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A2A – Access to Archives, English archives index
AA – Alison Archbold (by way of Alan Emery)
AB –
AD – Chris Adams
AE – Alan Emery, Australia
AF - Ancestral File database
AFR – Arthur French (at
AJ – Ann Jensen
AL - The Army List
ALT – Alan Tinline
ALV – Amanda Lovitt’s Goldfields website
Anc. –
AS – Alva Tinlin Stringer
AT – Audrey Tinling
ATD – Amy Tinlin Dillon
AVRI – Australian Vital Records Index
AWT – Ancestry World Tree
AXT – Alex Tinlin
BBT – Barbados Tombstones
BC - British Columbia Vital Records Index
BCA – Brian Campbell (at
BCT – Bryan C. Tinling
BG – Brad Cleghorn
BH – Brian Hoss’ website
BRC – Biography Resource Center
BSD - British Soldier’s Documents (Army)
BT - Bishop’s Transcripts
BTE – Brittany Tinline
BTS – Billy Tinlin
BTW – Brian Tozer webpage
bur. - buried
Burke’s - Burke’s Peerage
Burke's LG - Burke's Landed Gentry
BVRI – British Vital Records Index
c. - circa
CA – Chris Alexander
cal. – calculated
CC – Charles Cheek
cert. – certificate
CET – Christine E. Tinlin, New Hampshire
chr. – christened
CJT – Charles J. Tinlin
corr. – correspondence
CL –
CP – Carlisle Patriot (from Bridget Casson’s website)
CR - Civil Registration of England
CRM – Chris Ramsey
CS – California State Birth and Death Records
CT – Colin C. Tinline, England
CWGC - Commonwealth War Graves Commission
DB – Donna Brand’s website
DBT – Daniel Bruce Tinlin, Nebraska
DC – David Cunningham, England
DCH – Derek C. Hopkins’ Abney Park Cemetery webpage
dir. – city or telephone directory
DJ – Dave Jacobs (did research for me, not related to family)
DLTW - journal of Sir David Latimer Tinling Widdrington, Rice University, Texas
DMS – Debbie M. Stevens
DNB - Dictionary of National Biography (British)
DR – date removed for living person (after about 1930)
DS – David Silvera’s website
DSC – Dale Schultz, Massachusetts
DT – Dallas Tinling, California
EC – Ernie Carlson, Florida
EI – Ellis Island website
EL – Elgin Ontario Genealogy Society
FHO – Family History Online
FS – Fiona Sweeney, Scotland
GAB – Gordon A. Berdahl (by way of Glen Brunskill)
GB – Glen Brunskill
GET – Geoff Tinlin
GP – Gloria Pare (Internet)
GT – George Tinline
GW – G.H. Williams, “The Tinlings of Minorca”
HB – Helen Tinlin Brammer
HF – “History of the Families of Skeet…Widdrington…” (1905, no author listed)
HLT – Hugh L. Tinling (at
HM – Hugh Mazely
IC – Ian Cairns (at Worldconnect – Elliot sisters archive)
IGI - International Genealogical Index
IH – Ian Hardy’s website
IR – Illinois State Birth and Death Records
IT – Ian Tinling, New Zealand
JA – Jamie Allen
JAR – Jo-Anne Rudachuk
JAT – James Richard Tinling
JC – John Cooper, Australia
JD – John De Lange
JDT – James D. Tinlin, Ohio
JE – Jacquelyn Eisenhut, entries on World Connect at Rootsweb
JER – Joseph Erner’s webpage
JET – Jane E. Tinlin
JF – John Ferguson (at
JH – John Hood
JK – Joe Kuchta (at
JR – Jennifer Romero, Edinburgh, Scotland
JRT – James R. Tinlin, California
JT - John Tinlin, Australia
JTV – John Talvacchio (Worldconnect)
JTW – John Tinling Widdrington
JWJ – James W. Jennings’ website
JY – Josephine Tinlin Yates, South Dakota
KB – Karen Black, entries on World Connect at Rootsweb
KT – Keith Tinlin, Australia
KZ – Kelly Ziadie, Cayman Islands
LA – Linda Asmall
LBR – Lieutenancy Book of Roxburghshire
LFH – Lorne & Faye Hood
List - A List of the Officers of the Army and Royal Marines (1830)
LK - Linda Kelsey website
LLT – Lesly Lloyd Tinling
LT – Liz Thomson
LWT – Lillian W. Tinling
mar. - marriage or married
MB – Michael Barrett at Rootsweb
MC – Maria Campbell at Rootsweb
MCK – Margaret Cook
MCT – Michael Tinline
MET – Michael E. Tinling
MGS – Margaret Strickland
MI – Monumental Inscription or tombstone
ML – Michelle Lewis
MLG – Margaret Logan (Worldconnect)
MLT – Malcolm Tinlin
MM – Marilyne McKay at GenForum
MP – Michelle Parks, England
MPA – Maggie Parnall
MS – Mark Strickland
MT – Mary Tinlin, Australia
MWT – Mark W. Tinlin
NAA – National Archives of Australia
NASA – National Archives of South Africa
NCL – “North Country Life in the Eighteenth Century” by Edward Hughes
NH – Norah Holcomb
NM – Norma Maus
NRO – Newcastle-on-Tyne Record Office website
NS – Nathaniel
NSW – New South Wales Registry of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
NT – Ned Tinlin, Scotland
NVV – Nancy Van Valkenburg
NYP - New York Passenger Lists
OB – Old
O’Byrne - O’Byrne’s Naval Dictionary
OBR – Ontario Birth Records
OCC – Orange County, California public records
OCFA – Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
ODI – Ohio Death Index
ODR – Ontario Death Records
OGS – Ontario Genealogical Society
OMR – Ontario Marriage Records
OR – Origins Network
PB – Peter R. Bain
PD –
PETW – Reckitt, Maurice B., “P.E.T. Widdrington: A Study in Vocation and Versatility” (1961)
P&I - Passenger and Immigration Lists Index
ph. - phone conversation
P_ - Peggy ______
PMI – Pallot’s Marriage Index (at
PRO – Public Record Office website (UK)
PS – Patricia Shattky, New Zealand (no e-mail)
PT – Peter Tinlin, Scotland
RA – Richard Adams (at Worldconnect at Rootsweb)
reg. - parish register
Rev. – Reverend
RGT – Rupert G. Tinling
RH – Ray Harrison
RLC – Roger and Lorraine Cheek
RM – Robert McGuinness (including data he received from Keith Tinlin)
RT – Robert Tinlin
RW – Rootsweb
SB – Shirley Burnside
SCR - Scottish Church Records
SCVL - Scottish Civil Registration
SD – Samantha de Bruyn, England
SDR – Sharon Desrosiers (at GenCircles)
SDT – Sidney Tinling
SL – Sharon Linney
SLW – Sommer Lynn Weathersby
SM – Sheran McCants (at Rootsweb)
SO – Serena Oliphant (at Worldconnect)
SS - Social Security Death Records
SSA – Social Security Application Form
ST – Susan Thomson
STG – Stephen Tinling
STV – Sadie Trivett
TC - Tom Corbett, California
TCR – Thomas Carr (Worldconnect)
TF – “The Tinline Family in Australia” (sent by Malcolm Tinlin)
Times – London Times
TL – tax list
TPH – Tom and Pam Hale at WorldConnect
TR – Texas State Birth and Death Records at Rootsweb
trans. – transcription
TT – Tony Tinlin, Australia
VCH - Victoria County History
VD – Valerie Dixon
VR – vital record
WFT - World Family Tree Database
WHT – William H. Tinlin IV, Arizona
WRT – William R. Tinlin, Ohio
WT – William F. Tinlin, New Hampshire
WTR – Wendy Travis
WW - Who’s Who
WWII – World War II and Korean Conflict Soldiers Interred Abroad at
WWT – Walter W. Tinling

Other abbreviations are usually just short for a single book that only had information about one person in the dictionary. Please contact me if you need further information.