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Kailey Emily Tinline.Daughter of Adrian Keith and Chantelle Tinline [Internet].


Kaitlin Tinlin.Daughter of Douglas Allen and Michelle Tinlin II [CL].


Kara Beth Tinlin.Daughter of Thomas Martin and Jane Elizabeth (Mittlesdorf) Tinlin [JET].Twin with her sister Ali Michelle Tinlin [JET].


Karen Tinling.Born in [DR], daughter of Eric Charles and Margaret (Engel) Tinling [NH].She married Terry Panchyshyn [fatherís obit.].They were living in London in 2000 [fatherís obit.].


Karen Tinlin.Born in [DR] in Northumberland Central District, daughter of John R. and Elizabeth A. (Muers) Tinlin [CR].She married Paul Bowler in [DR] in Basford District (Derbyshire) [CR].


Karen Elizabeth Tinling.Born in [DR] in Gateshead District (Durham), daughter of John and Jennifer C. (Coates) Tinling [CR].


Karen Ruth Tinling.Born [DR] in Aldershot, Hampshire, daughter of Michael Leigh Scott and Audrey Jean (Setzkorn) Tinling [AT, CR].She moved to Sydney, Australia in Sep 2001, and was working there in a hospital [AT].


Karl H. Tinline.Born in [DR] in Essex Southwest District [CR].


Karran Tinlin.Born in [DR] in Sunderland District (Durham), daughter of Alan and Grace (Marriner) Tinlin [CR].She married Peter J. Hayward in [DR] in Oxford District [CR].


Kate Burnaby Tinling.Chr. 13 Aug 1874 in Christ Church, Barbados, daughter of Charles and Mary Woodley (Dallas) Tinling [IGI].She died on 24 Dec 1877 in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ontario, age 3 years, 6 months, bur. in Church of the Ascension Cemetery, Hamilton [cert., OCFA].


Katherine Tinlin.E-mail address listed on Internet in Jun 1997.


Katherine Ellen Tinlin.Born [DR] in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona, daughter of Daniel Edmund and Julie Elizabeth (Carlson) Tinlin [pers.].


Katherine Laura Tinlin.Born 16 Feb 1887 in Wattsville, Fox Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio, daughter of Thomas S. and Jennie M. (Andrews) Tinlin [VR as Geneva Catherine Tinlin].In 1900 she was living with her parents in Fox Twp. [cen. as Laura H.].She married 1st Charles W. Carr on 25 Jul 1906 in Carroll Co., Ohio [reg. as Catharine Tinlin].At the time, he was living in Spicht (?) and she was living in Wattsville [reg.].He was born 25 Aug 1883 in Spicht, son of J.W. and Tillie (Grimes) Carr [reg.].He was a laborer [reg.].They divorced [cen.].In 1910 she was living with her parents in Fox Twp. and was divorced [cen.].She married 2nd Ray D. Tetlow [CRM, fatherís obit.].He was born c. 1890 in Ohio [cen.].Cannot locate in 1920 census.In Aug 1929 they were living in Medina, Medina Co., Ohio [CR].In Apr 1930 they were living in Medina, and he was working as a foreman in the gas fields [cen.].She died 5 May 1964 in Medina, bur. in Spring Grove Cemetery, Medina [CRM].Her husband survived her [CRM].


Katherine Mary Tinling.Bur. in Ayr Cemetery, Ayr, Waterloo Co., Ontario [OCFA].[Same as Catherine M. Tinling?]


Kathleen Tinline.Arrived in New York City at age 20 [NYP 1902-43].


Kathleen H. Tinlin.Born [DR] in Gateshead District (Durham), daughter of James Andrew and Edith S. H. (Archbold) Tinlin [CR].


Kathleen Mona Tinline.Married Charles Henry Parsons [NASA].He apparently died in 1955 in South Africa [NASA].


Kathryn Tinlin.Born c. 1925 in Illinois, daughter of Norman and Edna (Kern) Tinlin [cen.].In 1930 she was living with her parents in Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois [cen.].


Kathryn Irene Tinling.Born [DR] in Huntington Park, California, daughter of Dallas and Lillian (Merithew) Tinling [CS, LWT].She married Mike Hinnen [LWT]. He was the son of Frederick Louis and Marseyne Elizabeth (Thornton) Hinnen [AWF].They were living in Los Angeles Co., California in 1962 [CS].They were living in Toronto, Kansas in 2003 [fatherís obit.].


Kathryn J. Tinling.Living in Wallsend, Northumberland in 2003 [dir.].


Kathryn S. Tinling.Born 18 Jul 1891 [SS].She died 12 Dec 1977 in Wenatchee, King Co., Washington, benefits sent to Seattle, Washington [SS, Seattle Times, 15 Dec 1977, pg. E15].


Katie Tinling.Daughter of John Parr and Rebecca (Bourhill) Tinling [NH].She lived in South Africa [NH].


Katie Ryall Tinling.Born 19 Aug 1889 in Hamilton, Ontario, daughter of Charles Widdrington and Louisa Brett Georgina (Ryall) Tinling [OBR, KB].She married William Stewart [NH].He was a Lieutenant in the 13th Battalion, Candian Infantry (Quebec Regiment) [CWGC].He died on 20 Oct 1918, age 34, and was bur. in Auberchicourt British Cemetery, Nord, France [CWGC].At the time she was living at 177 Edgehill Road, Montreal (the home of her parents) [CWGC].


Kay Tinlin.Daughter of William Edward and Mary Elizabeth (Shultz) Tinlin [motherís obit.].She married Dennis Doster [motherís obit.].


Kay Tinlin.Born c. [DR] [calc.].She graduated from high school in Ronceverte, West Virginia in 1981 [CL].


Kay Ann Tinlin.She married Eric Daniel Weisburn [Internet].He was born [DR] in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio, the son of John Edward and Maxine Leona (Flesher) Weisburn [Internet].At one time he was a deputy sheriff in Stark Co., Ohio [Internet].


Keith Tinling.Born in [DR], son of Eric Charles and Margaret (Engel) Tinling [NH].He married Diane Bowen [NH].They were living in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2000 [fatherís obit.].In 2003 he was working as a real estate consultant [Winston-Salem Journal, 12 Jun 2003].Children: Jeffrey Keith.


Keith Augustus Tinling.Born in [DR] in Bristol District (Gloucestershire), son of John S. and Enid A. (English) Tinling [CR].He married Lorna Thompson in [DR] in Bristol District [CR].


Keith John Tinlin.Born [DR] in Adelaide, South Australia, son of William and Daphne Mavis Atkinson (Griffis) Tinlin [KT].He was an industrial engineer in the Australian Air Force [KT].He married Elaine Rita Cichon on [DR] in Adelaide, Australia [KT].She was born [DR] in Clare, South Australia, daughter of Charles and Ilet (Blight) Cichon [KT, RM].They were living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 1997 [KT].Children: Wayne Scott, Janine Gail, Robert Bruce.


Kelly Ann Tinling.Born in [DR], daughter of Rupert Gordon and Patricia Ann (Halliday) Tinling [RGT].She graduated from high school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1993 [CL].She married David Bradley Alexander in [DR] [RGT].They had two children [RGT].He died in an industrial accident in Jul 2000 [RGT].


Kelly Lynn Tinlin.Daughter of Kyle Wayne and Cynthia Lee (Musselman) Tinlin [Internet].


Kenneth Tinlin.Son of Andrew and Mary H. (Weir) Tinlin [JDT].He was living in New South Wales, Australia in 2001 [JDT].Children: two girls.


Kenneth Tinline.Married Lillian Susan OíNeil [Internet].She was born c. 1922 [Internet].He predeceased her [Internet].She died 26 Mar 2000 at Lakeridge Heath, Bowmanville, Durham, Ontario, bur. Bowmanville Cemetery [Internet].Children: Clarence Le-Roy, Susan Ruth.


Kenneth L. Tinlin.Living in Carrollton, Ohio c. 1996 [Internet].


Kenneth R. Tinlin.Born [DR], son of Robert Dale and Marguerite (Cooper) Tinlin [AB, Internet].He was living in Garrettsville, Ohio in May 1999 [Internet].


Kenneth W. A. Tinline.Born in [DR] in Bristol District (Gloucestershire), son of Ronald and Gladys M. (Morgan) Tinline [CR].He married Kathleen M. (?) Bircham in [DR] in Bristol District [CR].


Kerry Tinlin.Daughter of James William and Carol (McNeil) Tinline [GT].


Kerry Jan Tinlin.Born [DR] [Internet].She was living in Armadale, U.K. in c. 1997 [Internet].[Probably related to Neill Tinlin].


Kerry M. Tinlin.Born [DR] [AB].She graduated from high school in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1981 [CL].Lived at one time in Hopkinton, Massachusetts [AB].


Kevan Robert Tinlin.Born in [DR] in Bingham District, son of ______ and ______ (Henham) Tinlin [CR].


Kevin J. Tinlin.Born [DR] [AB].He graduated from high school in Stockbridge, Bingham Co., Michigan in 1974 [CL].Lived at one time in Gregory, Livingston Co., Michigan [AB].[Probably related to Scott A. and William J. Tinlin].


Kevin Noel Tinline.Born 12 Dec 1960 in Surrey North West District, son of Andrew and Doreen E. A. (Pantling) Tinline [CR].He died in 1st quarter 1980 in Surrey North West District [CR].


Kevin Patrick Tinline.Born [DR] in Bristol District (Gloucestershire), son of Dennis K. and Pamela J. (Watkins) Tinline [CR].


Kimberly Tinling.Born in [DR], daughter of Charles Percy and Judy (Morris) Tinling [NH].She married Pete Dekluyver in [DR] [BCT].


Kimberly Sue Tinlin.Born [DR] [AB].She graduated from high school in Mission Viejo, California in 1975 [CL].Lived at one time in El Toro, California [AB].[Related to Catherine Connor Tinlin].


Kirsten Tinline.Born [DR] in Prescot [Merseyside?], daughter of Alan and Debra (McKeown) Tinline [ALT].


Kirsty Tinlin.Born c. [DR], daughter of Matthew and Johan (Johnstone) Tinlin [BTS].In 2001 she was living in Scotland, working in childcare [BTS].


Kitty Margaret Tinling.Chr. 13 Oct 1833 in Christ Church, Barbados, daughter of Maria Tinling [reg.].Possibly a twin with her sister Patience [reg.].At birth she was a slave owned by William J. Reece [reg.].


Kristin H. Tinlin.Born [DR] [AB].Living in South Boston, Massachusetts c. 1996 [Internet].


Krystal Marie Tinling.Born in [DR] in Bristol District, daughter of ______ and ______ (Smith) Tinling [CR].


Kyle Wayne Tinlin.Born [DR] in Beaumont, Texas, son of William Hamilton and Marie Evelyn (Klock) Tinlin, Jr. [Gonne].He married Cynthia Lee Musselman in Florida in [DR] [Internet].She was the daughter of George and Polly Musselman of Albuquerque, New Mexico [Internet].Children: Kelly Lynn.


Kylie Dee Tinline.Born [DR], daughter of John Burns and Barbara Dawn (Keating) Tinline [JT].