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L. Tinling.Listed in London phone directory c. 1989.


L.M. Tinlin.Living in Conroe, Texas c. 1996 [Internet].


Lance Lane Tinlin.Born 5 Nov 1950, son of Gene Laverne and Billie Francis (Bertoni) Tinlin[SS, WRT].Lived at one time in Ohio [SS].He married Gayle Ream in the 1970's, but they had no children [WRT].He died 30 Jul 1974 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio [SS, ODI].


Laura Tinling.Daughter of Peter and Erika Tinling [IT].Lived in New Zealand [IT].


Laura Tinlin.Daughter of Rae C. and Helen L. (Fousek) Tinlin [fatherís obit.].She married ______ McClelland [fatherís obit.].In Jun 2004 they were living in Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ohio [fatherís obit.].


Laura Tinlin.Born in [DR], daughter of James D. and Patricia (Benson) Tinlin [JDT].She was living in Sydney, Australia in 2001 [JDT].


Laura Anne Tinlin.Born [DR] in Northumberland North 3rd District, daughter of ______ and ______ (McHugh) Tinlin [CR].


Laura H. Tinlin.See Geneva Tinlin.


Laura Marion Tinling.Born in 1916, daughter of Eric Charles and Laura (Leesan) Tinling [NH].She married Peter Murcken [NH].


Laurence J. B. Tinline.Born in [DR] in Scunthorpe District, son of ______ and ______ (Gallagher) Tinline [CR].


Laurie Tinling.Married Rick Kania in c. [DR] [Internet].[Has a sister Pam (Tinling?) Kempton].


Lawrence R. Tinlin.Born [DR], son of Rae C. and Helen L. (Fousek) Tinlin [AB, fatherís obit.].Listed in Columbus, Ohio phone directory c. 1990 [Internet].He married Glenda ______ [fatherís obit.].They were living in Dublin, Ohio c. 1996 and in Plain City in June 2004 [Internet, fatherís obit.].


Leanne Carol Tinlin.Born [DR] in Northumberland Central District, daughter of ______ and ______ (Stubbs) Tinlin [CR].


Lee Tinline.Born in [DR] in Thornbury District, son of Ronald J. P. and Kay (Davies) Tinline [CR].


Lee James J. Tinling.Born in [DR] in Hammersmith District [CR].


Leigh Edward Silvera Tinling.Born 4 Dec 1901, son of Edward Dodd and Ella Fleurette (Silvera) Tinling [DS].He married Daisy Carmen Scott on 9 Aug 1933 [DS].She was born 16 Sep 1911 in Port Maria, St. Mary, Jamaica, daughter of Matthew and Beatrice (Archer) Scott [DS].He died 25 Apr 1959 in Port Maria and was bur. there [DS].She died 4 Aug 1997 in Abercorn House, Camberley, Surrey (England) [DS].Children: Eleanor Carol, Michael Leigh Scott.


Lemeul Tinline.Son of William D. and Marjorie E. (McLean) Tinline [Anc.].


Leon Deloss Tinlin.Born 20 Sep 1912 in Shiawassee, Michigan, son of James A. and Leah E. (Spaulding) Tinlin [AF, SS].He was living with his parents in Durand, Michigan in 1920 [cen.]. He was living with his mother and grandparents in Durand in 1930 [cen.].He married Leona Kathryn Unger [RA].She was born in 1913 in Michigan, daughter of William and Christina Unger [cen.].They lived in Michigan [JRT].He died 31 Aug 1973, benefits sent to Nice, Lake Co., California [SS, CS].He was bur. in Byron Cemetery, Byron, Shiawassee Co., Michigan [Internet].Children: Robert Wesley.


Leon D. Tinlin.Living in Union City, California c. 1996 [Internet].


LeRoy Charles Tinlin.Born 23 Jan 1905 in Ohio, son of George Scott and Odessa Pearl (Stoneman) Tinlin [SS, cen., VR].†† In 1910 he was living with his parents in Fox Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio [cen.].In 1920 he was living with his parents in Fox Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio [cen.].†† He married Genevieve Adeline Thompson on 25 Aug 1927 [cen., ODI, her obit.].She was born 22 Jun 1910 near Mechanicstown, Carroll Co., Ohio, daughter of Addison D. and Ollie (Manfull) Thompson [obit.].In 1930 they were living in Malvern, Carroll Co., Ohio and he was working as the manager of a grocery store [cen.].In Oct 1930 he was living in Augusta, Carroll Co., Ohio [sisterís obit.].He died 31 Jul 1979 in Dellroy, Carroll Co., Ohio [SS, wifeís obit.].She died 11 May 2004 in Dellroy [obit.].Children: Virgil A., Rae C., Harold L., Richard E., Paul S., Alice Marie, Betty.


Lesley Tinlin.Born in 1932, daughter of Thomas and Amelia Maude (Templeman) Tinlin [JDT]. She married John Wenholz [JDT].He was born c. 1929 [JDT].He died in 1962, age 33 [JDT].She died in a car accident in 1963 [JDT].


Leslie M. Tinlin.Born in 1909 in Elgin Co., Ontario, son of Maitland and Gertrude L. Tinlin [MWT, OGS, JAR].He married Elva Hertha Mustill [JAR].She was born in 1908 [OGS].They lived in St. Thomas, Ontario [JAR].He died in 1977 and was bur. in Elmdale Memorial Park, St. Thomas, Elgin Co., Ontario [OCFA, OGS].She died in Jul 1993 in St. Thomas, Ontario, age 85 [Internet].Children: James Claude, David, Gerald, Ron, Mark Wayne.


Lester Harrison Tinlin.Born 16 May 1929 in Jefferson Co., Ohio, son of John Lester and Emma F. (Steinmetz) Tinlin [SS, ODI].In 1930 he was living with his parents in Lee Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio [cen.].Lived in Carrollton, Ohio c. 1996 [Internet].He was married at the time of his death [ODI].He died 17 Sep 1996 in Carroll Co., Ohio [SS, ODI].


Lester Howard Tinlin.Born [DR] in Beaumont, Texas, son of William Hamilton and Martha (Reiboldt) Tinlin, Sr. [AB, TR].Attended Lamar University in Beaumont.He married Judith Lynn Holloway on [DR] in Beaumont.She was born 8 Feb 1941 [AB].They owned a beauty shop in Beaumont.They had no children (in 1974) [all info from Gonne, ďThe Canadian-American Branches of the Gonne Family TreeĒ].She died 24 Jun 1989 in Jasper Co., Texas [TR].He was living in Jasper, Texas c. 1996 [Internet].He was a member of The Buzzardís Nest, a flying club in Jasper, Texas c. 1997 [Internet].Lived at one time in Encinitas, California, and in Beech Grove, Texas [AB].


Leta Tinline.Bur. in Gosnell-Highgate Cemetery, Orford, Kent Co., Ontario [OCFA].


Lila E. Tinlin.Born c. 1883 [calc.].She died in 2nd quarter 1966 in Hendon District (Middlesex), age 83 [CR].


Lillie Tinlin.Natural daughter of Elizabeth Tinlin [AWT].


Lillian Tinlin.Daughter of Edmond and Sarah (McTaggart) Tinlin [BTS].She married 1st Brian Mansfield [STV].They later divorced [STV].She married 2nd William Winters [STV].They later divorced [STV].She married 3rd William Watson [STV].


Lillian Day Tinling.Daughter of Jason Dallas and Missy Tinling [LWT].


Lillian Mae Tinlin.Born in 1919 [OGS].She married Frederick George Moyes on 12 Jul 1940 [OGS Ė or 7 Dec 1940].He was born in 1920 [OGS].In Jun 1941 they were living in St. Thomas, Elgin Co., Ontario [EL].


Lillie L. Tinlin.Born 5 Feb 1880 in Fox Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio, daughter of Thomas S. and Jennie M. (Andrews) Tinlin [mar. reg.].In 1900 she was living with her parents in Fox Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio [cen.].†† She married John W. Johnson on 27 Nov 1901 in Carroll Co., Ohio [reg. as Lillie G. Tinlin].At the time, they were both living in Fox Twp. [reg.].He was born 26 Sep 1877 in Fox Twp., son of Joseph G. and Susie (Whitacre) Johnson [reg.].He was a schoolteacher [reg.].In 1920 and 1930 they were living in East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio and he was working as a mail carrier for the Post Office [cen.].He died in Apr 1963 in Ohio [SS].She died in Dec 1977 in East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio [SS].


Lily Tinling.Born 3rd quarter 1874 in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, daughter of William and Mary Ann (Walker) Tinlin(g) [CR, cen.].In 1881 she was living with her parents in Middlesbrough [cen. under Tenling].In 1891 she was living with her parents in Middlesbrough [cen.].She married George Handsom in 3rd quarter 1896 in Middlesbrough District (North Yorkshire) [CR under Tinlin].He was born 1st quarter 1870 in Marske by Sea, Yorkshire, son of ______ and ______ (Ford) Handsom [cen.].In 1901 they were living in Middlesbrough, and he was working as a clerk in the iron works [cen. under Handson].


Lily Tinlin.Born 27 Dec 1909 in Caistor, Lincolnshire, daughter of William Henry and Jane (Tinlin) Tinlin [RM].She married 1st Norman Arthur Rosser on 8 Aug 1931 in Adelaide, South Australia [RM].He was born in 1909 in Adelaide, South Australia, son of Charles and Isabel (Smith) Rosser [RM].They had two daughters and divorced in 1975 [RM].He died 17 Dec 1981 in Melbourne, Victoria [RM].She also had a son by Alfred Vivian James McGuinness in 1943 in Mount Gambier, South Australia [RM].Alfred was born 16 May 1918 in Hobart, Tasmania, son of Vivian Ray Hugh and Amelia Myrtle (Ward) McGuinness [RM].She died on 30 Aug 1995 at her home in Claremont, Tasmania, bur. Malvina Lawn Cemetery, New Norfolk, Tasmania [RM].


Linda Jean Tinlin.Born [DR] in Alameda Co., California, daughter of William Bain and Marjorie Francis (Gibbons) Tinlin [CS, JET says (DR)].She graduated from high school in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1963 [CL].She married Robert King [JET].


Linda Kay Tinling.Born in [DR], daughter of David Reid and Marie Tinling [LWT].She graduated from high school in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1971 [CL].She married Dennis Dubry [LWT, fatherís obit., Internet].They were living in Bayard, Nebraska in 2000 [LWT, fatherís obit.].


Lindsay Elizabeth Tinlin.Born [DR], daughter of Carl Douglas and Sandra E. (Hessong) Tinlin [JT].


Lindsey Tinlin.Daughter of Glenn E. Tinlin [grandmotherís obit.].[Probably Lindsey Colleen Tinlin].


Lindsey Colleen Tinlin.Graduated from Dover High School, New Hampshire in 2004 [Internet].


Lindsey Lee Tinlin.Born 24 Aug 1967 in Beaumont, Texas, daughter of Robert Edmund and Vivian Lee (Minor) Tinlin, Sr. [Gonne].Lived at one time in Katy, Texas [AB].She was murdered on 4 May 1992 in Harris Co., Texas [TR, Houston Chronicle, 17 May 1992].


Lionel Frederick Tinling.Born in 1909 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, son of Lionel Stanely Pollexfen and Jenny (McDougall) Tinling [NH, Internet].He married Minnie Mulvihill in c. 1934 [NH, Internet].She was born c. 1912 in Kenora, Ontario, daughter of John Mulvihill and Martha Hanes [Internet, BC].She died 17 Nov 1969 in Vancouver, British Columbia, age 57 [BC].He died 24 Mar 1978 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, age 68 [BC].


Lionel Stanley Pollexfen Tinling.Born in 1884 in Manitoba, son of Edward Brace and Elizabeth Campbell (Pollexfen) Tinling [NH, cen.].In 1891 he was living with his parents in Kildonan, Manitoba [cen.].He married Jenny McDougall in 1906 [NH].He died 20 Oct 1956 in Vancouver, British Columbia, age 71 [BC].Children: Edward Andrew, Lionel Frederick.


Lisa Tinlin.Married Alan Stevens in [DR] in Brighton District (Sussex) [CR].


Lois E. Tinlin.Born 30 Dec 1907 [SS].She lived at one time in Oklahoma [SS].She died 25 Jun 2002 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., California [SS].[Apparently related to Robert Lee Tinlin and Robert C. Tinlin].


Louisa Tinlin.Born c. 1819 in Scotland, apparently daughter of George and Janet (Gibson) Tinlin [cen.].She married ______ Arthur [cen.].In 1860 and 1880 she was living with her brother George in Hartford, Connecticut, and was a widow [cen.].[She is probably a daughter of Janet Gibson by her second husband].


Louisa Tinling.Chr. 16 Dec 1843 in St. Michael and in Christ Church, Barbados, daughter of John and [Anna] Maria (Reece) Tinling [IGI].Possibly the Louisa Tinling who married in St. Michael, Barbados in 1887 [reg. index].


Louisa Tinling.Living in St. Michael, Barbados in Oct 1862, Oct 1864, Aug 1866, Nov 1869, Mar 1872, Jul 1873 [IGI].Children: James Albert, Charles Elliott, Beatrice Eugenia, Florence Isadore, Edith Rosalie, Donna Alberta Gauntlett.[Probably not the Louisa, daughter of John and Anna Maria (Reece) Tinling].


Louisa Tinlin.Born 2nd quarter 1866 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, daughter of Edward Wright and Jane Ellen (Shepherd) Tinlin(g) [CR, cen.].In 1871 she was living with her parents in St. Andrews, Newcastle [cen.].In 1881 she was living with her parents in Westgate, Northumberland, working as a general domestic servant [cen.].She married Alfred Brown in 1st quarter 1888 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne [CR].He was born c. 1865 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, son of ______ and Isabella Brown [cen.].In 1891 he was living with his mother in All Saints, Newcastle, working as a plumber [cen.].In 1891 she was an inmate at the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Lunatic Asylum, listed as married and a plumberís wife [cen.].


Louisa Jane Williams Tinlin.Born 4th quarter 1847 in London [CR, cen.].In 1851 she was living with Thomas and Isabella (Richardson) Tinlin in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and was listed as their daughter, but then Isabella Richardson Tinlin would have been age 53 at her birth [cen.].It is probably more likely that she was their granddaughter.She is apparently the Louisa Tinlin who arrived in Sydney, Australia on the ďHimalayaĒ in 1865, age 17 [Internet].


Louise Tinlin.Married John Robinson [Newcastle newspaper on Internet].They were living in East Edington, Northumberland in Feb 2003 [ibid.].


Lucille Joan Tinling.Born c. [DR], daughter of George Henry Brace and Marie (Kudy) Tinling [NH].She married 1st William Bach in [DR] [NH].She married 2nd Jim Beblow [fatherís obit.].


Lucy Frances Tinling.Born 3rd quarter 1881 in Southsea, Hampshire, daughter of John Isaac and Ann Elizabeth Edmondson (Webb) Tinling [CR, NH, cen.].In 1891 she was living with her mother in Portsea, Hampshire [cen.].In 1901 she was living with her mother in Keynsham District, Somersetshire and was unmarried [cen.].She was listed as unmarried in Jan 1942 [London Gazette, 13 Jan 1942].She died unmarried in 1st quarter 1964 in Portsmouth District, age 83 [CR].


Luke Tinlin.Born 1st quarter 1872 in Easington District (Durham) [CR].He died in 1st quarter 1872 in Easington District, age less than one year [CR].


Lulu A. T. Tinline.Born in [DR] in Chelsea District (London), daughter of ______ and ______ (Menhinick) Tinline [CR].


Lyall Tinling.Listed in Auckland, New Zealand phone directory c. 1999 [Internet].


Lydia Tinling.Daughter of Richard and Lidya Tinling [reg. trans.].She apparently died young, and was bur. in 1770 in St. Nicholas, Yarmouth, Norfolk [reg. trans.].


Lydia Tinline.Born 24 Feb 1841 in Peebles, Peebleshire, daughter of James and Isabella (Turnbull) Tinline [SCR].She married James Anderson on 23 Dec 1864 in Traquair, Peebleshire [IGI, SCVL].He was a railway guard [her death cert.].He predeceased her [her death cert.].She died 9 Jan 1891 at 14 Marchwood Crescent, Edinburgh, age 49 [cert.].


Lydia Tinling.Born [DR], daughter of Hector Victor Rupert and Eliza (Breau) Tinling [SDT].


Lyman James Tinline.Died 20 Jul 1896 in Aurora, York North Co., Ontario [ODR].