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Pamela Tinling.Daughter of Everard and Catherine (MacPherson) Tinling [IT].Lived in New Zealand [IT].


Pamela R. Tinlan [sic].Born c. 1948-9 [calc.].She died in 3rd quarter 1949 in Pontypool District, age less than 1 year [CR].


Pat Tinlin.A taxi driver in London, England in 1987 [Newsbank].


Patience Tinling.Chr. 13 Oct 1833 in Christ Church, Barbados, daughter of Maria Tinling [reg.].Possibly a twin with her sister Kitty Margaret [reg.].At birth she was a slave owned by William J. Reece [reg.].Living in Christ Church in Sep 1854 and in St. Michael, Barbados in Nov 1860, Jun 1863, Apr 1865, Jun 1867, Mar 1871 [IGI].Children: Juliana Elina, Nathaniel Edwin, Robert Alexander, Josephine Augusta, Eloise Estelle, Margaret Louise.


Patricia Tinlin.Born in Australia, daughter of Andrew and Mary H. (Weir) Tinlin [TT].


Patricia Tinlin.Living in West Palm Beach, Florida c. 1996 [Internet].


Patricia Tinline.Born [DR], daughter of John and Lena (Burns) Tinline [JT].She married Russel Ickeringill on [DR] [JT].He was born [DR] [JT].In 2002 they were members of the Sandhurst Club in Melbourne, Australia [Internet].


Patricia Tinlin.Born [DR] [AB].Lived at one time in Kent, Ohio [AB].


Patricia A. Tinline.Born in [DR] in Bristol District (Gloucestershire), daughter of Ronald and Gladys M. (Morgan) Tinline [CR].She married John R. Curry in [DR] in Bristol District [CR].


Patricia Ann Tinlin.Born [DR] in Alameda Co., California, daughter of Robert Wesley and Clara May (Edwards) Tinlin [JRT, CS].


Patricia Elizabeth Tinlin.Daughter of Philip James and Christa (Weorner) Tinlin [JWJ].She married Roy Wilson [JWJ].


Patricia Lucille Tinlin.Born 31 Dec 1928 near Avon, Iowa, daughter of Andrew and Edna Doris (McGee) Tinlin [pers.].She married Roy A. Wilkinson in Oct 1946 [pers.].He was born 10 Jun 1929 in Iowa, son of Roy A. and Bernadette Wilkinson [SS, cen.].He died on 10 Jan 1977 in Iowa [pers.].She died 26 Oct 1990 in Iowa [pers.].


Patricia M. Tinling.Born [DR] [AB].Lived at one time in Carmichael, California [AB].


Patricia Marie Tinling.Probably daughter of Dr. David Calvert and Carolyn G. Tinling [grandmotherís obit.].


Patrick Tinling.Son of Thomas Tinling of Monilawes (now Moneylaws), near Cornhill-upon-Tweed, Northumberland [reg.].He married Anna Robinson on 29 Oct 1654 in Norham Parish, Northumberland [reg.].She was the daughter of Robert Robinson of Twisle (Twizel near Cornhill) [reg.].They were living in Twisle, Norham Parish in Nov 1655, Jan 1674 and in Norham Parish in Sep 1664 [reg.].They were living in Norham, Norham Parish in Jun 1701 [reg.].He was bur. on 10 Mar 1707 in Norham Parish, when his residence had been Norham [reg.].She was bur. on 13 Jan 1712 in Norham Parish, when her residence had been Norham [reg.].Children: Elspeth, James, Thomas, Phillice.


Patrick Tin(d)ling.[Probably son of James and Ann (Donaldson) Tinling.]He married 1st Elisabeth Scott on 12 Jun 1711 in Norham Parish, Northumberland [reg.].At the time of their marriage, both were living in Norham Parish [reg.].Living in Norham Castlegate, Norham Parish in Apr 1712, Norham, Norham Parish in Mar 1714, May 1716, Jan 1719, Jan 1721, Jun 1721, Dec 1724, Oct 1725 [reg., IGI].She was bur. on 23 Dec 1724 in Norham Parish [reg.].He apparently married 2nd Elizabeth Fairbarns [Given?] on 9 May 1725 in Norham Parish [IGI]. They were living in Norham Parish in Jan 1724, Jan 1728, Dec 1730, Aug 1734, Aug 1738 [reg.].He was bur. on 14 May 1742 in Norham Parish [reg.].Children by 1st wife: James, Thomas, Ann, Patrick, Barbara, William.Children by 2nd wife: [Peter], Adam, Elizabeth, Elizabeth (2nd), Allison.


Patrick Tinling.Chr. 22 Jan 1719 in Norham Parish, Northumberland, son of Patrick and Elisabeth (Scott) Tinling [reg.].He was bur. on 5 Jan 1721 in Norham Parish [reg.].


Patrick Tinling. Yeoman, of Northumberland mentioned in a lawsuit in Jamaica [Livingston].


Patrick Tindling.Chr. 17 Dec 1749 in Norham Parish, Northumberland, son of Thomas Tindling [reg.].


Patrick Tinling.Married Jane Burrell on 28 May 1767 in Eglingham Parish, Northumberland [reg.].At the time of their marriage, they were both living in Eglingham Parish [reg.].Neither were able to sign their names [reg.].Children: Patrick.


Patrick Tinling.Chr. 13 May 1770 in West Chapel Presbyterian, Wooler, Northumberland, son of Patrick and Jane (Burrell) Tinling [IGI under Finling].


Patrick Tinlan (sic).Married Catherine Furlong [IGI].They were living in Warwickshire in 1839 [IGI].Children: Margaret.


Patrick George Tinlin.Born in [DR] in Wakefield District, son of James and Jennifer (Banks) Tinlin [CR].


Patrick Joseph Tinling.Born [DR] in San Mateo Co., California, son of Rodney C. and Ann C. (Kelly) Tinling [CS].In the U.S. Navy c. 2000, stationed in Illinois [Internet].


Patsy Tinlin.Daughter of Thomas Charles, Jr. and Rosa (Hansen) Tinlin [SDR].


Patti Jo Tinlin.Born [DR] [AB].Lived at one time in Manchester, New Hampshire [AB].


Paul Tinlin.Died 3rd quarter 1838 in Easington District (Durham) [CR, not in IGI].[Possibly a son of Robert and Jane (Turnbull) Tinlin].


Paul Tinling.Son of Edwin Arnold Tinling [KZ].


Paul Tinling.Born 7 Apr 1960 [SS].Lived at one time in New York [SS].He died 1 Dec 1994, benefits sent to Fort Lauderdale, Florida [SS].


Paul B. Tinlin.Born and raised in Canada [BG].Senior Pastor of the Evangel Assembly of God, a Pentecostal church in Schaumburg, Illinois near Chicago [Internet].He married Elizabeth Zimmerman in c. [DR] [Chicago Daily Herald, 31 Dec 2000, Newsbank, Internet].She was the daughter of Thomas F. and Elizabeth Zimmerman [Newsbank].They were living in Bartlett, Illinois c. 1996 [Internet].They had two children and one grandchild in 2002 [Internet].In Nov 2004 they were living in Springfield, Missouri [BG].Children: daughter, Paul Edgar.


Paul Edgar Tinlin.Born [DR], son of Paul B. and Elizabeth (Zimmerman) Tinlin [AB, BG].Lived at one time in Hoffman Estates, Illinois [AB].In 2004 he was living in Springfield, Missouri [BG].


Paul Richard Tinlin.Born [DR] in Northumberland Central District, son of David and Evelyn (Day) Tinlin [CR].


Paul S. Tinlin.Born [DR], son of LeRoy Charles and Genevieve (Thompson) Tinlin [AB, Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, 18 Jan 1968, pg. 4, motherís obit.].He was a soldier stationed in Fort Dix, New Jersey in 1968 [Daily Times].He married Wanda ______ [his motherís obit.].They were living in Dellroy, Carroll Co., Ohio in c. 1996 and in May 2004 [Internet, his motherís obit.].


Paula M. Tinlin.Born [DR], sister of Robert T. Tinlin [AB, his obit.].Lived at one time in East Weymouth, Massachusetts, and in Cheraw, South Carolina [AB].In 1978 she was a Roman Catholic nun, working as a chaplain at the Spartanburg Hospital, South Carolina [Washington Post, 9 Jun 1978, pg. C14].In Dec 2001 she was living at the Sisters of Notre Dame in South Boston, Massachusetts [brotherís obit.].


Pauline Tinlin.Born c. 1920 [calc.].She married ______ Root [Internet].She died in Oil Springs, Ontario in Oct 1994 [Internet].


Pauline O. Tinlin.Living in Carrollton, Ohio c. 1996 [Internet].


Pearl May Tinline.Born 30 Nov 1885 in Whitchurch, York North Co., Ontario, daughter of William John and Phoebe Elizabeth (Hacking) Tinline [OBR, sisterís obit., cen. (1901 cen. says born 1884)].In 1901 she was living with her parents in Elkhorn, Manitoba [cen.].


Percival B. Tinlin.Born 1st quarter 1922 in Tynemouth District (Northumberland), son of Ernest E. and Emily (Foulger) Tinlin [CR].He married Jean M. Gray in 3rd quarter 1952 in Northumberland South District [CR].He was living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2003 [dir.].


Percy Tinling.Born 30 Jul 1893 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, son of George William and Mary (Miller) Tinling [CR, IGI].In 1901 he was living with his parents in Coxlodge District, Northumberland [cen.].He married Violet E. D. Walton in 1st quarter 1918 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne [CR].She was born c. 1897 [calc.].He joined the Ship Burmese Prince as 2nd Officer on 17 May 1918 in France [EI].It arrived in New York City on 27 Aug 1918, when he was age 24 [EI].At the time he was 5í6Ē and weighed 130 lbs. [EI].He joined the Ship Trojan Prince as 1st Mate on 16 Jul 1920 in Sheilds, Northumberland [EI].It arrived in New York City on 6 Oct 1920, when he was age 27 [EI].At the time he was 5í7Ē and weighed 140 lbs. [EI].She died in 3rd quarter 1963 in Sunderland District (Durham), age 66 [CR].He died in 3rd quarter 1980 in Sunderland District [CR].Children: Douglas Ian, Joan E.


Percy Thomas Tinling.Born 18 Sep 1918, son of Eric Charles and Laura (Leesan) Tinling [NH, BCT].He married Mary Armstrong [NH].Children: Charles Percy, Ronald.


Percy William Tinling.Born in 1883 in Varndorf, Ontario [AFR].He married Gertrude Adeline Davies on 30 Jun 1920 in Vancouver, British Columbia [BC].She was born 7 Sep 1896 [AFR].He died in 1945 in Whitewood, Saskatchewan [AFR].She remarried and died 6 Jun 1985 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan [AFR].[AFR says his name was Tinline].


Peter Tindling.Living in Norham Parish, Northumberland in May 1726 [reg.].[Apparently a nickname for Patrick Tindling who married Elisabeth Scott and Elizabeth Fairbarns].Children: Peter.


Peter Tindling.Chr. 22 May 1726 in Norham Parish, Northumberland, son of Peter Tindling [reg.].


Peter Tinlin.Born in Australia, son of Edmund and Netta Rose (Millgate) Tinlin [TT].


Peter Tinlin.Son of John Jarvis and Susan Barnes (Bowie) Tinlin [PT, SCVL].He served in the Royal Navy during World War II [PT].He sailed on the Atlantic convoys, and was said to have been sunk six times by U Boats [PT].He died in 1969 [PT].Children: John, Jean, David.


Peter Tinlin.Married Deborah Hawkins or Clowes in [DR] in Chilton/South Buckinghamshire District [CR].


Peter Tinlin.Born in Perth, Australia, son of James Elliot and Margaret Jane Ogilvie (Brown) Tinlin [AWT, SCVL].He married ______ Brodie [TCR].


Peter Tinling.Born c. [DR] as Peter Smith [CL].He graduated from high school in Auckland, New Zealand in 1974 [CL].He changed his surname to Tinling [CL].


Peter A. Tinling.Son of Ian Everard and Pamela (Daly) Tinling [IT].Married Erika ______ [IT]. Lived in New Zealand [IT].Listed in Auckland, New Zealand phone directory in 1999 [Internet]. Children: Emma, Laura.


Peter Tinling.Married Sara Bowerman in [DR] in Bristol District (Gloucestershire) [CR].


Peter A. M. Tinlin.Born in [DR] in Cirencester District, son of William Ronald and Elaine Joy (McMurtrie) Tinlin [CR].He married Annelise H. Fjortoft in [DR] in Durham CSE District [CR].She was the daughter of Jonas Emil and Helen Isobel (Weir) Fjortoft [London Times, 4 Oct 1946, pg. 1].They apparently divorced as she remarried in [DR] [CR].He was living in Suffolk in 2002 [CR].Children: Alexander Emil, Rolf William J.


Peter Andrew Tinlin.Born [DR], son of John and Helen Tinlin [PT].He married Rona McSherry Tinlin [PT].She was born [DR] [PT].They were living in Glasgow, Scotland in 2000 [PT].Children: Jordan Gray.


Peter Jervis Tinline.Born 14 Jul 1855 in Sprouston, Roxburghshire, son of John and Margaret (Jervis) Tinline [IGI].In 1861 he was living with his parents in St. Cuthberts Parish, Newington, Edinburgh [cen.].He was a cavalry trooper [PT].He lived in the Newington District of Edinburgh [PT].He married Isabella Rose Polson on 2 Feb 1878 in Newington, Edinburgh District [cen., SCVL, daughterís birth cert. (three childrenís birth certificates say 22 Feb 1878) (one daughterís birth cert. calls her Isabella Robertson Polson)].She was born c. 1859-63 in Cannongate, Edinburgh, daughter of Alexander Polson [cen.].In 1880 they were living at No. 2, Simpsons Court, Poterrow, Edinburgh and he was working as a mason [daughterís birth cert.].In 1881 they were living at 8 High Riggs, St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh and he was working as a mason [cen. Ė she is listed as Elizabeth].In 1882 and 1884 they were living at 5 Richmond Lane, Edinburgh, and he was working as a journeyman mason [daughterís birth cert.].In 1885 they were living at 180 Pleasance, Edinburgh and he was working as a mason [sonís birth cert.].In 1888 they were living at No. 21 Fleshmarket Close, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh and he was working as a mason [daughterís birth cert.].In 1891 they were living at 21 Plannerzet (?) Close, Edinburgh, and he was working as a mason [cen., sonís birth cert.].She died in 1895 in St. Giles District, Edinburgh, age 32 [SCVL].In 1901 he was living in Canongate, Edinburgh, a widower, working as a mason [cen. Ė says born in Kelso, Roxburghshire].He died in 1907 in Canongate, Edinburgh District, age 51 [SCVL].Children: Jessie Noble, Margaret Jarvis, Elizabeth Kirk, John Jarvis, Alexander Rose Polson, Mary Rankin, James.


Phil Tinline.A member of the Oxford Union Dramatic Society at Oxford University in England in April 1996 [Internet].


Philip Edwin Tinlin.Born Dec 1854 (some sources say c. 1856) in Ontario, son of James Augustus and Martha (Gregory) Tinlin [cen., AWT].In 1871 he was living with his parents in Grantham, Lincoln Co., Ontario [cen.].†† In 1881 he was living with his parents in Colchester, Essex District, Ontario, working as a farmer [cen. age 24].He married Sarah J. Willoughby on 15 Dec 1885 in Brant Twp., Ontario [cen., OMR, Internet].She was born in May 1860 in Canada [cen.].They immigrated to the U.S. in 1887 [cen., 1930 says 1883].In 1894 they were living in Michigan [state cen.].In 1898 they were living in Ithaco, Michigan [Internet].In 1900 they were living in Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan, and he was working as a stationary (?) engineer [cen.]. In 1910 they were living in Bay City and he was working as an engineer [cen. Ė at which time he said both his parents were born in Canada].They were living in Bay City, Michigan in 1920 [cen.].He died in the 1920ís [cen.].In 1930 she was living in Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan [cen.].Children: James N. or W., Aileen Rachel.


Philip J. Tinlin.Born in [DR] in Amersham District, son of Charles Wilfred G. and Margaret M. (Hughes) Tinlin [CR].


Philip James Tinlin.Born [DR] [AB].Living in Daleville, Alabama c. 1996 [Internet].A licensed pilot [Internet].Lived at one time in Clayhatchee, Alabama [AB].He married Christa Weorner [JWJ].He served in the U.S. Army [Internet].Children: Patricia Elizabeth, Sue Ann, Christa Jane.[Probably related to Margaret E. Tinlin].


Philip James Tinline.Born [DR] in West Cheshire District, son of Edward John and Susan B. (Kirkham) Tinline [WFT, LK, CR].


Phillice Tindling.Daughter of Patrick and Anna (Robinson) Tindling [reg.].She was bur. on 30 Jun 1701 in Norham Parish, Northumberland [reg.].


Phoebe Tinlin.Daughter of James and Margaret (Coon) Tinlin [RLC].Married William Freeman Sway (?) [RLC].No person of that name is listed in the 1871 Ontario census index.


Phyllida Tinling.Bur. in 1894 in Christ Church, Barbados [reg.].


Phyllis Tinline.Married Joseph Charles Hammond [his obit.].He was born 11 Dec 1917 in Revelstoke, British Columbia [his obit.].He died 27 Oct 2003 in Victoria, British Columbia [obit.].


Phyllis M. Tinlin.Born 1st quarter 1930 in Southampton District (Hampshire), daughter of John Webster and Rosina Nellie (Stride) Tinlin [CR].She married Denis E. Harding in 1st quarter 1952 in Southampton District [CR].


Phyliss Louise Tinling.Born 5 Jul 1918 in Lakewood, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, daughter of Edward Stanley and Louise Vera (Ford) Tinling [IGI].In 1920 and 1930 she was living with her parents in Lakewood [cen.].She married Robert Vernon Main in 1941 [NH].He was born c. 1916 in Ohio, son of Curtis B. and Catharine A. Main [cen.].She was living in Goshen, Indiana in 1972 [NH].She died in Jan 1987 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., Indiana [SS].


Polly Tinling.Chr 17 May 1761 in Kirklinton Parish, Cumberland [reg. under Tinning].She was bur. 1 Apr 1762 in Kirklinton Parish [reg.].


Purl G. Tinlin.Born 22 Feb 1923 in Lee Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio, son of John Easton and Mary Lycurgus (Noble) Tinlin [WRT, AB].In 1930 he was living with his parents in Lee Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio [cen.].He served in the Army in WWII, and was overseas in Mar 1945 [CRM as Paul].He married Ruth Ann Ray on 1 Jul 1948 in Ashland, Boyd Co., Kentucky [CRM].She was born 29 Mar 1930 in Ashland, Kentucky [AB, CRM says 1932].He was a truck driver [CRM].Living in Carrollton, Ohio c. 1996 [Internet, AB].He died on 7 Aug 2002 in Carrollton, Ohio and was bur. in Harlem Springs Cemetery, Carroll Co., Ohio [SS, CRM].Children: Cheryl.


Quintus Tinling.Son of Sydney and Michelle Tinling [SDT].