Pencaedu family photograph

Pencaedu family

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Pencaedu family  

Anne Rees (nee Jones) and her children, possibly taken at Pencaedu, and perhaps on the occasion of David Rees's funeral in 1901. The only known child who is absent is Gwen, aged 9 in 1891, who was not there on the 1901 census and is reputed to have died at a young age.
I believe the correct order of names, from the left is ;
Standing; Mary (daughter of Catherine), Marged Ann, David, Tom, Sarah, Elizabeth
Seated; Catherine, Anne Rees, Mary


Sarah Jones


Sarah Jones, sister of the above Ann Rees (Jones) - Sarah married John Price in 1881 and they lived in Brynamman

Contributed by Bob Edwards (Sept 2005)



Col, from the book Myddfai:Its Land and Peoples by David B James, 1991.

Morgan Jones lived there in the early 1800s, he was the grandfather of Anne Jones, second wife of David Rees, Pencaedu


Thomas and Catherine Jones headstone at Gwrhyd  

Gwrhyd chapel graveyard

The adjacent headstones of David and Ann  Rees (Pencaedu) - on the right, and Thomas and Catherine Jones (parents of Ann)

The inscription for David/Ann Rees is;
Er/ cof am/ DAVID REES/ Pencaedu, o'r plwyf hwn,/ bu farw Ionawr 13,1901,/ yn 73 mlwydd oed./ )/ Hefyd baban bychan./ Hefyd am ANN ei briod, a fu farw/ Chwefror 19, 1920, yn 68 mlwydd oed./

And that for Thomas/Catherine Jones;
Catherine/ wife of Thomas Jones/ Coedcae-Mawr, Allt y Crug who died Sept 30th 1873 aged 49; also Thomas Jones who died July 29 1878 aged 61.

(Photograph by Rina Callingham March 2005)


Rag rug tool 1 

Early C20th rug making tools

Contributed by Rina Callingham Jan 2006

Rina has recently been handed down these 'rag rug' making tools by her mother.

Rag rug tool 2 

Rina's mamgu, Mary Rees, used them to make rag rugs, apparently she inherited them from her own grandmother, Ann Rees.
Rina's mother remembers seeing her mother in law, Mary, use the tools quite frequently in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

One looks home made, from a knife perhaps, the 'latch hook' in the bigger picture has the name Brown's and a patent number RD673864 and "made in England"





Gareth Hicks