The people of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

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Jan Anderson

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Numbers follow the Ahnentafel system. Not all ancestors are shown, only those who have a close connection with Tingewick.

(1) Jan is the
great-granddaughter of (10) James Read (1863-1932) and (11) Mary Ann Cleaver (1861-1920) who married in 1883 at Tingewick

and the 2g-g'dau of
(20) Andrew Read (1838- aft 1891) and (21) Caroline Holton (1838-1865) who married in 1859 at Tingewick

and the 3g-g'dau of
(40) Robert Read (1773-1848) and (41) Maria Kingstone (1809-1876 who married in 1834 at Tingewick
(42) Joseph Holton (1816-1897) and Eliza Burnall (1812-1876) who married in 1835 at Tingewick
(she shares these ancestors and all earlier Holton and Burnall ancestors with Yvonne Bonner)

and the 4g-g'dau of
(80) Robert Read and (81) Ann Markham (1753-1814) who married in 1773 at Tingewick
(she also shares these ancestors and all earlier Read and Markham ancestors with Jayne McHugh)
(84) James Holton (1796-1874) and (85) Maria Beal (1798-1869) who married in 1816 in Finmere, Oxfordshire
(she also shares these ancestors and all earlier Holton and Beal ancestors with Don Holton)

and the 5g-g'dau of
(162) Thomas Markham (1716-1769) and (163) Catherine Poulton (bef 1720 - 1752) who married in 1740 at Buckingham
(she also shares these ancestors and all earlier Markham and Poulton ancestors with Rob Rockall, Hatty Floyd, David Empson and Barbara Dixon and Jane Munro
(168) William Holton (1759-1839) who married (169) Elizabeth
(170) Edward Beal who married Elizabeth

and the 6g-g'dau of
(324) Henry Markham (bp 1689) who married (325) Sarah

and the 7g-g'dau of
(648) John Markham (bp. 1663) and his unnamed wife

and the 8g-g'dau of
(1296) John Markham who married (1297) Ann