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Tinlin, Tinline and Tinling wills



Wills from Carlisle, Cumberland:


Will of David Tinling of Ash                              Signed 1743     Proved 1743


Will of Elizabeth Tinling                                     Signed 1749     Proved 1751



Wills from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury:


Will of Betty New (Trowell) Tinling                   Signed 1768     Proved 1773

   (Wife of William Tinling)


Will of Thomas Tinling                                      Signed 1780     Proved 1780


Will of David Tinling                                         Signed 1809     Proved 1810


Will of Isaac Pattison Tinling                             Signed 1809     Proved 1825


Will of George Rochfort                                    Signed 1816     Proved 1821

   (husband of Elizabeth Tinling)


Will of John Tinling                                           Signed 1822     Proved 1822


Will of David Latimer Tinling Widdrington         Signed 1837     Proved 1839


Will of Charles Ashley Stubbs Tinling                Signed 1839     Proved 1841


Will of Mary Anne (Adeane) Tinling                  Signed 1839     Proved 1848

   (wife of Isaac Pattison Tinling)


Will of Henry Pooley                                        Signed 1841     Proved 1843

   (first husband of Alicia Widdrington)


Miscellaneous will extracts (relating to Tinlin, Tinline, and Tinling individuals)



Wills from the Probate Court at Winchester:


Will of Charles Hugh Lyle Tinling                      Signed 1855     Proved 1864



Wills from Scotland:


Testament of William Tinlin                               Signed 1818