The people of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

Tingewick Wills

Name occupation / place written proved transcript
William Allcock Yeoman of Welford, Gloucestershire Nov. 1811 June 1812 summary transcript
Ellen Caporn Spinster of Islington Sept 1844 Apr 1845 ellencapornwillp2_t.jpg transcript
Elizabeth Caporn Spinster of St Giles in the Fields May 1840 Dec 1843 elizcapornwill_t.jpg transcript
James Caporn Gentleman of Islington July 1846 Oct 1846 jascapornwill_t.jpg transcript
Joshua Caporn of Tingewick Dec 1820 Feb 1824 joscapornwill_t.jpg transcript
William ClarkeDairyman of Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckinghamshire June 1787 Feb 1800 summary  
Christopher Fenimore husbandman of Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire Nov 1610 Apr 1611 summary transcript
Richard Fenimore Tingewick Oct 1670   summary transcript
John Groveyeoman of Tingewick Sept 1716April 1725 summary transcript
Thomas Holtonthe elder yeoman of Tingewick Aug 1817March 1818 summary transcript
Thomas Holtondealer of Tingewick Sept 1812March 1818 summary transcript
John Lucas Gentleman of Tingewick June 1770 June 1773 summary transcript
Thomas Markham Yeoman of Tingewick Nov 1768 Apr 1770 summary transcript
John Pollard Yeoman of Tingewick Mar 1815   summary transcript
John Pollard Yeoman of Tingewick Mar 1852 Jan 1853 summary transcript
George Stockley Wheelwright of Deanshanger November 1784 May 1793 will_george_stockley1764p1t.jpg summary
Sarah Stockley Widow of Tingewick November 1777 March 1780 will_sarah_stockley1780p1t.jpg summary
Thomas Stockley Yeoman of Tingewick October 1763 April 1764 will_thos_stockley1764t.jpg summary
WilliamStockleyYeoman of Tingewick July 1815July 1821 will_wm_stockley1815t.jpg summary
JohnStraingeFarmer of Shalstone May 1747May 1748 full transcript on Mike Strainge's website summary
JohnStraingeYeoman of Tingewick May 1756Aug 1756 summary
JohnStraingeLacemaker of Gawcott Nov 1799Nov 1800 summary
WilliamStraingeBlacksmith of Tingewick Aug 1783Mar 1784 summary
JohnWitmillSnr of Tingewick May 1739May 1740 summaryor transcript
JohnWitmillYeoman of Tingewick Apr 1744 Mar 1745 summaryor transcript