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Venture (?) Tinling.  Born in 1852 in Christ Church, Barbados [reg. index].


Vernice Tinling.  Born 19 Jan 1924 [SS].  Died 16 Apr 1997, benefits sent to Brooklyn, New York [SS].


Veronica Tinlin.  Married James Gray in [DR] in Hartlepool District (Durham) [CR].


Veronica Margaret Tinling.  Born 4th quarter 1914 in Bath District (Somerset), daughter of John Allen Hugh Lyle and Ethel Louis (Loch) Tinling [JC, CR, NH].  She married Kenneth Cooper [NH]. They had four children [NH].


Vicky Tinlin.  Born c. [DR] [MSN].  In 2003 she was living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne [MSN].


Victor S. Tinling.  See Vivian Stanley Tinling.


Violet Tinling.  Born 1st quarter 1908 in Gateshead District [CR].  Died 1st quarter 1909 in Gateshead District, age 1 [CR].


Violet Tinline.  Daughter of William D. and Marjorie E. (McLean) Tinline [Anc., OGS].  She married John Campbell [OGS].  He was born c. 1901, son of John Campbell [OGS].  He died 16 Jan 1945, age 43 [OGS].


Violette Tinline.  Bur. in Gosnell-Highgate Cemetery, Orford, Kent Co., Ontario [OCFA].


Virgil A. Tinlin.  Born 24 Apr 1928 in Carroll Co., Ohio, son of LeRoy Charles and Genevieve Adeline (Thompson) Tinlin [SS, AB, cen., ODI says 1929].  In 1930 he was living with his parents in Malvern, Carroll Co., Ohio [cen.].  He married (1st?) Jean P. Mitten [MB, Rootsweb].  She was the daughter of Eugene Paul (Sr.) and Alice Murel (Wolfe) Mitten [MB].  Lived at one time in Dellroy, Carroll Co., Ohio [AB].  He married (2nd?) Patricia J. ______ [his mother’s obit.].  She was born 21 Oct 1928 [AB].  He died 2 Jul 2000, when his last residence was Dellroy [SS, ODI says 3 Jul].  She was living in Dellroy in May 2004 [his mother’s obit.].


Virginia Tinling.  Born c. 1903 in Washington (state), daughter of Charles Franklin Milton and Julia Mary (Gridley) Tinling [cen.].  In 1920 she was living with her parents in Chicago, Illinois [cen.].  In 1930 she was living with her parents in Chicago and was single [cen.].  She died 23 Mar 1972 in Denver, Colorado [JH].  [Possibly married ______ Austin, and thus born 11 Sep 1902?  (SS)].


Vivian Stanley Tinling.  Born in 1897 in St. Michael, Barbados, son of Isaac John and Louise (Medford) Tinling [cen., reg. index].  He immigrated to the U.S. in 1913-14 (1919?) [cen.].  He joined the Ship Vauban as Assistant Steward on 15 Aug 1917 in New York City [EI].  It traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and returned to New York on 20 Sep 1917, at which time he was age 21 and single [EI].  The ship manifest said he was West Indian, 6’0” tall, weighed 140 lbs., and had a scar on his right thumb [EI].  He married 1st Henrietta Hasenf____ [cen., NH, source cut off (probably Hasenflug or Hasenfratz)].  She was born c. 1892 in New York [cen.].  In 1919 he was living at 145 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, New York [EI].  In 1920 they were living at the same address, and he was working as a machinist in a tobacco factory [cen.].  He married 2nd Irene Louise A. Chittick in c. 1922 [NH, cen., EI].  She was born 13 Jun 1897 in St. Martin, French West Indies, daughter of Charles Cadet and Leontine Chittick, and immigrated to the U.S. on the ship Parima, landing in New York on 25 Apr 1919 [EI, cen., SS].  In 1930 they were living in Brooklyn and he was working as an electrician at Brooklyn Edison [cen.].  In 1937 they were living at 1110 Carroll St. in New York [New York Times, 30 May 1937, pg. 18].  He died in May 1958 in Pinellas Co., Florida [Anc.].  She died 12 Oct 1986 in Pinellas Co., Florida [Anc.].  He had no children [NH].  [He also went by Stanley Victor Tinling and Victor Stanley Tinling].


Vivienne K. C. Tinline.  Born 1st quarter 1920 in Brighton District (Sussex), daughter of Thomas Clarkson and Kathleen (Hardiman) Tinline [CR].  She arrived in New York with her parents in May 1920 [EI – which gives her birthplace as London, England].  She married William G. King in 3rd quarter 1949 in Romford District (Essex) [CR].