The people of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)
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Rev. John Risley (Snr)

Extracted by Julie Fitzgerald from "Oxford parishes"

Tried for Murder

Also in the chancel are tablets commemorating the Risley family. One of the family, the Revd. John Risley was Rector of Tingewick for almost sixty years from 1759 until 1818 A..D. When he had been in Tingewick seven years, there happened an incident which resulted in him being tried for murder. The Reverend gentleman was in Stony Stratford one day when a certain Captain rode in and reported that he had been waylaid by a highwayman. Immediately a posse was formed to go out after the robber and bring him to justice. In the ensuing chase the clergyman, who had joined the posse shot the highwayman dead. John Risley, Rector of Tingewick, was tried for murder but was honourable acquitted and commended for having done his duty.