848) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENThomas(Son)  9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENFredric(Son)  7(1854) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENJohn(Son)  4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENWilliam(Son)  3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENinfant(Daughter)  1day(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 17a Sch. 155
HALEWilliam(Head) M65(1796) Mfarmer 70 acresBKMTingewick  
HALEMary(Wife) M61(1800) F OXFIslip  
HALEGeorge(Son)  18(1843) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERThomas(Servant)  12(1849) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 17a Sch. 156
HOLTONWilliam(Head) M62(1799) MFarmer 5 acresBKMTingewick  
HOLTONCaroline(Wife) M52(1809) F BKMThornborough  
Folio 17a/ Sch. 157
MARKHAMRichard(Head) M50(1811) MAg Lab ThatcherBKMTingewick
MARKHAMHarriett(Wife) M49(1812) F BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJohn(Son) U26(1835) MAg Lab (Thatcher)BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Daughter)  16(1845) FLacemakerBKMTingewick
Folio 17b Sch. 158
STUCHFIELDCharlotte(Head) W48(1813) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 17b Sch. 159 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
STUCHFIELDJohn(Head) M29(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDMary A(Wife) M32(1829) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HARTLEYSarah(Daughter in law)  10(1851) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 17b Sch. 160
HORWOODJames(Head) M33(1828) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
HORWOODSarah(Wife) M19(1842) FLacemakerBKMLeckhampstead  
Folio 17b Sch. 161 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
HOLTONHannah(Lodger) W30(1831) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
Folio 17b Sch. 162
DURRANTThomas(Head) M77(1784) MFormerly CarrierOXFSteeple Aston
DURRANTSarah(Wife) M73(1788) F OXFSteeple Aston  
Folio 17b Sch. 163
BUTCHERWilliam(Head) M47(1814) MCarpenterNTHSlapton  
BUTCHERRachel(Wife) M45(1816) F BKMTingewick  
BUTCHEREliza A(Daughter)  17(1844) FLacemakerBKMTingewick
BUTCHERWilliam(Son)  14(1847) MCarpenter (Ap)BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERThomas(Son)  11(1850) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERMartin(Son)  6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 17b Sch. 164
LUCASJames(Head) M51(1810) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASMartha(Wife) M51(1810) FLacemakerBKMGawcott  
LUCASGeorge(Son) U24(1837) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SHIRLEYElizabeth(Visitor)  8(1853) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 17b/ Sch. 165
FRANKLINWilliam(Head) M52(1809) MAg LabNTHPauls Perry  
FRANKLINEliza(Wife) M47(1814) FLacemakerBKMRadcliff  
FRANKLINEdwin(Son)  12(1849) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
FRANKLINEliza A(Daughter)  9(1852) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 18a Sch. 166
SMITHEdward(Head) U35(1826) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMITHDianna(Mother) W67(1794) FLacemakerBKMGt Horwood  
Folio 18a Sch. 167
RIDGWAYBenjamin(Head) M41(1820) MAg LabBKMThornborough  
RIDGWAYEliza(Wife) M37(1824) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYRobert(Son)  17(1844) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYBenjamin(Son)  15(1846) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYMary A(Daughter)  11(1850) F BKMTingewick
RIDGWAYJames(Son)  9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYDavid(Son)  6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYJane M(Daughter)  3(1858) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYCharles G(Son)  1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 18a Sch. 168
SHARMANJames(Head) M50(1811) Mfarmer184acr6men2boyWARSholswell
SHARMANHannah(Wife) M50(1811) F OXFBarton  
SHARMANMark(Son)  19(1842) M WARSholswale?  
SHARMANEdith(Daughter)  7(1854) F BKMTingewick  
MERRICKJane(Servant) U17(1844) FGen Serv.BKMCadrian?  
Folio 18a/ Sch. 169
STEEDENJohn(Head) M34(1827) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
STEEDENAmelia(Wife) M38(1823) F OXFWestbury  
STEEDENSarah A(Daughter)  14(1847) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENShugborough(Son)  10(1851) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENGeorge W(Son)  9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENJohn T.(Son)  7(1854) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Daughter)  3(1858) F BKMTingewick
STEEDENWalter H(Son) 1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 18b Sch. 170
HARTLEYWilliam B.(Head) M39(1822) MFarmer50acre1man1boyBKMTingewick
HARTLEYSarah(Wife) M38(1823) F OXFLower Heyford  
HARTLEYEmily(Daughter) 1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
COOKElizabeth(Servant) 15(1846) FGen. Serv.OXFLower Heyford  
Folio 18b Sch. 171
DURRANTAbraham(Head) M74(1787) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
DURRANTMary A(Wife) M64(1797) F BKMAkeley  
Folio 18b Sch. 172
HEARNJohn(Head) M62(1799) MShoemakerBKMTingewick  
HEARNSarah(Wife) M52(1809) FLacemakerBKMBuckingham  
HEARNEllen(Daughter) U20(1841) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
HEARNHannah(Daughter) 15(1846) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HEARNSarah(Daughter) 12(1849) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HEARNMary(Daughter) 9(1852) F BKMTingewick  
HUMPHRIESEllen(Granddaughter) 4(1857) F MDXHolloway  
HEARNWilliam(Son) 17(1844) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 18b Sch. 173
KINGRichard(Head) M51(1810) MRelievingOfficer+Reg(More)BKMAkeley
KINGMatilda(Wife) M55(1806) F OXFBletchington  
KINGWilliam G(Son) U21(1840) M BKMAkeley  
KINGAmelia(Daughter) 17(1844) F BKMAkeley  
PULLEYHenry(Visitor) 5(1856) MCarpenters sonSRYLambeth  
Folio 18b Sch. 174
HALEWilliam(Head) M55(1806) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HALEAnn(Wife) M64(1797) FLacemakerBKMChilton  
Folio 18b/ Sch. 175
COLESWilliam(Head) M53(1808) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
COLESAnn(Wife) M50(1811) FLacemakerBKMShalstone  
COLESEliz'th(Daughter) 15(1846) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 19a Sch. 176
RIDGEWAYAnn(Head) W74(1787) FLacemakerWAREdenton?  
JONESAaron(Sister/Son in law) M39(1822) MCarpenterOXFFinmere  
JONESMartha(Daughter) M36(1825) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
JONESWilliam(Grandson) 9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
JONESGeorge(Grandson) 6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
JONESHenry(Grandson) 3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 19a Sch. 177
NEALCatharine(Head) M46(1815) F BKMAylesbury  
NEALAnne(Daughter)  17(1844) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
NEALJohn(Son) 11(1850) MCrippledBKMTingewick  
Folio 19a Sch. 178
STEEDENRichard(Head) M57(1804) MGardenerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEmma(Wife) M47(1814) F MDXShoreditch  
Folio 19a Sch. 179
NELSONGeorge(Head) M47(1814) MSolicitorMDXSt Pancras  
NELSONGeorgiana S.(Wife) M38(1823) F MDXSunbury  
NELSONGeorge A. U(Son) 16(1845) MScholarBKMBuckingham  
JONESElizabeth(Servant) U33(1828) FCookOXFStratton Audley  
DAVISMary A(Servant) U44(1817) FHouse MaidOXFFinmere  
YOUNGJane(Servant) U20(1841) FHouse MaidBKMLeckhampstead  
MITCHELLJoseph(Servant) U24(1837) MFootmanWARMariden?  
Folio 19a Sch. 180
FOWLERJohn(Head) W58(1803) MBakerBKMTingewick  
MALSBURYSusan(Visitor) U26(1835) F NTHSulgrave  
Folio 19a Sch. 181
BARRATTJane(Head) U50(1811) FLacemakerOXFMixbury  
Folio 19b Sch. 182
BERRYWilliam(Head) M50(1811) MLetter CarrierOXFHeath  
BERRYElizabeth(Wife) M49(1812) F NTHAynho  
BERRYEdward(Son) 11(1850) M BKMTingewick  
BERRYEmma(Daughter) 9(1852) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 183
RIDGEWAYGeorge(Head) M36(1825) MCoach ManBKMAkeley  
RIDGEWAYAmelia(Wife) M49(1812) F BKMMaids Moreton  
Folio 19b Sch. 184
HALEJonathan(Head) M29(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HALESarah(Wife) M20(1841) F NTHFarthingo  
Folio 19b Sch. 185
HOLTONJoseph(Head) M44(1817) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEliza(Wife) M49(1812) FLacemakerBKMGawcott  
HOLTONAmy(Daughter) 20(1841) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HOLTONSarah(Daughter) 17(1844) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HOLTONHenry J(Grandson) 4 mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 186
WINTERBURNGeorge(Head) M66(1795) MAg Lab (Hedge CutterBKMTingewick
WINTERBURNAnn(Wife) M62(1799) F OXFFringford  
Folio 19b Sch. 187
HOLLIERSRobert(Head) M22(1839) MAg LabOXFAynho  
HOLLIERSElizabeth(Wife) M21(1840) F BKMBuckingham  
HOLLIERSAnn(Daughter) 2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
HOLLIERSFredric G(Son) 10mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 188
PAXTONJames(Head) M39(1822) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
PAXTONRuth(Wife) M40(1821) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONRebecca(Daughter) 5(1856) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 189
NEALFrancis(Head) M51(1810) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALRosanna(Wife) M41(1820) FStay MakerOXFBloxham  
Folio 20a Sch. 190
PAINTERThomas(Head) M54(1807) MMaltsterOc21ac1man1bOXFSwalcliffe
PAINTERSarah(Wife) M48(1813) F OXFDunstew  
ANDREWSSarah A(Niece) 5(1856) FscholarOXFOver Warton  
CASLIFFCaroline(Servant) U18(1843) FGen ServOXFSyresham  
Folio 20a Sch. 191
STOCKLEYWilliam(Head) W49(1812) MFarmer of 14 acresBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYJohn(Son) U20(1841) M BKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYMary(Daughter) 19(1842) F BKMTingewick  
FORDAlfred(Visitor)  8(1853) MscholarMDXLondon  
Folio 20a Sch. 192
MARKHAMRichard(Head) M86(1775) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMSusanna(Wife) M77(1784) F OXFKidlington  
MARKHAMJames(Son) W52(1809) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMSusanna(Granddaughter) 13(1848) F BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMJane(Granddaughter) 10(1851) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 20a Sch. 193
STOCKLEYGeorge(Head) W55(1806) MGamekeeperBKMTingewick  
Folio 20a Sch. 194
PAXTONJames(Head) M57(1804) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
PAXTONSarah(Wife) M52(1809) F OXFWigington  
Folio 20a Sch. 195
LUCASThomas(Head) M32(1829) MBaker (Journeyman)BKMTingewick
LUCASAnn(Wife) M39(1822) F CAMWillingham  
LUCASWilliam(Son) 4(1857) M MDXPoplan  
CORBETTWilliam(Lodger) W68(1793) MFormerly BakerBKMAdstock  
Folio 20a/ Sch. 196
READRobert(Head) M40(1821) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
READSarah(Wife) M39(1822) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
READElizabeth(Daughter) 12(1849) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
READAnn(Daughter) 10(1851) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
READElizabeth(Daughter) 4(1857) F[yes 2 dau Elizth!]BKMTingewick  
READJohn T(Son) 1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 20b Sch. 197
STEEDENJames(Head) M50(1811) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENSarah(Wife) M33(1828) F OXFOxford  
STEEDENJane(Daughter) 12(1849) F LEIAshby delazouche  
STEEDENJames(Son) 11(1850) M OXFClaydon  
STEEDENEdwin(Son) 9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENCatherine(Daughter) 3(1858) F STSWalsall  
Folio 20b Sch. 198
TERRYJoseph(Head) M64(1797) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
TERRYElizabeth(Wife) M62(1799) FNurseWARStretton on Fosse  
Folio 20b Sch. 199
BLOXHAMThomas H(Head) M38(1823) MAg LabNTHDeanshanger  
BLOXHAMElizabeth(Wife) M36(1825) FLacemakerBKMGawcott  
BLOXHAMJohn(Son) 17(1844) MAg LabBKMGawcott  
BLOXHAMMary(Daughter) 14(1847) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMAnthony(Son) 12(1849) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMElizabeth(Daughter) 9(1852) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMJoseph(Son) 6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMAnn T(Daughter)  4(1857) F BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMDianna(Daughter) 10mo(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 20b Sch. 200
CROSSWilliam(Head) M21(1840) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
CROSSDinah(Wife) M23(1838) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
NEALHarriett(Lodger) U28(1833) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 20b/ Sch. 201
HOLLANDW(Head) M33(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLLANDJane(Wife) M40(1821) FLacemakerOXFNewton Purcell  
HOLLANDThomas(Son) 6(1855) M OXFNewton Purcell  
TYRELLMary A(Granddaughter) 1(1860) F OXFNewton Purcell  
Folio 21a Sch. 202
BLOXHAMAnn(Head) W66(1795) FAg LabNTHCosgrove  
Folio 21a Sch. 203
WARINGJoseph(Head) M45(1816) MgroomOXFHardwick  
WARINGEmily(Wife) M39(1822) FLaundressBKMTingewick  
WARINGEdwin(Son) 9(1852) M NTHEvenley  
WARINGPeter(Son) 8(1853) M NTHEvenly  
Folio 21a Sch. 204
NEALWilliam(Head) M60(1801) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALSusanna(Wife) M57(1804) FLacemakerNTHWhitfield  
SHIRLEYSarah(Lodger) M32(1829) FAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 21a Sch. 205 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
LUCASJohn(Head) M29(1832) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASMary(Wife) M23(1838) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASAlfred(Son) 3(1858) M BKMTingewick  
LUCASJane A(Daughter) 1(1860) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 21a Sch. 206
NEALRichard(Head) M61(1800) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALEsther(Wife) M46(1815) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
NEALGeorge(Son) 10(1851) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 21a Sch. 207
HOLTONJames(Head) M65(1796) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONMaria(Wife) M64(1797) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
HOLTONElizabeth(Daughter) U22(1839) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 21a Sch. 208
MOSSGeorge(Head) M71(1790) MAg LabBKMWater Stratford  
MOSSMartha(Wife) M50(1811) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
MOSSJohn(Son) 18(1843) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 21a/ Sch. 209
EAGLESWilliam(Head) M37(1824) MSawyer (Wood)OXFNewton Purcell  
EAGLESElizabeth(Wife) M35(1826) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
EAGLESAnn(Daughter) 14(1847) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
EAGLESSarah(Daughter) 11(1850) FLacemakerBKMPreston [Bissett]  
EAGLESWilliam(Son) 7(1854) M BKMPreston [Bissett]  
EAGLESMary(Daughter) 5(1856) F BKMTingewick  
EAGLESPhebe(Daughter) 3(1858) F BKMPreston [Bissett]
EAGLESJane(Daughter) 1(1860) F BKMPreston [Bissett]  
Folio 21b Sch. 210
SPINDLERJohn(Head) W73(1788) MAg LabBKMBarton Hartshorn  
Folio 21b Sch. 211 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
SPINDLERWilliam(Lodger) M42(1819) MAg LabBKMBarton Hartshorn  
SPINDLERMary(Wife) M38(1823) FLacemakerBKMAkeley  
NEWMANAnn(Daughter in law)  12(1849) FLacemakerBKMAkeley  
SPINDLERJohn(Son) 2(1859) M BKMBarton Hartshorn  
Folio 21b Sch. 212
LUCASMartin(Head) M28(1833) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASHannah(Wife) M28(1833) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
LUCASElizabeth(Daughter) 6(1855) F OXFBrackley  
Folio 21b Sch. 213
ADAMSThomas(Head) M44(1817) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ADAMSSarah(Wife)  55(1806) FLacemakerBKMPadbury  
ADAMSThomas(Son) 18(1843) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 21b Sch. 214
ADAMSWilliam(Lodger) W67(1794) MPensioner (Army)BKMTingewick  
Folio 21b Sch. 215
HOLTONBenjamin(Head) M48(1813) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONJane(Wife) M49(1812) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HOLTONGeorge(Son) U20(1841) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLTONJohn(Son) 16(1845) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 216 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
TOMPKINSJohn(Lodger) M26(1835) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEmma(Wife) M27(1834) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 217
HALEJohn(Head) M65(1796) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HALEAnn(Wife) M65(1796) F BRKShriocaham?  
Folio 22a Sch. 218 (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
BOUGHTONJohn(Lodger) W80(1781) MMaltster (formerly)BKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 219
BUTCHERBenjamin(Head) M31(1830) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERElizabeth(Wife) M32(1829) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
BUTCHERRebecca(Daughter) 8(1853) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERBenjamin(Son) 4(1857) M BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERElizabeth(Daughter) 2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
BUTCHERJoseph(Son) 11mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 220
HALTONThomas(Head) M67(1794) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HALTONSusan(Wife) M64(1797) F OXFRounham  
OSWELLPleasant(Daughter in law) U27(1834) F BKMChackmore  
OSWELLJohn U(Grandson) 1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 221
PAXTONThomas(Head) M50(1811) MAg LabOXFFinmere  
PAXTONHannah(Wife) M32(1829) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONMary A(Daughter) U25(1836) FLacemakerBKMAspley  
PAXTONHarriett(Daughter) 15(1846) FLacemakerOXFFinmere  
PAXTONFredric W(Son) 8 mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
PAXTONElizabeth A(Granddaughter) 1(1860) F BKMBuckingham  
Folio 22a/ Sch. 222
HARVEYJoseph(Head) M33(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYEliza(Wife) M29(1832) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
HARVEYFanny(Daughter) 5(1856) F BKMTingewick  
HARVEYJohn E(Son) 2(1859) M BKMTingewick  
HARVEYThomas W(Son) 1(1860) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 22b Sch. 223
READWilliam(Head) M30(1831) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
READElizabeth(Wife) M28(1833) FLacemakerOXFFringford  
READHenry(Son) 9(1852) M BKMTingewick  
READCharles(Son) 6(1855) M BKMTingewick  
READSarah A(Daughter) 3(1858) F BKMTingewick  
READElizabeth J(Daughter) 2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 22b Sch. 224
POLLARDWilliam(Head) M39(1822) MMiller+occ28acre2menBKMTingewick  
POLLARDElizabeth(Wife) M35(1826) F NTHTowcester  
POLLARDJohn(Son) 12(1849) M BKMTingewick  
POLLARDGeorge(Son) 10(1851) M BKMTingewick  
POLLARDThomas(Son) 8(1853) M BKMTingewick  
POLLARDEbenezer(Son) 5(1856) M BKMTingewick  
POLLARDElizabeth(Daughter) 3(1858) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDMary(Daughter) 2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDBenjamin(Son) 11mo(1861) M BKMTingewick  
FREEMANMary A(Servant) 16(1845) FGen ServNTHEvenley  
TURNERJohn(Servant) 16(1845) MMillerBKMBuckingham  
Folio 22b Sch. 225 "Jack o' Lantern"
BARRATTJohn(Head) M56(1805) Mfarmer of 14 acresOXFMixbury  
BARRATTMary(Wife) M55(1806) F OXFMixbury  
RICHARDSMary(Mother in law) W83(1778) FFormerly lacemakerOXFMixbury  
Folio 22b/ Sch. 226 "Grove Hill Farm"
GREAVESRichard(Head) M37(1824) Mfarmer280ac16men8boy(More)OXFFinmere  
GREAVESHannah(Wife) M26(1835) F OXFBoughton  
HOLLOWAYJohn(Servant) U18(1843) MGroomOXFBloxham  
HOLLOWAYPhebe(Servant) 15(1846) FHouse MaidOXFBloxham  
Folio 23a Sch. 227
CROSSThomas(Head) W65(1796) MStone MasonBKMTingewick  
CROSSFanny(Daughter) U22(1839) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 23a Sch. 228
NORRISJohn(Head) M41(1820) MAg LabOXFIslip  
NORRISHannah(Wife) M41(1820) F BKMWater Stratford  
NORRISMary A(Daughter) 2(1859) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 23a Sch. 229 "Toll Gate"
CUMMINGJohn(Head) W60(1801) MLessee of TollsDEVAnensingfield?