Transcript of the 1881 census of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

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Source description: The 1881 census of Tingewick



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Folio 4a Sch. 1 Old Toll House
MARKHAMJohn(Head) M40(1841) MHurdsman & LabBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Wife) M36(1845) FLace MakerNTHMiddleton Cheney  
MARKHAMJoseph(Father) W66(1815) MHurdsmanBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMWalter Joseph(Son) U14(1867) MAgl LabourerBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMEmily C.(Daughter) U12(1869) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMSarah A.(Daughter)  10(1871) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMEmma J.(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 4a Sch. 2 Gawcott Lane
BROCKSBYJohn Marchint(Head) M24(1857) MPlumberGlazier&Paint(More)NTHFinedon  
BROOKSBYMary A.(Wife) M23(1858) F{Tradesman's wife}NTHGreatworth  
BROOKSBYMary E.(Daughter)  3(1878) FScholarNTHFinedon  
Folio 4a Sch. 3 [Gawcott Lane?]
WELCHGeorge(Head) M76(1805) MGeneral LabourerBKMGawcott  
WELCHHannah(Wife) M72(1809) FGeneralLabourersWifeBKMStowe  
Folio 4a Sch. 4 Grove Hill Farm
GREAVESRichard Proctor(Head) M58(1823) MFarmer&Mag.75acEmp3m(More)OXFFinmere  
GREAVESHannah(Wife) M45(1836) F OXFBroughton  
JACKERMANMary A.(Servant) U26(1855) FDomestic ServantOXFShutford  
FIELDDorcas(Servant)  15(1866) FDomestic ServantBKMBuckingham  
WELCHFrederic W.(Servant) U16(1865) MGroomBKMRadclive  
Folio 4b Sch. 5 Tingewick Mill
POLLARDElizabeth D.(Head) W55(1826) FMiller&Farmer33AcresNTHTowcester  
POLLARDBenjamin(Son) U20(1861) MMiller [corn]BKMTingewick  
POLLARDJoseph(Son) U19(1862) MMiller [corn]BKMTingewick  
POLLARDMartha E.(Daughter) U17(1864) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 6 Beersheba
SCOTTAmos(Head) M32(1849) MFarmer 31 AcresBKMNewton Longville  
SCOTTEliza(Wife) M31(1850) F BKMThornboroug  
SCOTTEldud A.(Son)  6(1875) M BKMStoney Stratford  
SCOTTEdgar J.(Son)  3(1878) M BKMTingewick  
SCOTTLouisa E.(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 7 Sand Pit Hill Farm
WRIGHTONJames(Head) M38(1843) MFarmer48Acr1man1boy(More)NTHSteechbury  
WRIGHTONElizabeth(Wife) M37(1844) FFarmer's wifeBKMWaddesdon  
WRIGHTONErnest R.(Son)  6(1875) MFarmer's sonBKMTingewick  
WRIGHTONFrederick J.(Son)  5(1876) MFarmer's sonBKMTingewick  
WRIGHTONMary E.(Daughter)  4(1877) FFarmer's sonBKMTingewick  
WRIGHTONMiriam M.(Daughter)  2(1879) FFarmer's sonBKMTingewick  
WRIGHTONAlbert W.(Son)  2 mo(1881) MFarmer's sonBKMTingewick  
Folio 4b Sch. 8 The Villa
PERKINSWilliam G.(Head) M55(1826) MSuperann.Clerk&Exam.(More)SRYCamberwell  
PERKINSMary Ann(Wife) M51(1830) FSuperann.Clerk'sWifeLNDLondon City  
PERKINSGeorge W.B.(Son) U22(1859) MBank Clerk unemploydSRYCamberwell  
PERKINSWalter?(Son) U17(1864) MBank Clerk unemploydSRYCamberwell  
PERKINSChristopher(Son)  15(1866) MScholarESSLeyton  
PERKINSMary E.Ida(Daughter)  9(1872) FScholarESSLeytonstone  
Folio 5a Sch. 9 Finmere Road
CHAMBERSGeorge(Head) M34(1847) MAgl LabourerBKMChetwoode  
CHAMBERSEmma(Wife) M39(1842) F OXFCaulcottLowerHeyford  
Folio 5a Sch. 10 Finmere Road
TYRELLSarah(Head) W73(1808) FIndependentOXFBlackthorn  
ALBRECHTFlorentina L.(Granddaughter) U19(1862) F LNDCity London  
ARNOLDElizabeth(Visitor) U57(1824) F OXFBlackthorn  
Folio 5a Sch. 11 Finmere Road
PAXTONHenry(Head) M60(1821) MCarpenterOXFMixbury  
PAXTONLucy(Wife) M58(1823) F{Carpenter's wife}BKMMursley  
PAXTONCatherine(Daughter) U25(1856) F{Carpenter's dau}OXFMixbury  
GOODGERAlfred(Visitor) U28(1853) MPrinter & CompositorBKMBuckingham  
Folio 5a Sch. 12 Cedar Lawn
PAINTERJoseph(Head) W78(1803) MRetiredFarmerEmpl1MaBKMTingewick  
PAINTERElizabeth(Daughter) U20(1861) F OXFWootton  
CLINKARDAnne(Housekeeper) W65(1816) FHouseKeeperBKMStony Stratford  
MARKHAMLouisa(Servant) U20(1861) FDomestic ServantBKMEdgcott  
Folio 5a Sch. 13 Little Tingewick
CLARKEElizabeth(Head) W52(1829) FIndependentBKMChetwoode  
AYRESEmily E.(Servant)  14(1867) FDomestic ServantBKMLudgershall  
Folio 5a Sch. 14 Little Tingewick
PETTYJoseph(Head) M76(1805) MAgr LabBKMTingewick  
PETTYMartha(Wife)  56(1825) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYEliza(Daughter)  11(1870) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYHarry(Grandson)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 15 Little Tingewick
LINGFORDEdmund(Head) M49(1832) MAgrl LabourerOXFFinmere  
LINGFORDAnn(Wife) M50(1831) FLaundressOXFFinmere  
LINGFORDElizabeth(Daughter) U25(1856) F OXFFinmere  
LINGFORDHarry E.(Son)  11(1870) MScholarOXFFinmere  
Folio 5b Sch. 16 Little Tingewick
TOMPKINSEdward(Head) M57(1824) MLabourerOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEllen(Wife) M35(1846) F OXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEdward(Son)  10(1871) M OXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSLouisa(Daughter)  8(1873) F OXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEdmund(Son)  6(1875) M OXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEllen L.(Daughter)  4(1877) F BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSWilliam(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 5b Sch. 17 LittleTingewickRedLionInn
HOWESWilliam(Head) M65(1816) MInnkeeperNTHByfield  
HOWESMary(Wife) M63(1818) F OXFMilcombe  
HUNTJames(Brother) U40(1841) MLabourerOXFMilcombe  
Folio 5b Sch. 18 Wood House
TASKERDaniel(Head) M40(1841) MAgrl LabourerBKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERHannah(Wife) M39(1842) F BKMChetwoode  
TASKERElda(Daughter)  11(1870) F BKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERFrank T.(Son)  8(1873) M BKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERMary A.(Daughter)  5(1876) F BKMPreston Bissett  
TASKERWilliam C.(Son)  2(1879) M BKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 6a Sch. 19 Tingewick Wood Farm
FLOYDWilliam(Head) M53(1828) MFarmerBKMPrinces Risborough  
FLOYDSophia(Wife) M53(1828) F{Farmer's wife}BKMPrinces Risborough  
FLOYDJohn(Son) U23(1858) MFarmer's sonBKMPrinces Risborough  
FLOYDDaniel(Son) U19(1862) MFarmer's sonOXFStokenchurch  
FLOYDFrank(Son)  10(1871) M{Farmer's son}BKMPadbury  
WALKEREmma(Visitor)  3(1878) F BKMElsborough  
Folio 6a Sch. 20 Lower St Bakers Shop
WALTONPhilip(Head) M59(1822) MBakerBKMFringford  
WALTONMary(Wife) M64(1817) F BKMGawcott  
BARRETTJames T.(Servant) U25(1856) MBaker {assistant}BKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 21 Lower St
HOLTONBenjamin(Head) M53(1828) MButcherBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEliza(Wife) M47(1834) F{Butcher's wife}BKMTingewick  
HOLTONHannah(Daughter)  13(1868) FServantBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEmma(Daughter)  9(1872) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 6a Sch. 22 High St
LUCASJessie(Head) M46(1835) MChimney SweepBKMTingewick  
LUCASElizabeth(Wife) M46(1835) FNurseBKMTingewick  
LUCASArthur(Son)  13(1868) MAssistantChimneySweeBKMTingewick  
LUCASElizabeth(Daughter)  11(1870) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASDavid(Son)  6(1875) MScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASHarry(Son)  3(1878) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 23 Stockley's Lane
WARINGJoseph(Head) M65(1816) MGardenerOXFHardwick  
WARINGEmily(Wife) M59(1822) FNurseBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 24 Stockley's Lane
RIDGWAYWilliam(Head) M68(1813) MWoodman & KeeperBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYRebeca(Wife) M65(1816) F{woodman's wife}BKMTingewick  
READGeorge(Grandson)  16(1865) MLabourerWARBirmingham  
Folio 6b Sch. 25 Butcher's Court
SIDEThomas(Head) M37(1844) MAgrl LabourerBKMTingewick  
SIDEAnn(Wife) M30(1851) F BKMTingewick  
SIDEGeorge(Son)  8(1873) MScholarBKMTingewick  
SIDEJohn(Son)  6(1875) MScholarBKMTingewick  
SIDEElizabeth(Daughter)  4(1877) FScholarBKMTingewick  
SIDESarah(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 26 Church Lane
NEALWilliam(Head) M60(1821) MLabourerOXFSouldern  
NEALCatherine(Wife) M70(1811) FLabourer's wifeBKMAylesbury  
NEALJohn(Son) U31(1850) M BKMTingewick  
NEALAnne(Daughter) U37(1844) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
NEALFrancis C.D.(Granddaughter)  4(1877) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 6b Sch. 27 Church Lane [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
ADAMSThomas(Head) M73(1808) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
ADAMSSarah(Wife) M75(1806) F BKMPadbury  
Folio 6b Sch. 28 Church Lane
JORDANJohn(Head) M52(1829) MGeneral LabourerNTHEvenly  
JORDANSarah(Wife) M46(1835) FLaundressBKMTingewick  
NEALAlfred(Son)  15(1866) MFarm LabourerBKMTingewick  
JORDANGeorge(Son)  5(1876) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 29 Church Lane
DICKENSCharles(Head) M56(1825) MGroomBKMTingewick  
DICKENSMaria(Wife) M64(1817) FLace MakerOXFMixbury  
DICKENSSarah A.M.(Granddaughter)  5(1876) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 30 Church Lane
SMITHWilliam(Head) W92(1789) MFormerly LabourerBKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 31 Church Lane
COLESElizabeth(Head) W66(1815) FLace MakerNTHBrackley  
SIDEEmma(Lodger)  11(1870) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 32 Church Lane
HERRITAGEJoseph(Head) M48(1833) MShepardBKMTingewick  
HERRITAGESarah(Wife) M52(1829) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
HERRITAGEWilliam G.(Son)  9(1872) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 7a Sch. 33 Manor Farm
ARNATTJonathan(Head) M69(1812) MFarmer253acEmp8men3bBKMTingewick  
ARNATTLucinda E.(Wife) M58(1823) FFarmers WifeBKMBuckingham  
ARNATTHenry(Nephew) U36(1845) MFarmers NephewOXFEynsham  
KINGCatherine(Servant) U22(1859) FDomestic ServantBKMThornborough  
HARRISEmma(Servant) U22(1859) FDomestic ServantBKMDadford  
Folio 7a Sch. 34 The Rectory
COKERJohn(Head) M59(1822) MRector of TingewickGLSCheltenham  
COKERElizabeth M.(Wife) M55(1826) FClergyman's WifeWORWorcester  
BROWNMary(Servant) U28(1853) FCookNTHHolcot  
HOWESLucy(Servant) U28(1853) FLady's MaidBKMNewport Pagnell  
MUTTERSarah(Servant) U36(1845) FHousemaidSOMSommersetshire  
Folio 7a Sch. 35 Rectory Lodge
PRICEJonathan(Head) M48(1833) MGardnerOXFFritwell  
PRICEEmma(Wife) M50(1831) F{Gardner's wife}GLSMalvern  
PRICEHenry(Son) U16(1865) MPupil TeacherBKMTingewick  
PRICEFrederic(Son)  13(1868) MAssistant GardenerBKMTingewick  
PRICEElizabeth M.(Daughter)  10(1871) FScholarBKMTingewick  
PRICEJane(Daughter)  8(1873) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 36 Church Lane
DURRANTJohn(Head) M51(1830) MLabourerBKMTingewick  
DURRANTHarriet(Wife) M52(1829) F BKMWater Stratford  
Folio 7b Sch. 37 Church Lane Farm House
DURRANTAmbrose(Head) M36(1845) MFarmer245acEmp8men3bBKMTingewick  
DURRANTCatherine T.(Wife) M34(1847) F{Farmer's wife}BKMTingewick  
DURRANTAmbrose(Son)  7(1874) MScholarBKMTingewick  
DURRANTFrederic W.(Son)  3(1878) MScholarBKMTingewick  
DURRANTAlbert G.J.(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
DURRANTMary A.(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
DURRANTGertrude F.(Daughter)  7 mo(1881) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDJames(Father in law) W71(1810) MBuilderNTHCroughton  
HUTCHINGSBlanche(Servant) U19(1862) FGeneralServant(DomesSOMWincanton  
Folio 7b Sch. 38 Church Lane
ADAMSThomas(Head) M38(1843) MMilkman &cBKMTingewick  
ADAMSSarah A.(Wife) M33(1848) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSWilliam J.(Son)  13(1868) MAg LabourerBKMTingewick  
ADAMSThomas(Son)  11(1870) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
ADAMSAlice(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
ADAMSAnnie(Daughter)  8 mo(1881) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 7b Sch. 39 Church Lane
HOLLANDWilliam(Head) M53(1828) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
HOLLANDMary(Wife) M53(1828) F BKMTingewick  
HOLLANDJohn J.(Son) U17(1864) MAg LabBKMBuckingham  
Folio 7b Sch. 40 ChurchLaneLaburnamCottage
MARSHALLRichard(Head) M63(1818) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
GREAVESSarah(Housekeeper) W58(1823) F{Housekeeper}BKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 8a Sch. 41 Lower St
PAXTONHenry(Head) M51(1830) MPlate Layer LNWRCOXFFinmere  
PAXTONEliza(Wife) M50(1831) F{Platelayer's wife}BKMTingewick  
PAXTONJoseph(Son) U27(1854) MAg. LabBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHannah(Grandmother) W83(1798) F OXFCassington  
Folio 8a Sch. 42 Lower St
CLARKNewman(Head) M53(1828) MAg. LabBKMTingewick  
CLARKEmma(Wife) M52(1829) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
CLARKAmy(Daughter)  16(1865) FServantBKMTingwick  
CLARKAlbert(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBKMTingwick  
Folio 8a Sch. 43 Lower St
HARRISJohn(Head) W72(1809) MFormerly BakerBKMBenthill  
DURRANTSarah(Daughter) W47(1834) FNurseBKMTingewick  
OWENAmy(Daughter) W29(1852) F BKMTingewick  
HARRISJames(Grandson)  9(1872) MScholarBKMTingewick  
OWENJohn(Grandson)  6(1875) MScholarBKMTingewick  
OWENFrederick(Grandson)  4(1877) MScholarBKMBuckingham  
OWENEdwin(Grandson)  2(1879) M BKMBuckingham  
Folio 8a Sch. 44 Lower St
TOMPKINSJohn(Head) M34(1847) MAg. LabOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSAmelia(Wife) M35(1846) F{Ag. Lab's wife}BKMTingewick  
HAYWARDThomas(Father in law) W74(1807) MFormerly BrewerNTHKings Sutton  
Folio 8a Sch. 45 Lower St
RIDGWAYWilliam(Head) M35(1846) MParishClerkSchoolAOf(More)BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYElizabeth(Wife) M33(1848) F{Parish Clerks wife}BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYFrederic R.(Son)  11(1870) MAg. LabBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYWilliam G.(Son)  9(1872) MScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYSarah J.(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYPleasant(Daughter)  4(1877) FScholarBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYKate(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 46 Lower St
JONESHenry(Head) M23(1858) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
JONESEliza S.(Wife) M24(1857) F BKMTingewick  
JONESWilliam H.(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
JONESMartha S.(Daughter)  2 mo(1881) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 8b Sch. 47 Lower St
SMARTWilliam(Head) M37(1844) MGrocer&ProvisionMercOXFMixbury  
SMARTSarah B.(Wife) M39(1842) F NTHBrackley  
SMARTAda(Daughter)  10(1871) F KENFaversham  
SMARTOliver(Son)  8(1873) M BKMTingewick  
SMARTEunice(Daughter)  5(1876) F BKMTingewick  
BARLOWSarah A.(Servant)  15(1866) FDomestic ServantMDXHendon  
Folio 8b Sch. 48 Lower St
AYRESJames(Head) M34(1847) MPolice ConstableBKMSteeple Claydon  
AYRESHannah(Wife) M35(1846) F BKMSteeple Claydon  
AYRESSarah L.(Daughter)  12(1869) FScholarBKMLudgershall  
AYRESRose Annie(Daughter)  10(1871) FScholarBKMSteeple Claydon  
Folio 8b Sch. 49 Lower St
ROBINSONMatthew B.(Head) M35(1846) MButcherOXFDeddington  
ROBINSONSarah A.(Wife) M25(1856) F BKMGawcott  
ROBINSONSarah(Mother) W73(1808) F OXFDeddington  
Folio 8b Sch. 50 Lower St
NEALGeorge(Head) M27(1854) MPorterInProvisionSto(More)BKMTingewick  
NEALHannah(Wife) M30(1851) F{Porter's wife}BKMTingewick  
MILLERSophia(Lodger) U30(1851) FDress MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 51 Lower St
NEALEJohn(Head) M75(1806) MAg. LabBKMTingewick  
NEALEElizabeth(Wife) M59(1822) F{Ag Lab's wife}NTHBrackley  
NEALEElizabeth(Daughter) U25(1856) F{Ag Lab's daur}BKMTingewick  
NEALEThomas(Son) U22(1859) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
NEALEWilliam(Grandson)  1(1880) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 52 [Lower St]
READRobert(Head) M58(1823) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
READSarah(Wife) M57(1824) F BKMTingewick deaf
READJohn(Son) U22(1859) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYThomas H.(Nephew)  16(1865) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 53 Cross Lane
COATESRichard(Head) M22(1859) MPainter & GlazierBKMTingewick  
COATESHarriet(Wife) M24(1857) F BKMTingewick  
COATESWilliam J.(Son)  4 mo(1881) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 54 Lower St
COATESMaria(Head) U55(1826) FGrocer &cNTHSyresham  
COATESMary A.(Daughter) U32(1849) FLace MakerNTHSyresham  
COATESWilliam(Brother) W50(1831) MCarpenter & JoinerNTHSyresham  
COATESHenry(Son) U17(1864) MCarpenter & JoinerBKMTingewick  
Folio 9a Sch. 55 Lower St
WILLIAMSAnn(Head) W44(1837) FDress MakerBKMTingewick  
WILLIAMSMary S.(Daughter) U18(1863) FDress MakerBKMTingewick  
WILLIAMSEdith A.(Daughter)  14(1867) FDress MakerSRYLambeth  
WILLIAMSFrederick J.(Son)  12(1869) MScholarSRYLambeth  
WILLIAMSArchibald R.S.(Son)  4(1877) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 56 Lower St
BUTCHERGeorge(Head) M71(1810) MIndependentBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSharlotte(Wife) M53(1828) FIndependentOXFWorton  
BUTCHERGeorge(Son) U35(1846) MIndependentBKMTingewick imbe
Folio 9b Sch. 57 Lower St Eagle House
GRAYHannah J.(Head) W51(1830) F{widowRevWmGrayLate}(More)IRLMonaghan Ireland  
GRAYBeatrice C.(Daughter) U17(1864) F GLSClifton  
GRAYEthel G.(Daughter) U15(1866) F LNDCity London  
GRAYCharles W.S.(Son)  7(1874) M MDXSudbury Harrow  
THORPEMary A.J.(Visitor)  21(1860) F HUNSt Ives  
BRAGGINSAnnie T.(Servant) U33(1848) FDomestic ServantNTHSyresham  
Folio 9b Sch. 58 Lower St
GRAYGeorge(Head) U48(1833) MCarrier &cBKMTingewick  
GRAYElizabeth(Sister) U57(1824) F BKMTingewick  
HEALEYEmma(Sister) M52(1829) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 9b Sch. 59 The Laurels
GARDNERJames(Head) M31(1850) MFarmerOXFAdderbury  
GARDNERHannah S.(Wife) M24(1857) F NTHFarthinghoe  
GARDNERJames G.(Son)  1(1880) M BKMTingewick  
DAVIESEmily(Servant)  15(1866) F{Domestic Serv}OXFFinmere  
Folio 10a Sch. 60 Lower St
BARRETTWilliam H.(Head) M57(1824) MMaster BlacksmithBKMWater Stratford  
BARRETTAnn(Wife) M52(1829) F NTHBrackley  
BARRETTGeorge(Son) U21(1860) MBlacksmithBKMTingewick  
BARRETTEmma(Daughter) U16(1865) F BKMTingewick  
BARRETTFrederick(Son)  13(1868) M BKMTingewick  
BUDDElizabeth(Mother in law) W81(1800) F OXFFinmere  
CAVEGertrude(Visitor)  4(1877) F OXFBanbury  
Folio 10a Sch. 61 Lower St Draper Shop
BALDWINGeorge(Head) U38(1843) MDraperBKMWinslow  
STEVENSEleanor(Sister) W49(1832) F{House Keeper}BKMWinslow  
STEVENSFlorence M.(Niece) U21(1860) F BKMWater Stratford  
Folio 10a Sch. 62 White Hart Inn
BAKERRobert(Head) M41(1840) MPublican &FishMongerSALBudlow  
BAKERSarah(Wife) M41(1840) FPublicans WifeBDFClophill  
BAKERRobert J.(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBDFMarston Park  
BAKERAmelia F.(Daughter)  10(1871) FScholarBDFMarston Park  
BAKERRichard(Son)  8(1873) MScholarBKMHardmead  
BAKERHorrace(Son)  6(1875) MScholarBKMHardmead  
BAKERCharles King(Son)  3(1878) MScholarBKMHardmead  
BAKERGeorge W.(Son)  9 mo(1881) M BKMTingewick  
BUSBYSarah E.(Servant)  14(1867) FDomestic ServantOXFFringford  
Folio 10b Sch. 63 Lower St Boot Makers Shop
JUDDEdwin(Head) M40(1841) MCordwainerOXFTwyford  
JUDDAnn E.(Wife) M39(1842) F NTHCroughton  
JUDDHubert A.(Son) U17(1864) MCordwainer's sonBKMTingewick  
JUDDAnnie J.(Daughter)  12(1869) F BKMTingewick  
JUDDEdwin A.(Son)  10(1871) MScholarBKMTingewick  
JUDDAda Jane(Daughter)  8(1873) FScholarBKMTingewick  
JUDDEmily May(Daughter)  4(1877) FScholarBKMTingewick  
JUDDRichard T.(Son)  3(1878) MScholarBKMTingewick  
JUDDKate E.(Daughter)  7 mo(1881) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 64 High St Butchers Shop
CAVEJohn Dudley(Head) M62(1819) MButcherBKMTingewick  
CAVEElizabeth Dudle(Wife) M60(1821) F{Butcher's wife}OXFFritwell  
CAVERobert Dudley(Son) U22(1859) M{Butcher's son}BKMTingewick  
CAVEWilliam Dudley(Son) U21(1860) M{Butcher's son}BKMTingewick  
CAVECatherine Dudle(Daughter)  15(1866) F{Butcher's daur}BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 65 High St Rose Cotage
BRADBURYThomas(Head) M35(1846) MSchoolmasterBKMQuainton  
BRADBURYEmily(Wife) M21(1860) F BKMTingewick  
BRADBURYHelena(Daughter)  10(1871) F BKMTingewick  
BRADBURYHartley(Son)  6 mo(1881) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 10b Sch. 66 West Well Lane
STOCKLEYWilliam(Head) W68(1813) MRetired FarmerBKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 67 High St Royal Oak
PRICEDavid(Head) M26(1855) MPublicanNTHPotterspury  
PRICEElizabeth(Wife) M27(1854) F BKMLeighton Bussard  
PRICEElisabeth J.(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMDrayton Parslow  
PRICEWilliam C.(Son)  2(1879) M BKMDrayton Parslow  
Folio 11a Sch. 68 High St
STEVENSJoseph(Head) M29(1852) MAg LabrBKMHulcott  
STEVENSEmma K.(Wife) M29(1852) F{Ag Lab's wife}OXFMixbury  
STEVENSElisabeth M.(Daughter)  2(1879) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 69 High St
MORTONHenry(Head) M55(1826) MFarrier & Cow LeechBKMTingewick  
MORTONSarah(Wife) M56(1825) F SOMWells  
MORTONHenry(Son)  11(1870) M KENBromley  
Folio 11a Sch. 70 High St
BERRYElizabeth(Head) W70(1811) F OXFAynho  
BERRYEmma(Daughter) U29(1852) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 71 High St
HAWESJane(Head) W71(1810) FLace MakerNTHHinton in the Hedges  
Folio 11a Sch. 72 High St ** (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
BERRYThomas(Head) M63(1818) M{Genl} DealerBKMTingewick  
BERRYJane(Wife) M61(1820) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 11a Sch. 73 High St Grocer Shop
SHARMANWilliam(Head) M32(1849) MGeneral DealerWILAldbourne  
SHARMANSarah(Wife) M44(1837) F BKMWeedon  
SHARMANBertha S.A.(Daughter)  4(1877) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASJohn(Visitor) W48(1833) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
Folio 11b Sch. 74 High St
STEEDENGeorge(Head) M28(1853) MCarpenter &cBKMTingewick  
STEEDENMartha M.(Wife) M23(1858) F BKMHardwick  
STEEDENFlorance Pollar(Daughter)  5(1876) FScholarBKMHardwick  
Folio 11b Sch. 75 High St
LAMPETTWilliam(Head) W79(1802) MRetiredFarmer&MillerOXFHook Norton  
LAMPETTElizabeth(Daughter) U47(1834) FGovernessWARAvonhurst  
Folio 11b Sch. 76 High St Mount Pleasant
BEVINWilliam(Head) M72(1809) MTailorBKMStony Stratford  
BEVINAnn(Wife) M75(1806) F BKMBarton Hartshorn  
IBELLEtta(Niece) U32(1849) F LNDSt Lukes Chelsea  
Folio 11b Sch. 77 High St
MARSHALLMary E.(Head) U60(1821) FAnnuitantFromFamily?MDXMaryl.? Lane London  
Folio 11b Sch. 78 High St
LINESElizabeth A.(Head) U73(1808) FGoverment AnuityBKMCowley PrestonBisset  
Folio 11b Sch. 79 High St
LUCASThomas(Head) W53(1828) MBakerBKMTingewick  
LUCASAnn(Wife) M58(1823) F{Baker's wife}CAMWillingham  
WATSONJames(Servant) U22(1859) MJourneyman BakerOXFHethe  
CLIFFORDHarriett(Servant)  14(1867) FDomestic ServantOXFFinmere  
Folio 11b Sch. 80 High St
DAVIESWilliam(Head) M41(1840) FThatcherOXFFinmere  
DAVIESElizabeth(Wife) M41(1840) F BKMTingewick  
DAVIESLouisa(Daughter)  9(1872) FScholarBKMTingewick  
DAVIESAlice(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 81 High St
STEEDENAnn(Head) W59(1822) F BKMPreston Bissett  
STEEDENThomas(Son) U34(1847) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
STEEDENWilliam(Son) U27(1854) MAg LabBKMTingewick  
SMALLWOODSelina(Granddaughter)  5(1876) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 82 High St
STEEDENGeorge(Head) M72(1809) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
STEEDENEliza(Wife) M70(1811) F BDFWirmington  
STEEDENJames(Son) U35(1846) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 83 High St
READWilliam(Head) M44(1837) MAg LabrBKMPreston Bissett  
READEmma(Wife) M43(1838) F BKMPreston Bissett  
READHannah(Daughter) U17(1864) F BKMPreston Bissett  
READSarah A.(Daughter)  12(1869) F BKMTingewick  
READGeorge E.(Son)  5(1876) M BKMTingewick  
READEmily(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 12a Sch. 84 High St
ARISJohn(Head) M42(1839) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
ARISMaria(Wife) M36(1845) FAg Lab's wifeBKMTingewick  
ARISCecelia(Daughter)  15(1866) FAg Lab's DaurBKMTingewick  
ARISSarah Ann(Daughter)  12(1869) F{Ag Lab's Daur}BKMTingewick  
ARISGeorge(Son)  10(1871) M{Ag Lab's Daur}BKMTingewick  
ARISJames(Son)  6(1875) M{Ag Lab's Daur}BKMTingewick  
ARISAlbert J.(Son)  10 m(1881) M{Ag Lab's Daur}BKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 85 High St Tyrell Passage
ARISThomas(Head) M33(1848) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
ARISMary Ann(Wife) M30(1851) F BKMTingewick  
ARISAnnie A.(Daughter)  10(1871) FScholarBKMTingewick  
ARISEmily(Daughter)  9(1872) FScholarBKMTingewick  
ARISJoseph Thomas(Son)  7(1874) MScholarBKMTingewick  
ARISFrederick Willm(Son)  3(1878) MScholarBKMTingewick  
ARISMinnie Maria(Daughter)  10 m(1881) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 86 High St Tyrell Passage
BUTCHERRichard(Head) M53(1828) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
BUTCHERSusanna(Wife) M55(1826) F OXFLaunton  
Folio 12b Sch. 87 High St Tyrell Passage
TERRYRichard(Head) W57(1824) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 88 High St Tyrell Passage
HARVEYWilliam(Head) M50(1831) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HARVEYHarriett(Wife) M43(1838) F BKMPadbury  
HARVEYGeorge(Son) U18(1863) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HARVEYEdwin(Son)  16(1865) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HARVEYJohn Henry(Son)  5(1876) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 12b Sch. 89 High St Tyrell Passage
SMITHThomas(Head) M41(1840) MBaskett MakerBKMSherrington  
SMITHLeah(Wife) M40(1841) FMillinerBKMSherrington  
SMITHCharles(Son)  16(1865) MBaskett MakerBKMSherrington  
SMITHWilliam(Son)  12(1869) MErrand BoyBKMTingewick  
SMITHAlbert(Son)  7(1874) MScholarBKMTingewick  
JOYCEJane(Mother in law)  71(1810) FLace MakerBKMSherrington  
Folio 13a Sch. 90 Stratford Lane
BLOXHAMJoseph(Head) M27(1854) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMElizabeth(Wife) M26(1855) FLace MakerOXFCottisford  
BLOXHAMEmma(Daughter)  3(1878) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMEmmanuel(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 91 High St
BARNESEdward(Head) M68(1813) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
BARNESSilence(Wife) M54(1827) F NTHBrackley Field  
BARNESJohn(Son) U35(1846) MAg LabrBKMLittle Tingewick  
BARNESWilliam(Son) U19(1862) MAg LabrBKMLittle Tingewick  
BARNESPhilip(Son) U17(1864) MAg LabrBKMLittle Tingewick  
BARNESThomas(Son)  14(1867) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
BARNESRose(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 92 High St
TOMPKINSJohn(Head) M47(1834) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSEmma(Wife) M48(1833) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 93 [High St **] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
BLOXHAMHenry(Head) M57(1824) MAg LabrNTHDeanshanger  
BLOXHAMStephen(Grandson)  4(1877) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 13a Sch. 94 The Holly Tree
COLLINGRIDGEJohn(Head) M44(1837) MPublicanBKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEAnn(Wife) M48(1833) F{Publican's wife}BKMWhadden  
COLLINGRIDGEMary Ann(Daughter) U17(1864) F BKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEJames(Son)  14(1867) M BKMTingewick  
COLLINGRIDGEJohn(Son)  12(1869) M{Pupil} TeacherBKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 95 Stratford Lane
HARVEYMary(Head) W70(1811) F BKMMarsh Gibbon  
COLLINGRIDGEElizabeth(Granddaughter)  13(1868) FScholarLNDWhite Chapel  
COLLINGRIDGEHarriet(Granddaughter)  12(1869) FScholarLNDWhite Chapel  
Folio 13b Sch. 96 Stratford Lane
FINCHCharles(Head) M47(1834) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
FINCHAnn(Wife) M41(1840) F{Ag Lab's wife}BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 97 Stratford Lane
MILLERGeorge(Head) M34(1847) MCarpenterBKMTingewick  
MILLERAnn M.(Wife) M33(1848) F{Carpenter's wife}BKMHillesden  
MILLERWilliam John(Son)  10(1871) M BKMGawcott  
MILLERCharlotte(Daughter)  9(1872) F BKMGawcott  
MILLERThomas G.(Son)  7(1874) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERHenry B.(Son)  3(1878) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLEREdwin(Son)  1(1880) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 98 Stratford Lane
HUNTElizabeth(Head) M65(1816) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
HUNTSarah(Daughter) U26(1855) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
SMITHAnn(Granddaughter)  17(1864) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
HUNTMary A.(Granddaughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
SMITHEdward G.(Grandson)  15 w(1881) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 13b Sch. 99 Stratford Lane
CLEAVERJames(Head) M43(1838) MBrickmakerBDFLeighton Bussard  
CLEAVERAdelaide(Wife) M48(1833) F BKMDrayton Parslow  
CLEAVERMary Jane(Daughter) U16(1865) F BDFLeighton Bussard  
CLEAVERSarah Ann(Daughter)  12(1869) F BKMDrayton Parslow  
REEDJames(Servant) U17(1864) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 100 Stratford Lane
ADAMSAnn(Head) U61(1820) FLace MakerBKMBarton Hartshorn  
Folio 14a Sch. 101 Stratford Lane [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
JOSEPHSarah(Head) W54(1827) FLace MakerBKMAkley  
Folio 14a Sch. 102 Stratford Lane
PETTYThomas(Head) M21(1860) MShephurdBKMTingewick  
PETTYAnn(Wife) M22(1859) F{Shephurd's wife}OXFNewton Purcell  
PETTYGeorge(Son)  6 mo(1881) M{Shephurd's son}BKMTingewick  
Folio 14a Sch. 103 Stratford Lane
CLEAVERJohn(Head) M37(1844) MBrick MakerBDFLeighton Bussard  
CLEAVERSarah(Wife) M39(1842) F{Brickmaker's wife}BKMCuddington  
CLEAVERGeorge(Son)  14(1867) MAssistantInBrickYardBDFLeighton Bussard  
CLEAVERJames(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBDFLeighton Bussard  
CLEAVERHarriet (Jane)(Daughter)  9(1872) FScholarBDFLeighton Bussard  
CLEAVERJohn(Son)  7(1874) MScholarBDFLeighton Bussard  
CLEAVERCharles(Son)  6(1875) MScholarBDFLeighton Bussard  
ANDREWSMartin(Visitor)  16(1865) FDomestic ServantBDFLeighton Bussard  
ANDREWSMary(Visitor)  14(1867) FPlaitter of StrawBDFLeighton Bussard  
Folio 14a Sch. 104 High St
SHARMANAmos(Head) M55(1826) MGravel MinerWILAldbourn  
SHARMANAnn(Wife) M53(1828) F WILAldbourn  
SHARMANMary(Daughter) U20(1861) F BKMTingewick  
LINFIELDElizabeth A.(Granddaughter)  6(1875) F BKMTingewick  
SMITHThomas(Visitor) U27(1854) MCarpenterNTHKings Sutton  
Folio 14b Sch. 105 High St
SIDEJames(Head) W53(1828) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
FERNESS?Elizabeth(Sister) W56(1825) F BKMTingewick  
SIDEWilliam(Son) U17(1864) M BKMTingewick  
SIDEAnne(Daughter)  16(1865) F BKMTingewick  
SIDERose(Daughter)  13(1868) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 106 Sand Pit Hill
STUCHFIELDSharlott(Head) W67(1814) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 107 Sand Pit Hill [**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
BEALEdward(Head) M37(1844) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
BEALJane(Wife) M34(1847) F OXFNewton Purcell  
BEALEdward G.(Son)  7(1874) MScholar Great Lee  
BEALThomas J.(Son)  7(1874) MScholar Great Lee  
BEALAlbert(Son)  5(1876) MScholarBKMTingewick  
BEALWilliam(Son)  3(1878) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 108 Sand Pit Hill
THOMPSONEllen(Head) W44(1837) FHouse PropertyBKMAkley  
THOMPSONCecil(Daughter)  15(1866) F NTHGrimsbury  
THOMPSONAnnie M.(Daughter)  13(1868) F OXFSteeple Aston  
Folio 14b Sch. 109 Sand Pit Hill
HARVEYThomas(Head) M57(1824) MMasonBKMTingewick  
HARVEYElizabeth(Wife) M54(1827) FMason's wifeOXFStratton Audley  
HARVEYGeorge(Son) U18(1863) MMason's sonBKMTingewick  
HARVEYAmelia E.(Daughter)  15(1866) FMason's DaurBKMTingewick  
Folio 14b Sch. 110 Sand Pit Hill
BARNESWilliam(Head) M49(1832) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
BARNESSarah(Wife) M48(1833) F BKMTingewick  
LINGFORDAnn(Niece)  9(1872) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 15a Sch. 111 Sand Pit Hill
BARLOWWilliam(Head) U38(1843) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
KEYMary(Mother) W75(1806) F BKMShalstone  
BARLOWJames(Brother) W42(1839) MAg LabrBKMShalstone  
Folio 15a Sch. 112 Strangers Lane
HARRISCharles(Head) M69(1812) MAg LabrWARStonley  
HARRISAlice(Wife) M62(1819) F{Ag Lab's wife}BKMTingewick  
HARRISHelen(Sister) U63(1818) FLace MakerWARFenny Compton deaf
Folio 15a Sch. 113 High St
WOODElizabeth(Head) W65(1816) FIndependentBKMPreston Bissett  
HALEAnn(Boarder) W84(1797) F BRKSwivenham  
Folio 15a Sch. 114 High St Grocers Shop
KEYJohn(Head) M65(1816) MGrocer &cBKMTingewick  
KEYAnn(Wife) M61(1820) F BKMPreston Bissett  
KEYJessie John(Nephew)  13(1868) M LANLiverpool  
Folio 15a Sch. 115 HighSt FirTreeCottage[**] (same house as previous schedule but separate household)
RICHARDSONGeorge(Head) W62(1819) MGent.IncomeLand&Hous(More)BKMBuckingham  
RICHARDSONSarah Philis(Daughter) U28(1853) FdaughterBKMBuckingham  
TANNERAnnett Frances(Housekeeper)  35(1846) FHousekeeperBKMPreston Bissett  
Folio 15a Sch. 116 High St
LUCASWilliam(Head) M24(1857) MBakerMDXPoplar  
LUCASEllen(Wife) M27(1854) F{Baker's wife}WORTredington  
LUCASFrederick(Son)  1(1880) M{Baker's son}BKMTingewick  
BROADWAYHarriett(Mother in law)  61(1820) FAssistant in BakeryWORTredington  
Folio 15b Sch. 117 High St
READThomas(Head) M53(1828) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
READSussanah(Wife) M47(1834) F BKMPreston Bissett  
BEESLEYJohn W.(Boarder) U18(1863) MAg LabrYKSLeeds  
Folio 15b Sch. 118 High St
HAWKESMartha(Head) W70(1811) FGrocer's shopHRTHarper Lane Shenley  
CROSSMary(Lodger) U74(1807) F HRTNorth Mines  
Folio 15b Sch. 119 High St
FREEMANJohn(Head) M49(1832) MGardnerBKMTingewick  
FREEMANMartha(Wife) M52(1829) F BKMWater Stratford  
FREEMANMary(Daughter) U20(1861) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 15b Sch. 120 High St Post Office
BARNESJohn G.(Head) M24(1857) MPostmaster & GrocerBKMTingewick  
BARNESMartha J.(Wife) M23(1858) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 15b Sch. 121 H St Butchers Shop
FARLEYGeorge(Head) W52(1829) MButcherBRKWallingford  
FARLEYTheresa(Wife) M48(1833) F{Butcher's wife}OXFRope? Marsley  
FARLEYEmily(Daughter) U25(1856) F{Butcher's daur}BRKWallingford  
FARLEYKate M.(Daughter) U23(1858) F{Butcher's daur}BRKWallingford  
FARLEYLizzie(Daughter) U18(1863) F{Butcher's daur}BKMBrill  
FARLEYGeorge F.(Son)  14(1867) MButcher's sonBKMTingewick  
FARLEYHarry(Son)  12(1869) MButcher's sonBKMTingewick  
FARLEYLouise(Daughter)  10(1871) FScholarBKMTingewick  
FARLEYAmelia(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 122 High St
STEEDONElizabeth(Head) W50(1831) FLaundressNTHBrackley  
STEEDONElizabeth E.(Daughter) U19(1862) FDressmakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 16a Sch. 123 High St
MILLERWilliam(Head) M36(1845) MMaster CarpenterBKMTingewick  
MILLERSarah Ann(Wife) M37(1844) F OXFSwerford  
MILLEREleanor A.(Daughter)  14(1867) F BKMTingewick  
MILLERJohn W.(Son)  13(1868) MScholarOXFDeddington  
MILLERMarion B.(Daughter)  11(1870) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERLaura M.(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERJeffrey W.(Son)  4(1877) MScholarBKMTingewick  
MILLERGertrude(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMTingewick  
WINDSORJames(Apprentice) U19(1862) MCarpenterOXFFinmere  
Folio 16a Sch. 124 High St
CROSSRichard(Head) M67(1814) MBuilderBKMTingewick  
CROSSSusanah(Wife) M69(1812) F OXFMixbury  
Folio 16a Sch. 125 High St
CROSSGeorge(Head) M39(1842) MBricklayerBKMTingewick  
CROSSJane(Wife) M39(1842) F BKMTingewick  
CROSSHenry W.(Son)  17(1864) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
CROSSRose(Daughter)  15(1866) F BKMTingewick  
CROSSSusan J.(Daughter)  11(1870) F BKMTingewick  
CROSSGeorgena V.(Daughter)  6(1875) F BKMTingewick  
CROSSRichard T.(Son)  3(1878) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 126 High St
STEEDENCharles(Head) M63(1818) MStone MasonBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M63(1818) F BKMShalstone  
STEEDENMary J.(Daughter) U20(1861) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 127 High St
LOVELLDavid(Head) M52(1829) MMaster Cord WainerBKMTingewick  
LOVELLFrancis(Wife) M58(1823) F{Cordwainer's wife}BKMCold Arbour Farm  
KEYWilliam Cooper(Lodger) U70(1811) MRetired FarmerBKMCold Arbour Farm  
Folio 16b Sch. 128 Cross Lane
WORVILLWilliam A.(Head) M33(1848) MCordwainerBKMTingewick  
WORVILLFrederick W.(Son)  4(1877) M BKMTingewick  
WORVILLAllen Edmund(Son)  3(1878) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 129 High St
BARNESGeorge(Head) M48(1833) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
BARNESEunice(Wife) M43(1838) F BKMSteeple Claydon  
BARNESMary Ann(Daughter)  15(1866) F OXFFinmere  
Folio 16b Sch. 130 Lower St Crown Hotel
HADLANDJohn T.(Head) M38(1843) MPublicanButcher&Brew(More)BKMTingewick  
HADLANDMary(Wife) M37(1844) F WARWalsgrove on Sowe  
HADLANDFrederick C.(Son)  7(1874) MScholarBKMTingewick  
HADLANDFrederick(Brother)  36(1845) MPartner in BrewingBKMTingewick  
Folio 16b Sch. 131 Lower St
WORVILLAnnie(Head) W56(1825) FBoot Maker's WidowBKMTingewick  
WORVILLJulea S.A.(Daughter) U19(1862) FDress MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 17a Sch. 132 Lower St
LUCASWilliam(Head) W79(1802) MAgr LabBKMTingewick  
LUCASMartha(Housekeeper) W71(1810) FHousekeeperBKMGawcott  
Folio 17a Sch. 133 Lower St
ALLENMary(Head) W78(1803) FGrocer's ShopNTHSyresham  
ALLENSarah(Daughter) U41(1840) F BKMTingewick  
ALLENRebecca E.(Daughter) U33(1848) FSchool MistressBKMTingewick  
Folio 17a Sch. 134 Lower St
STEEDENRichard(Head) U46(1835) MDealer & FarmerBKMTingewick  
HASZELDENJane(Housekeeper) W55(1826) FHousekeeperLNDCity  
GREAVESAlfred(Nephew) U19(1862) M BKMTingewick  
GREAVESRichard(Nephew)  16(1865) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 17a Sch. 135 Lower St
HODGKINSJames T.(Head) M27(1854) MCoachBuilder&PlumberOXFHethe  
HODGKINSMaria(Wife) M27(1854) F OXFLaunton  
HODGKINSJames E.(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
HODGKINSJames(Father) W52(1829) MCarpenter&WheelwrighWARPrior's Marston  
Folio 17a Sch. 136 Lower St
HOLLANDThomas(Head) M26(1855) MSheppardOXFNewton Purcell  
HOLLANDSusanna(Wife) M28(1853) F BKMTingewick  
HOLLANDFrederick(Son)  7(1874) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 17b Sch. 137 Lower St
RIDGWAYGeorge(Head) M65(1816) MAg LabrBKMThornborough  
RIDGWAYCatherine(Wife) M58(1823) F BKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYJohn Alton(Son) U38(1843) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
RIDGWAYElizabeth E.(Daughter) U31(1850) F BKMTingewick  
NOBLESarah Ann(Daughter) M28(1853) F BKMTingewick  
NOBLEHarry(Son)  15 d(1881) M BKMTingewick  
RIDGEWAYErnest(Grandson)  3(1878) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 17b Sch. 138 Lower St
MILLERJohn(Head) M71(1810) MCarpenterBDFMarston  
MILLERMary(Wife) M54(1827) F{Carpenter's wife}OXFFinmere  
MILLERJohn(Son) U33(1848) MGeneral LabrBKMTingewick deaf
Folio 17b Sch. 139 Gorall Lane
HORWOODJames(Head) M40(1841) MAg. LabrBKMBarton Hartshorn  
HORWOODHannah(Wife) M32(1849) FLace MakerOXFFinmere  
HORWOODEliza Neal(Daughter)  12(1869) FScholarOXFFinmere  
NEALJohn Horwood(Son)  10(1871) MScholarBKMBarton Hartshorn  
HORWOODRose(Daughter)  5(1876) FScholarBKMBarton Hartshorn  
HORWOODAnnie(Daughter)  3(1878) FScholarBKMBarton Hartshorn  
HORWOODJane(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMBuckingham  
HORWOODMary(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMBuckingham  
Folio 17b Sch. 140 Gorall Lane
WHEELEREdward(Head) M62(1819) MAg LabrBKMLillingstone Dayrell  
Folio 18a Sch. 141 Gorall Lane
JACKSONWilliam(Head) M65(1816) MJourneyman CarpenterOXFNewton Purcell  
JACKSONElizabeth M.(Wife) M55(1826) F{Carpenter's wife} On the Sea  
JACKSONWilliam J.(Son)  16(1865) MCarpenters SonBKMTingewick  
JACKSONEleanor M.(Daughter)  11(1870) FScholarBKMTingewick  
JACKSONAllice N.(Daughter)  5(1876) FScholarBKMTingewick  
WHITEHEADCharity V.(Granddaughter)  2(1879) F NTHDeanshanger  
Folio 18a Sch. 142 Gorall Lane
TERRYJames(Head) U67(1814) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
Folio 18a Sch. 143 Gorall Lane
HOLTONJohn(Head) M36(1845) FAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HOLTONRebeca(Wife) M31(1850) F BKMSteeple Claydon  
HOLTONBenjiman(Son)  14(1867) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HOLTONWilliam(Son)  12(1869) M BKMTingewick  
HOLTONJohn(Son)  1(1880) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 18a Sch. 144 Gorall Lane
LUCASGeorge(Head) M44(1837) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
LUCASHannah(Wife) M35(1846) FLace MakerBKMPreston Bissett  
LUCASRichard(Son)  15(1866) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
LUCASJames(Son)  13(1868) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
LUCASGeorge(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASLouisa(Daughter)  8(1873) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASJane(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASRose Ann(Daughter)  4(1877) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASRachel(Daughter)  2(1879) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 18b Sch. 145 Gorall Lane
LUCASWilliam(Head) M37(1844) MAg LabourerBKMTingewick  
LUCASHarriet(Wife) M31(1850) FLace MakerBKMTurweston  
LUCASThomas(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASAlfred(Son)  9(1872) MScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASWilliam(Son)  4(1877) MScholarBKMTingewick  
LUCASFanny(Daughter)  2(1879) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 18b Sch. 146 Gorall Lane
NEELEsther(Head) W66(1815) F BKMTingewick  
NEELGeorge(Son) U28(1853) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
Folio 18b Sch. 147 Gorall Lane
LINGFORDWilliam(Head) M45(1836) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
LINGFORDElizabeth(Wife) M42(1839) F BKMTingewick  
LINGFORDJohn(Son) U17(1864) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
LINGFORDGeorge(Son)  13(1868) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
LINGFORDEmily(Daughter)  11(1870) FScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONJames(Son)  9(1872) MScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONJoseph(Son)  7(1874) MScholarBKMTingewick  
HOLTONCaroline(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
LINGFORDEsther(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 19a Sch. 148 Gorall Lane
BLOXHAMAnthony(Head) M32(1849) MBoot MakerBKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMMary(Wife) M34(1847) F BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMElizabeth(Daughter)  10(1871) F BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMEllen(Daughter)  8(1873) F BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMAnthony(Son)  7(1874) M BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMLevi(Son)  5(1876) M BKMTingewick  
BLOXHAMThomas W.(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 19a Sch. 149 Gorall Lane
BARKINHenry(Head) M46(1835) MSawyer Croydon  
BARKINCharlott(Wife) M46(1835) FLaundressLNDAldersgate St City  
Folio 19a Sch. 150 Stockley's Lane
HARRISGeorge(Head) M40(1841) MAg LabrOXFMixbury  
HARRISMary(Wife) M31(1850) F OXFFinmere  
HARRISWilliam H. J.(Son)  4(1877) M BKMTingewick  
HARRISJulia K.A.(Daughter)  2(1879) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 19a Sch. 151 Stockley's Lane
CLIFFORDThomas(Head) M58(1823) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
Folio 19a Sch. 152 Stockley's Lane
PAXTONThomas(Head) M50(1831) MA. LabrOXFFinmere  
PAXTONEliza(Wife) M45(1836) F BKMTingewick  
TERRYElizabeth(Lodger) W84(1797) F WARStratton Upon Foss  
PAXTONThomas(Son)  14(1867) M BKMTingewick  
PAXTONEdward(Son)  12(1869) M BKMTingewick  
PAXTONMary A.(Daughter)  10(1871) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 153 Stockley's Lane
STUCHFIELDJohn(Head) M49(1832) M BKMTingewick blin
STUCHFIELDMary A.(Wife) M52(1829) F BKMTingewick  
STUCHFIELDGeorge(Son)  15(1866) MAg LabrBKMBuckingham  
Folio 19b Sch. 154 Stockley's Lane
HOLTONBenjiman(Head) M68(1813) MGardener (& Ag Lab)BKMTingewick  
HOLTONJane(Wife) M69(1812) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 155 Stockley's Lane
NEALWilliam(Head) W60(1821) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
LUCASAlfred(Grandson) U23(1858) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 156 Stockley's Lane
MARKHAMGeorge(Head) M45(1836) MThatcher&Hay TrusserBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMFanny(Wife) M45(1836) F BKMMaids Moreton  
MARKHAMRichard(Son) U20(1861) MThatcher&Hay TrusserBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMFanny(Daughter)  7(1874) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 19b Sch. 157 [Stockley's Lane?]
PARAGREENEJoseph(Head) M70(1811) MAg. LabrBKMWater Stratford  
PARAGREENESusan(Wife) M48(1833) FLaundressNTHKings Sutton  
PARAGREENEGeorge(Son) U17(1864) MShoe MakerBKMTingewick  
PARAGREENEEdwin(Son)  15(1866) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
PARAGREENERose Ann(Daughter)  10(1871) FScholarBKMTingewick  
PARAGREENEJoseph J.(Son)  6(1875) MScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 20a Sch. 158 Back St
HEARNSarah(Head) W72(1809) FLace MakerBKMBuckingham  
HEARNSarah(Daughter) U30(1851) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 20a Sch. 159 Back St
DICKENSJohn(Head) M26(1855) MCarter Ag labBKMTingewick  
DICKENSElizabeth(Wife) M29(1852) FLace MakerBKMGawcott  
DICKENSMary Jane(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 20a Sch. 160 Back St
STOCKLEYJames Tewell?(Head) M63(1818) MRetired FarmerBKMTingewick  
STOCKLEYMary(Wife) M69(1812) F BKMShalstone  
Folio 20a Sch. 161 The Mount
BENNETTHellen(Head) U52(1829) FIncomeFromMoneyInterBKMStowe  
BENNETTCatherine(Sister) U43(1838) FIncomeFromMoneyInterBKMStowe  
PAINTERMary C.(Niece) U18(1863) FIncomeDerivedFromLamOXFMixbury  
RIDGWAYElizabeth(Servant)  22(1859) FDomestic ServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 20a Sch. 162 [Back St?]
BANISTEREdmund(Head) M41(1840) MAg LabrOXFMixbury  
BANISTEREllen(Wife) M43(1838) F BKMTingewick  
BANISTERMary Ann(Daughter) U17(1864) F BKMTingewick  
BANISTERElizabeth(Daughter)  14(1867) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BANISTERGeorge A.(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBKMTingewick  
BANISTEREdith Ann(Daughter)  8(1873) FScholarBKMTingewick  
BANISTERJulia A.(Daughter)  4(1877) FScholarBKMTingewick  
Folio 20b Sch. 163 Back St
PAXTONJames(Head) W52(1829) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
PAXTONRooth(Wife) M60(1821) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
PAXTONRooth Hill(Granddaughter)  11(1870) FScholar Upper Holloway  
COLESElisabeth(Boarder) W79(1802) FLabour. WidowBKMPadbury  
Folio 20b Sch. 164 Back St
PACKERRichard(Head) W78(1803) MRetired ButcherBKMBuckingham  
Folio 20b Sch. 165 Back St
HOLTONGeorge(Head) M40(1841) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HOLTONElizabeth(Wife) M38(1843) F BKMGawcott  
HOLTONSarah(Daughter)  17(1864) F OXFElsfield  
HOLTONThomas(Son)  14(1867) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HOLTONEllen(Daughter)  8(1873) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONAnnie(Daughter)  6(1875) F BKMTingewick  
HOLTONWilliam G.(Son)  1(1880) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 20b Sch. 166 Back St
STOKESThomas(Head) M30(1851) MAg LabrBKMBarton Hartshorn  
STOKESElisa(Wife) M30(1851) F NTHBrackley  
STOKESJohn(Son)  10(1871) M BKMTingewick  
STOKESWalter(Son)  7(1874) M BKMTingewick  
STOKESAnn(Daughter)  2(1879) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 20b Sch. 167 Back St
HOLTONJoseph(Head) W64(1817) FAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HOLTONAmy(Daughter) U40(1841) FHousekeepingBKMTingewick  
READSarah Ann(Granddaughter) U19(1862) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 21a Sch. 168 Back St
RIDGWAYGeorge(Head) M56(1825) MGardnerBKMAkley  
RIDGWAYAmelia(Wife) M69(1812) F BKMMaidsmoreton  
Folio 21a Sch. 169 Cross Lane
WEBBWilliam(Head) M26(1855) MBakerNTHCulworth  
WEBBLouisa J.(Wife) M29(1852) F MDXChiswick  
Folio 21a Sch. 170 Lower St
SHOREWilliam H.(Lodger) W69(1812) MClerkMDXChiswick  
CAVILCharles(Lodger) M57(1824) MBricklayerNTHPreston Capes  
WYATTJohn(Lodger) M57(1824) MAg LabrNTHCulworth  
CROSSFrederic G.(Servant)  14(1867) MServantBKMTingewick  
Folio 21a Sch. 171 Cross Lane Baker Shop
LUCASMartin(Head) M48(1833) MGeneral DealerBKMTingewick  
LUCASHannah(Wife) M48(1833) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 21a Sch. 172 Cross Lane
POLLARDEbenezer N.(Head) M25(1856) MShoe MakerBKMTingewick  
POLLARDRebca(Wife) M25(1856) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDEbenezar(Son)  5(1876) M BKMTingewick  
POLLARDElizabeth(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDMartha M.(Daughter)  1(1880) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 21b Sch. 173 Cross Lane
HAWESThomas(Head) M37(1844) FCoachmanBKMNewport Pagnell  
HAWESMary(Wife) M41(1840) F BKMMaidsmoreton  
HAWESHarry(Son)  15(1866) M BKMMaidsmoreton  
HAWESCharles(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBKMFoscott  
HAWESWilliam(Son)  8(1873) MScholarBKMTingewick  
HAWESAnne(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
CLARKAmos James(Visitor)  1(1880) M BKMThornborough  
Folio 21b Sch. 174 Cross Lane TingewickHouse
MARCHANTEliza(Servant) U31(1850) FCookBRKFarringdon  
CLARKClara J.(Servant) U28(1853) FParlour MaidWARFeny Compton  
SHUTTLEWORTHJane(Servant) U40(1841) FHousemaidWARCoventry  
BEALCharles(Servant) U24(1857) MCoachmanLNDLondon  
Folio 21b Sch. 175 Back St
HORWOODJames(Head) M54(1827) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
HORWOODSarah(Wife) M39(1842) F BKMLeckamstead  
HORWOODElizabeth(Daughter)  17(1864) F BKMTingewick  
HORWOODJames(Son)  14(1867) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 21b Sch. 176 Back St
JONESAron(Head) M58(1823) MCarpenterOXFFinmere  
JONESMartha(Wife) M56(1825) FLacemakerBKMTingewick  
JONESGeorge(Son) U25(1856) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
JONESElizabeth(Daughter) U18(1863) FLace MakerBKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 177 Back St
MARSHALLJames(Head) M40(1841) MCoal MerchantBKMTingewick  
MARSHALLLucy(Wife) M41(1840) F BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLLouisa(Daughter)  11(1870) F BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLWilliam J.(Son)  8(1873) M BKMTingewick  
MARSHALLAnnie S.(Daughter)  4(1877) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 178 Bacl St Rose Cottage
PAINTERSarah(Head) W68(1813) FIndependentOXFDunstew  
ANDREWSSarah A.(Niece) U25(1856) F OXFOver Warton  
Folio 22a Sch. 179 Back St
STEEDENEmma(Head) W67(1814) F MDXStLeonardsShoreditch  
Folio 22a Sch. 180 Back St
BARRETTMary(Head) W74(1807) F OXFMixbury  
Folio 22a Sch. 181 Back St
STEEDENJohn(Head) M53(1828) MWeelwright&CarpenterBKMTingewick  
STEEDENAmelia(Wife) M59(1822) F BKMWestbury  
Folio 22a Sch. 182 Farm House
SHARMANJames(Head) M70(1811) MFarmer180ac4men&3boyWARShotswell  
SHARMANHannah(Wife) M71(1810) F OXFGreat Bourton  
GOODENOUGHEdith A.(Daughter) M27(1854) F BKMTingewick  
GOODENOUGHCharles(Sister/Son in law) M36(1845) MCommercial TravellerOXFShillingford  
GOODENOUGHAlgernon J.(Son)  2(1879) M[Grandson?]BKMTingewick  
Folio 22a Sch. 183 West Well Lane
RIDGWAYBengiman(Head) M61(1820) MGardenerBKMThornborough  
RIDGWAYElizabeth(Wife) M55(1826) F WILBradford  
Folio 22b Sch. 184 West Well Lane
ARNOTTJoseph(Head) M61(1820) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
ARNOTTEmma(Wife) M55(1826) F OXFWorley  
Folio 22b Sch. 185 West Well Lane
TERRYJames(Head) M34(1847) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
TERRYAnn(Wife) M34(1847) F WORLower Neston  
TERRYSarah(Daughter)  11(1870) FScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYHarriett(Daughter)  9(1872) FScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYHannah(Daughter)  7(1874) FScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYHenry R.(Son)  4(1877) MScholarBKMTingewick  
TERRYElizabeth A.(Daughter)  2(1879) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 22b Sch. 186 West Well Lane
PETTYJoseph(Head) M45(1836) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
PETTYSarah A.(Wife) M43(1838) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYFanny(Daughter)  14(1867) F BKMTingewick  
PETTYWilliam(Son)  11(1870) MScholarBKMTingewick  
PETTYJohn(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
PETTYHarry(Nephew)  13(1868) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 22b Sch. 187 West Well Lane
FRANKLINWilliam(Head) M72(1809) MAg LabrNTHPaulersPury  
FRANKLINEliza(Wife) M68(1813) F BKMRadcliveCumChackmore  
FRANKLINEliza(Granddaughter)  10(1871) FScholarBKMBuckingham  
NEALBeatrice(Granddaughter)  8(1873) FScholarMDXKentish Town  
Folio 23a Sch. 188 West Well Lane
ARISThomas(Head) M68(1813) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
ARISMary A.(Wife) M70(1811) F OXFFinmere  
ARISJoseph(Son) M27(1854) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 23a Sch. 189 West Well Lane
MARKHAMJohn(Head) M47(1834) MHay Trusser&ThatcherBKMTingewick  
MARKHAMAnn(Wife) M50(1831) F{Hay Trusser's wife}BKMGawcott  
Folio 23a Sch. 190 West Well Lane
TOMPKINSDaniel(Head) M25(1856) MAg LabrOXFFinmere  
TOMPKINSJane(Wife) M25(1856) F BKMGawcott  
TOMPKINSLousia(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
TOMPKINSVincent B.(Son)  1(1880) M BKMTingewick  
BATTAMSMary Ann(Mother in law) W68(1813) F OXFBlackthorn  
Folio 23a Sch. 191 West Well Lane
ADAMSJames(Head) M29(1852) MCowman & Ag. LabBKMBarton Hartshorn  
ADAMSRhoda(Wife) M28(1853) F NTHMorton Pinkey  
ADAMSWilliam(Son)  2(1879) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 23a Sch. 192 West Well Lane
POLLARDGeorge(Head) M30(1851) MMiller CornBKMTingewick  
POLLARDSarah(Wife) M40(1841) F BKMStoney Stratford  
POLLARDEdith M.(Daughter)  4(1877) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDHannah C.(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
POLLARDJohn H.(Son)  
Folio 23b Sch.92.5 *192a*West Well Lane
HARRISWilliam(Head) M28(1853) MAg LabourerBKMTingewick  
HARRISSarah(Wife) M26(1855) F NTHKings Sutton  
WYATTMartha(Daughter)  6(1875) FScholarBKMTingewick  
HARRISLucy(Daughter)  3(1878) F BKMTingewick  
HARRISCharles(Son)  7 mo(1881) M BKMTingewick  
Folio 23b Sch. 193 West Well Lane
SHARMANGeorge(Head) M26(1855) MAg LabourerWILBishopstone  
SHARMANAmy(Wife) M34(1847) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 23b Sch. 194 West Well Lane
HORWOODWilliam(Head) M40(1841) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
HORWOODMerenda(Wife) M34(1847) F BKMTingewick  
HORWOODCatherine(Daughter)  9(1872) F BKMTingewick  
HORWOODEllen(Daughter)  7(1874) F BKMTingewick  
HORWOODRuth A.(Daughter)  4(1877) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 23b Sch. 195 West Well Lane
STEEDENGeorge(Head) M25(1856) MBoot MakerBKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth(Wife) M24(1857) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENGeorge E.(Son)  3(1878) M BKMTingewick  
STEEDENEmily(Daughter)  2(1879) F BKMTingewick  
STEEDENElizabeth E.(Daughter)  6 mo(1881) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 23b Sch. 196 West Well Lane
MORRISJohn(Head) W62(1819) MAg LabrOXFIslip  
Folio 23b Sch. 197 West Well Lane
PETTYElisa(Head) W63(1818) F BKMTingewick  
MARKHAMHarriet(Boarder) W70(1811) F BKMTingewick  
Folio 24a Sch. 198 High St
NEALEdmund(Head) M55(1826) MAg LabrBKMTingewick  
NEALMaria(Wife) M55(1826) FHawkerESSElmdon  
Folio 24a Sch. 199 Lower St
STOKESHenry(Head) M43(1838) MAg LabrBKMDadford  
STOKESMary(Wife) M49(1832) F BKMWestbury  
CLEAVERClara(Daughter) M21(1860) F BKMTingewick