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Testament of William Tinlin


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The Testament Dative umquile William Tinlin

In favor of John Tinlin


Presented the third day of July

Eighteen hundred and eighteen

John Murray Esqr. Commissary

Principal By

James Henderson Trustee (?) Jedburgh


The Testament Dative of umquile William Tinlin labourer in Ancrum who deceased at Ancrum in the parish of Ancrum upon the [blank space] day of May Eighteen hundred and


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and fifteen.


Inventory of the debt and sum of money after written which was due and addebted resting and owing to the Said Defunct at the time foresaid of his decease and of the Household Furniture, and wearing apparel which belonged to the said Defunct at the time of his death Faithfully made and given up by John Tinlin at the Flour Mill Toll near Jedburgh only Executor Dative qua (?) nearest in kin Decerned to the said Defunct conform to Decrect (?) Dative of the Commissary Depute of the Commissariot of Peebles for the district of Jedburgh of date the Seventh day of November Eighteen hundred and seventeen which debt and sum of money and the Household furniture and wearing apparel are specified in the Inventory of the Personal Estate of the said Defunct, verified by the oath of the said John Tinlin and Recorded in the


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the Court Books of said Commisariot for the said District of Jedburgh the twenty third day of May in the year 1818 in terms of the act forty eighth GEORGE III. Cap. 149 section 38th.


Imprimis There was addebted resting and owing to the Defunct at the time of his death the sum of Twenty pounds which he had deposited at Sundry times in the hands of William Rutherford Carrier in Ancrum and for which the said William Rutherford and Walter Rutherford Carrier in Ancrum his Brother have been found liable by a Decreet of the Sheriffs of Roxburghshire dated the thirteenth day of August Eighteen hundred and Sixteen, but under deduction of Five pounds fifteen shillings as the expense of the Defuncts Funeral debursed by them leaving a balance due to the Defunct of Fourteen pounds five shillings.

Secundo The following articles of Household Furniture and wearing apparel which belonged to the said Defunct

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Defunct at the foresaid time of his decease & which were appraized by Robert Aitken sworn appraiser in Jedburgh

12 old shirts 1 1 -

2 pairs old breeches - 2 6

3 vests - 3 -

2 coats - 7 6

12 pairs of old Stockings - 5 -

1 pair leather Breeches - 2 6

1 small chest - 1 6

an old press - 2 3


2 4 3

16 9 3


Summa of the Inventory, exclusive of Interest, Sixteen pounds, nine Shillings and three pence Sterling under protestation to add and eik (?) L S D



The Confirmation


John Murray Robertson Esqr. Commissary Principal of the Commissariot of Peebles and Robert Shortreed Esqr. his Depute for the District of Jedburgh specially constituted for the Confirmation of Testaments understanding That after due summoning and lawful


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lawful warning made by Public form of Edict as effeived (?) of the Executor, Testamentars, and others of the Defunct before named and designed to have compeared before the said Commissaries on a certain day now by gone to have heard and seen Executors Dative Decerned, given in admitted and confirmed to the said Defunct and in and to all and Sundry his moveable goods and gear or else to allege a reasonable cause on the contrary where none having appeared to object the said Commissary Depute Decerned thereuntil as his Decreet Dative of the date foresaid thereassent (?) hears (?)


Therefore we in our Soverign Lord the Kings name and authority make constitute ordain and confirm the said John Tinlin only Executor Dative qua nearest in kin to the said Defunct and in and to the debt and sum of money and the Household furniture and ye wearing apparel specified and contained in the before written Inventory and hereby Give and Grant full power warrant and authority to the said John Tinlin to levy uplift receive and discharge the foresaid sum with the Interest due-thereon and if need be to pursue for the same also


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also to take possession of and [?] with the several articles of Household furniture and wearing apparel before specified and in general to do thereanent all and whatever things Executors by Law may do Providing always the said Executor shall render just compt (?) and reckoning of his entromissions (?) to all persons having interest therein (?) whenever and wherever he shall be legally called upon whereanent and that the sum foresaid and the other effects before specified shall be thus rendered free and forthcoming Samuel Hood carter in Jedburgh has become Cautioner as an act subscribed by him to that effect bears. Given at Jedburgh under the hands of the said Commissary Depute and of the Clerk of Court the twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and eighteen, being subscribed by the said Commissary Depute on this page and by the Clerk on each page hereof.(signed) Rob Shortreed C.D. Wm Rutherford C. Clk D.


The Bond of Caution


I Samuel Hood carter (?)


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carter (?) in Jedburgh hereby Bind and oblige me my heirs executors and Successors as Cautioners and Suretees acted in the Commissary Court Books of Peebles for John Tinlin formerly at Flour Mill toll bar now at Ancrum side toll bar Executor qua nearest in kin decerned and confirmed to umquile William Tinlin labourer in Ancrum his Brother German that the sums and effect contained in the Inventory in said Confirmation shall be made free and furthcoming to all concerned as accords of law and I (?) consent to the registration hereof in the Books of Council & Session or others competent for presentation or execution on six days as [?] and thereto Constitute [blank space] my Prors (?) per (?) In witness whereof these presents written with my own hand are subscribed by me at Jedburgh the second day of July Eighteen hundred & Eighteen years (signed) Sam Wood. Compd. W.A. & J. J.