The people of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

From Tingewick to Tioga: A History of James Holton (1831-1917) and His Family 1759-2004

The history, ancestors, and descendants of James HOLTON and his wives Mary Ann CRUMB and Abby Ellen BENSON, released at the end of 2005:

From Tingewick to Tioga: A History of James Holton (1831-1917) and His Family 1759-2004, Recorded by His Son, Joseph T. Holton, 1917, edited by Jan Ezell Anderson and Mary Holton Robare with research and annotations by Su Floyd. The approximately 200 page book presents an annotated and referenced transcription with historic illustrations thus providing a priceless snapshot of the lives, locales, and times of our ancestors.

Based upon a handwritten journal of family history describing the emigration of the author's father from England to the U.S., its contents include a transcription of the journal, 224 footnotes of research, over 120 photos, the Civil War memoirs of Medal of Honor recipient Philip Petty, a 10 generation genealogical chart containing nearly 2,000 individuals, and references to 391 surnames of English and American families related to the journal's author. The most prominently mentioned names are Holton and Crum (or Crumm/Crumb) along with Allen, Banks, Boyer, Cadd, Churchill, Corey, Crippen, Cunningham, Ezell, Farr, Gee, Hyde, Johnson, Linford, Meads, McIntyre, Miller, Minturn, Mitchell, Moss, Nash, Oldroyd, Petty, Read, Smith, Sturdevant, Updike, Van Zile, Wheeler, and Wright.

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