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This site contains  the family history of  one  Norman   family who, for 200 or so years from c 1695
lived mainly in the parishes of Ippollitts and Stevenage in Hertfordshire, England



Gareth Hicks















Henry Norman 1695 [Hannah Lyneham]

Richard Norman 1718 [Elizabeth Deer]

Richard Norman 1752 [Sarah Kitchiner]

Henry Norman 1778 [Elizabeth Grymes]

Isaac Norman 1815 [Rebecca Briars]

Thomas Norman 1843 [Ellen Ansell]

George Norman 1876 [Elizabeth Carter]



















This  narrative  is dedicated to George Norman, my wife's paternal grandfather.

Lance corporal George Norman of the 21st Battalion Middlesex Regiment was killed in France in 1916 serving his country in World War 1, he was 40 years old.

His gravestone can today be seen at the Philosophe British Cemetery in Northern France.

Spanning the last 300 years, we begin at the end of the 17th century in the Hertfordshire parish of Ippollitts, which is adjacent to Stevenage where George was born and where his ancestors lived for much of this period.

Researcher's note

The accuracy and quality of the underlying research data is a variable, with near 100% certainty only assured usually after the 1837 Civil Registration Act and within the 1841/ 1901 census availability period.

John Hicks, Devon 1997



Henry Norman 1695




Henry Norman married Hannah Lyneham by licence in 1715 in Ippollitts parish where their son Richard was baptised in 1718.
Another son, Thomas, was baptised there on the same day, we have no other information on the latter.

From the adjoining Gt Wymondley parish burial records we know that this couple also had a son called Henry in 1726, who died at the age 2 months, and a daughter Mary who died there in 1749.

So they moved from Ippollitts to Gt Wymondley between 1718 and 1726.

Have not found burials for either of them in Gt Wymondley up to 1769.

Unable to find a baptism entry for Henry himself so we don't know where he came from but assuming he was aged about 20 on marriage then he would have been born around 1695.

Perhaps we have a clue as to his parentage and siblings;

There is in Gt Wymondley a burial in 1760 for a Sarah Norman, wife of John Norman, farmer,

This John could be the John Norman, of the parish of Tewin, who was buried in Ippollitts in 1740.

The following marriages on the IGI for Ippollitts could well be connected

It is likely that we will never discover Henry's exact ancestry, what is known from Marriage Indexes is that there were at least 10 Norman name marriages in the period 1650-1700 in Hertfordshire parishes as well spread as Wiggington, Tring, Eastwick. St Albans, St Michael, Bushey, Hinxworth and Cheshunt.
But the only one in Ippollitts, or its neighbouring parishes, was that for the above Sarah in 1694.


Hannah Lyneham

Wife of Henry Norman 1695

Hannah was described as " of Strebly " in the marriage entry, a place not identified, otherwise we have found no ancestral information for her.

There is a theory that Strebly might be read as Streatley which is under 10 miles distant across the county line in Bedfordshire.

A search of Streatley's records shows that there was a John and Sarah Linum [Lineum, Linume] baptising children there in the period 1672- 1690, but a Hannah was not amongst them.



Richard Norman 1718




Son of Henry Norman 1695

Richard Norman was baptised in 1718 in Ippollitts parish, the son of Henry and Hannah Norman.

He married Elizabeth Deer in 1742 in Gt Wymondley parish, they were both described as  " of Much Wymondley ".

They lived in Gt Wymondley all their married lives.

There is a burial entry there in 1764 for a Richard Norman, parish clerk.

Their other children

On the Gt Wymondley register are the following baptisms for this couple, the marriage details are from the IGI;

1743/44 Mary

[and her burial 1748/49]

1745/46 Ann

Who married John Bowfield in 1770 .

1748 Elizabeth

Who married John Jesse in 1771.

1749/50 John

Who married Sarah Ansell in 1768.
Their children named Richard, Sarah, Joseph.

1755 Sarah

Who married William Kitchiner in 1776 in Little Wymondley.

1757 Joseph

Who maried Sarah Allen in 1780 in Hitchin,St Mary.
Their children born in Royston and named William, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Ann.

1760 Michael

Who married Hannah Anderson in 1789.Their children named Elizabeth,Michael,Ann,Joseph


Elizabeth Deer

Wife of Richard Norman 1718

This Elizabeth Deer was probably the one baptised in 1723 in nearby Sandon parish, the daughter of Thomas Dear and Anne Sale who married there in 1723 also.

No trace of any previous Dears in Sandon apart from a Thomas Dear who died there in 1724, although some earlier Dears/Deeres in nearby Ashwell parish.



Richard Norman 1752




Son of Richard Norman 1718

Richard Norman was baptised in 1752 in Gt Wymondley parish, the son of Richard and Elizabeth Norman.

He married Sarah Kitchiner in 1777 in Stevenage parish, both "of this parish ".

He was described as a labourer on son Henry's baptism entry in 1778 in Stevenage parish where they lived throughout their marriage.

Their other children


Baptism in Stevenage 21 Mar 1784

Otherwise unseen.


Baptism in Stevenage 17 Jul 1785

Burial for a John Norman in Stevenage in 1794 aged 9


Baptism in Stevenage 21 Feb 1790.  

IGI  entry for marriage in 1814 in Stevenage to John Grimes.


Baptism in Stevenage 7 Jul 1793 .

Otherwise unseen.


Baptism in Stevenage 30 Oct 1796.

A Michael Norman was buried in Stevenage in 1797 aged 1.

A Richard Norman is shown on the Herts Militia Lists for Stevenage in the 4 years 1778/82, described as a labourer.


Sarah Kitchiner

Wife of Richard Norman 1752

Sarah Kitchiner was baptised in 1756 in Stevenage parish, the daughter of John and Rachael Kitchiner.

John Kitchiner and Rachel Lewis were married in 1743 in Stevenage.

Probable Kitchiner ancestors identified back to 1672 in nearby Baldock/Hitchin parishes with a slightly confused line to 1625.

The Quarter Sessions minute Book Easter Session 1764 has the entry ;

And from Presentment Book Indictments,

A James Titmus in 1805 and 1815 surrendered land at Redcoats Green to a Edward Kitchiner who is possibly related to Sarah .
Edward Kitchiner was also on a list of farmers who subscribed to a reward for apprehension of felons at around this time.

This Kitchiner family farmed Redcoats until 1887 when it was sold, now a hotel.

The name Kychyner appears in Stevenage as early as 1563.
The name comes from the Old English cycene [ kitchen ] indicating a kitchen worker.



Henry Norman 1778




Son of Richard Norman 1752

Henry Norman was baptised in 1778 in Stevenage parish, the son of Richard and Sarah Norman.

He married Elizabeth Grymes in 1803 in Stevenage, he was an agricultural labourer.

They lived most of their married lives in Stevenage; from between c 1812 and 1815 they lived in Welwyn where the last 3 of their 11 children, including Isaac, were baptised.

Henry and Elizabeth had apparently fallen on hard times by 1851 with Henry describing himself as a pauper on the census.

Their other children


Baptism in Stevenage 1 Jul 1804

IGI entry for her marriage in 1820 in Standon to Thomas Harper.


Baptism Stevenage 6 Apr 1806

Richard seemingly moved to London before 1841 as 2 of his children were baptised in Tottenham/Edmonton.
Richard not found on any census but sons Isaac and Henry lived in Stevenage at least up to the 1881 census.
They were both brickmakers, although Henry was a greengrocer in 1891, both were married with children.

Now understand from David Riggs, a descendant of this Richard via son James, that Richard died in Tottenham in 1840, and his wife Ann in 1841 which explains why the 3 sons were with their g/father Henry in 1841. James himself died in 1906 in Edmonton  aged 74.

Henry Norman is buried in St Nicholas Church, Stevenage, grave stone illegible apart from his name, he must have been aged between 84 and 94 when he died.

Census entries

1841 Stevenage, Brick Kiln End

1851 Stevenage, Brick Kiln End

1861 Stevenage, near his grandsons


Children of Henry/Elizabeth;


Baptism in Stevenage 2 Aug 1807.
This one may have died as there is another baptism in 1824.

Also, a baptism entry on the IGI in Stevenage in 1845 for Barbara Watts Norman, mother Elizabeth Norman [no father given ].
Could she be daughter of this [unmarried?] Elizabeth, obviously the same Barbara Norman shown as g/daughter to Eliz.'s father Henry on 1851 census age 5.


Baptism in Stevenage 20 Aug 1809.

IGI entry for her marriage in 1833 in Datchworth to Daniel Epgrave.


Baptism in Stevenage 4 Dec 1810.

Sarah married Samuel Rowe in 1832 in Stevenage where they continued to live, they had several children.


Baptism on IGI for Welwyn on 13.9.1812 .

Otherwise unseen.


Baptism on IGI for Welwyn on 25.12.1813

Otherwise unseen.


Baptism on IGI for Welwyn on 28.12.1817.

Otherwise unseen.


Baptism on Stevenage 4 Jun 1820.

Henry married Mary Ann Spicer in 1841 in Stevenage, he was a brickmaker there and she a straw plaiter, they had several children.


Baptism in Stevenage 8 Aug 1824

Eliza is presumably the Eliza Gray shown on the 1861 census.


Elizabeth Grymes

Wife of Henry Norman 1778

Elizabeth Grymes was baptised in 1777, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Grymes.

The latter had at least 4 other children, the 1881 census index has several Grimes entries in Stevenage.

She probably died in 1861 as a partly illegible headstone in St Nicholas Church, Stevenage says that she was aged 85 at her death.

Her father Robert Grymes was baptised in 1744 in Aston parish, the son of William and Anne Grimes, no baptism or marriage found for them.
He married Elizabeth Crow in 1768 in Stevenage, latter baptised in 1740 also in Stevenage, the daughter of Robert and Mary Crow.
A Robertus Crow married a Maria Green in 1705 in Stevenage.



Isaac Norman 1815




Son of Henry Norman 1778

Isaac Norman was baptised in 1815 in Welwyn, the son of Henry and Elizabeth Norman.

He married Rebecca Briars in 1838 in Stevenage Parish Church, he was a labourer.

They had 8 children and lived in Stevenage throughout their marriage.

He was a widower by 1861, aged 45

In 1863 Isaac married Ellen Mardell sep qtr Hitchin vol 3a p 371.

Isaac Norman died Jun qtr 1872 age 58,  Hitchin vol 3a p189 and daughter Clara Norman died Mar qtr 1872 age 2,  Hitchin vol 3a  p205.

Census entries

1841 census Stevenage, at ? Green,

1851 census Stevenage, Primrose Hill,

1861 census Stevenage, Ditchmore Green,

1871 census in Hitchin Union Workhouse.


Other children of Isaac/Rebecca


Baptism in Stevenage on 3 Nov 1839.

Unseen after 1861 census when age 21.


Baptism in Stevenage on 6 Jun 1841

1846 died Dec qtr Hitchin vol 6 p 446


Baptism on IGI in Stevenage on 4 Jun 1848 .

1861 census Stevenage, age 12.

1869 married Thomas Grimes March qtr Hitchin vol 3a p320.

1879 died March qtr Hitchin vol 3a p256.

Thomas Grimes: 1847 born Jun Hitchin vol 6 p11 .
His parents;  William Grimes (c1823). Mary Ann Adkins or Mary Anne Ayrtir

Their children;



No baptism seen.

Levi's children;


No baptism seen.

Unseen after 1871 census , age 14.


No baptism seen.

Isaac [or Isaiah] was a shepherd in 1861, age 14 in Stevenage.

By 1868 he is in Finchley, quite a range of occupations, see below;

1881 Index census. 1 Bedford cottage, Finchley [near Chapel st]

Above entry quite near to George Ansell, brother of Ellen Ansell [see Thomas Norman]


No baptism seen.

Unseen after 1861 census index, with his father in Stevenage, age 10, scholar.


Rebecca Briars

Wife of  Isaac Norman 1815

Rebecca Briers was baptised in 1818 in Stevenage, daughter of Edward and Sarah Briers.

Edward Briers married Sarah Spicer in 1818 in Stevenage, they had 7 (maybe 6) children several of whom were still in Stevenage as seen on 1881 census index.

No baptism found for Edward but he is likely to be born in 1795, the son of James and Elizabeth Briers who had 5 children and lived in Stevenage.
Edward shown as a pauper ag.lab. in 1851.

Sarah's father was a Joseph Spicer (1763-1834 Stevenage), his mother was Ann Spicer (nee Bont), father unknown.
Sarah's  mother was Mary Steward (1764-1846 Stevenage), her parents were William Steward (1726-?) and Ann Lodge (1730-1803 Ippollitts/Stevenage).

Census entries

1841 census Stevenage, Dog and Bitch Yard

1851 census Stevenage, Back Lane

1861 census, Stevenage, Back Lane

1871 census, Back Lane



Thomas Norman 1843




Son of Isaac Norman 1815

Thomas Norman was baptised in 1843 in Stevenage, the son of Isaac and Rebecca Norman.

He married Ellen Ansell in 1866 in Stevenage, they had 10 children and lived mostly at Ditchmore Cottage/Green in Stevenage.

He was variously a railway platelayer, an ag,lab. and a brickyard labourer, whilst she was a strawplaiter.

He was still alive in 1901 according to son George's marriage certificate.

Census entries

1871 census Stevenage, Ditchmore Green

1881 census at Ditchmore Cottage, Stevenage

Wife named ELLEN on George's birth cert, also Ellen in 1891, looks like a mistake by the Enumerator in 1881, or more likely, the indexer?

1891 census at 1 Bedwell Plash [nr Ditchmore Cottage]

1901; Bedwell Plash, Stevenage.


Their other children


Born in 1867 in Stevenage.

Last seen with parents at Bedwell Plash on 1891 census, age 24, ag lab


Born in 1869 in Stevenage.

Last seen on 1881 census with parents, straw plaiter age 12.

An Emily Piggott was a witness at George Norman's wedding in 1901 in Islington

Emily married George Piggott June 1890 in Hitchin, they had two sons, George (1891 Stevenage) and Harry (1894 Wood Green).
George married Florence Morten, they had one son - Albert Frederick George (1923 Wood Green ), he married Doreen Mary Heys in 1945.


Born in 1871 in Stevenage.

Seen on 1881 census in Stevenage, age 10, with parents

Died 26 Sep 1923. Buried in St Nicolas' Church, Stevenage with his wife Mary Ann who died 30 July 1940, age 69.

A James Norman was a witness at George Norman's wedding in 1901 in Islington.


Born in 1874 in Stevenage.

Last seen on 1881 census in Stevenage with parents, age 7.


Born in 1878 in Stevenage.

Last seen on 1881 census in Stevenage with parents, age 3.


Born in 1881 in Stevenage.

Last seen on 1891 census in Stevenage with parents, aged 10, sch.


Born in 1884 in Stevenage.

Last seen on 1891 census in Stevenage with parents, aged 7.


Born in 1888 in Stevenage.

Last seen on 1891 census in Stevenage with parents, aged 3.


Born in 1889 in Stevenage.

Last seen on 1891 census in Stevenage with parents, aged 2.


Ellen Ansell.

Wife of Thomas Norman 1843

Ellen Ansell, called Nellie in her family, was born in 1847 in Stevenage, daughter of Benjamin and Jane Ansell.

Benjamin Ansell, an ag.lab., married Jane Rance, a straw plaiter, in 1836 in Stevenage, neither appeared to be alive in 1871.
They had 9 children, Emma 1827, James 1840, Edward 1843, George 1844, Ellen 1847, Abraham 1849, Fanny 1851, William 1853, Eliza 1855.

Ellen's grandfather, Edward Ansell, married Anne Smith in 1790 in Stevenage.
Anne's baptism is confused although her father was either a Thomas or John Smith.
This Edward Ansell was a son of James Ansell who married Hannah Wabey in 1759 in Stevenage.

A possible line back on the IGI from this Edward Ansell is ;
Baptism for James Ansell in 1737 to James/Sarah in Watton at Stone
Marriage 1736 James Ansell/Sarah Cocks in Aston.
1717 baptism James to William/Esther Ansell in Hatfield
1712 baptism James to Thos/Susannah, Hatfield

An Edward Ansell, possibly Ellen's ancestor, who died in 1543 in Stevenage, made a will giving his occupation as a labourer but the will also makes clear he had a shop which he left to his son Thomas.

Several related Ansells are seen on 1891 Stevenage census.

Hannah Wabey was born in  1738 in Stevenage, her  parents were John Wabey and Elizabeth Pratt.
John Wabey's bapt c 1704  uncertain but possible father Humphrey Wabey.
Elizabeth Pratt was born in 1711, her parents were Solomon Pratt and Elizabeth Cucko.
Solomon Pratt was bapt in 1678, father Solomonis Pratt.
Elizabeth Cucko was bapt in 1679 to Johannes Cucko and Sarah Purser.
John Cuckoe was born in 1656, father Robert Cucko, yeoman.
All the above with bapt dates were baptised  in Stevenage.

The earliest possible, but not provable, Wabey ancestor seen was baptised in 1618 in Stevenage, that was Guilielmus son of Edward Wabey.

Census entries

1841 census Stevenage, Fore St west

1851 census Stevenage, London Rd [west]

1861 census Stevenage, Ditchmore Green

1871 census Stevenage, Ditchmore Green

1881 census Stevenage, Albert St


Jane Rance's  ancestors can be traced with reasonable certainty back to George and Ann Rance who married c 1630 .
George may be the son of James Rannse, bricklayer, of Watton-at-Stone born c 1580.

Jane's father, William  Rance, was baptised in 1778 in Stevenage.  He married Elizabeth Piggot in 1802 in Stevenage, they had 13 children, he was a bricklayer journeyman.

Elizabeth's ancestry is confused, probably born in 1782/85 in Stevenage and father a William born 1757 or a John born 1760, either way her grandparents likely to be John and Susan Piggot.

Census entries

1841 census Stevenage, no sign of them.

1851 census Stevenage, Fish lane ?,

1861 census Stev, Ditchmore Green

And nearby at Stoney Hall ?,

Several related Rances seen on the 1891 Stevenage census



George Norman 1876




Son of Thomas Norman 1843

George Norman was born in 1876 in Stevenage, the son of Thomas Norman and Ellen Ansell.

We don't know exactly when he moved to London, he was still living with his parents in Stevenage in 1891, he was then an ag.lab. aged 15.

He married Elizabeth Carter (see below) at St Ann's Church, Islington in January 1901, he was now a labourer.
Both he and Elizabeth were shown as living at 30 Myrtle St, Islington.
Witnesses at the wedding were his brother James and an Emily Riggott who may well have been his sister.

The 1901 census entry;

On 1911 census at 33 Hatley Rd, Finsbury Park

The family lived at number 8 Moreland St, Islington in 1907, when son Perce born, and in 1909 when son Frank was born, they were at 34(?) Hatley Rd, Finsbury Park by 1916.

Their children

Len (1903 - ?)

William Thomas (Bill) (1905 - ?)

Perce (1907 - ?)

Frank   (1909 - 1969)

Ivy (? - ?)  -   Not shown on 1911 census so assume not born yet.


The Great War

There was a family tradition that George died in World War 1, shot by a German sniper but little else was known as fact.

We first found his name in a book listing memorial inscriptions in St Nicholas Church, Stevenage.

There is a page there with  names of  "The Men of Stevenage who died in two World Wars ", and L/cpl George Norman is on there.

His name is also on the War Memorial erected on the Bowling Green in Stevenage in 1921.

We obtained from the War Graves Commission the following information;

"Lance Corporal George Norman, 15721, 21st Bn, Middlesex Regiment, Died 29 July 1916, commemorated at Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe, France, plot 1, Row F, Grave 32. Age 40, son of Thomas and Nellie Norman, husband of Elizabeth Norman, of 34 Hatley Rd, Finsbury Park, London."

Philosophe lies on the Pas de Calais coalfield between Bethune and Lens

Another researcher told us that according to "British Army Regiments 1914/18" by Brig James the 21st Middx was raised in Islington in May 1915 by the mayor, attached to the 39 th Division 7/1915, taken over by the War Office 8/1915, training in Aldershot 10/1915, to Witley [nr Godalming, Sy ?] 2/1916 and sent to France as part of 40th Division in June 1916.

He also refers to the official record book "Soldiers of the Great War", in 80 volumes, one of these will contain the name L/cpl George Norman.

Copies of the 21st Bn Middlesex Regiment's War Diary for July 1916 were obtained from the National Army Museum, Chelsea.

The Diary entry for 29th July reads;

" Place .... LOOS ..... During the day the enemy kept up an intermittent fire with 4.2s, 5.9s & TMs [Trench Mortars] to which we replied with good effect.

9am ...... C & D companies were relieved by 2 companies 20th Middlesex Regmnt & were placed C " in support and B" in reserve, in South St and Duke St trenches.

8.30pm ....... Enemy commenced a very heavy bombardment with TMs, Rifle Grenades & shells of all calibres, principally on our Support and Reserve lines but varying from front to well behind the Reserve line.

10.0pm ....... Enemy fire commenced to slacken & at 10.45 pm had entirely ceased.  Our Artillery including Heavy replied most effectively. Complete arrangements for defence or counterattack were made but no enemy appeared, only 3 casualties occurred during this exceptionally heavy bombardment. The front and Support trenches were very badly damaged.

11.0pm ..... Large working parties got to work & made excellent progress with clearing and repairing the damage. Casualties..... 2/Lt French wounded, other ranks 1 killed, 12 wounded."

Diary entries from 2nd July onwards show ;

"the 21st at Maroc [in trenches], at Barlin [support billets /trenches], on 5th holding Maroc left sub section including Double Crassiers, on 11th relieved by Ryl Lancaster Reg and sent to billets at Petit Sains. Back in trenches at Maroc on 17th to relieve 12th Suffolks as Left Support Btn. On 22nd went to Loos to relieve 9th Ryl Dublin Fusiliers in 2 sub section Loos Sector,4 companies in Front Line and supports.On 26th attacked by 7 enemy bombers, unsuccessful attempt to cut enemy wire ".

The Diary entry for 31st July shows

"Present strength officers 37, other ranks 849", still at Loos.

It is a harsh fact that George died at the end of July 1916 when he had only arrived in France the previous month.

We have obtained a photograph of his grave stone .

The accompanying War Grave Commission notes say;

"Le Philosophe is a hamlet in the commune of Mazingarbe which lies in the Pas de Calais coalfield between Bethune and Lens. The cemetery was started in August 1915 and was taken over in 1916 by the 16th Irish Division who held the Loos salient at the time and many of their dead were brought back to it from the front line. In the first 10 rows of Plot 1, 192 graves belong to this division and, of these, 109 are the graves of officers and men of the 7th Royal Inniskillin Fusiliers . Succeeding divisions used the cemetery until October 1918 and men of the same division ,and often the same battalion were buried side by side in Plots 1, 2 , the first half of Plot 3 , and the first 6 rows of Plot 4.
After the Armistice this cemetery was one of those which was used for the concentration of isolated graves from the Loos battlefield. The bodies of 41 men of the Black Watch were brought from positions a little west of Loos and those of 340 officers and men of other regiments from different points in the communes of Cambrin, Ochy, Vermelles and Loos. Of the bodies thus concentrated, 264 could not be individually identified.
Philosophe British Cemetery now contains the graves of 1,988 soldiers from the UK, 6 from Canada, 2 from Australia, 1 from the British West Indies and 2 German prisoners of war.
It covers an area of 8665 sq yds and is bounded by a brick wall with stone coping and a thorn hedge. It is planted with maple and lime trees."


Elizabeth Carter

Wife of George Norman

She was age 20 at her marriage in 1901 so born in 1881.

Her father was William Carter, a labourer, her mother was Mary Matilda Hollingsworth (see below).

The 1901 census entry shows her at 1 Moreland St, aged 20, married to George Norman, born Bennington which parish is adjacent to Stevenage.

She died in 1963 at the age of 82, we have a remembrance card of her funeral at Islington Crematorium, East Finchley.

The Carter connection

Elizabeth Carter's parents were William Carter (Walkern 1852-) and Mary Matilda Hollingsworth  (Bennington 1854-).

1881 census; Bennington, 'In the village'

1891 census; Church Green

1901 census; Broadwater, Shephall parish, Herts.


William Carter's parents were George Carter (Walkern 1828-) and Sarah Miles (Walkern 1831-1856).
They married in Walkern in 1849, they had 3 known children.

Here they are on the 1851 census living with her father at 4 Church End, Walkern;

George Carter was widowed in 1856, he then married Hannah/Joanna Aldridge in 1858, they had 12 children

Sarah Miles's parents were Benjamin Miles (1808-) and Ann ?.  
Benjamin Miles's parents were Benjamin Miles (Walkern 1779-) and Jane Chapman/Chalkley (Walkern 1778-1833).
Benjamin Miles's parents were John Miles and Alice Carter, married in 1779 in Walkern).

George Carter's parents were James Carter (Walkern 1809-) and Ann French (Middx, St Jas 1806-), they married in 1827 in Walkern, they had 12 known children.
Here they are on the 1841 census;Lane, Walkern

James Carter's parents were George Carter (1789-) and Sarah Giles (Walkern 1787-1866), they married in Walkern in 1808, they had 7 known children.
Here they are on the 1841 census;

Sarah Giles's parents were John Giles and Sarah ?

Unable to find a baptism for the last George Carter (1789-)


The Hollingsworth connection;

William Carter's wife was Mary Matilda Hollingsworth whose parents were John Hollingsworth (Bennington 1822-) and Susan Edwards (1819- Bennington).
Here they are on the 1861 census, they had 6 known children; at Burrs Green, Bennington;

Susan Edwards's parents were Thomas Edwards (Bennington 1757-1844 ) and Mary Warboys (1773-1856).

John Hollingsworth's parents were Charles Hollingsworth (Bennington 1782-) and Mary Maria Seamour (Bennington 1793-) , they had 9 known children.
Here they are on the 1841 census; Burrs Green, Bennington.

Mary Seamour's parents were William & Sarah

Charles Hollingsworth's parents were John Hollingsworth (Bennington 1747-1831) and Mary Sadler. They married in Bennington in 1778, they had 7 known children.

John Hollingsworth's parents were Charles Hollingsworth and Sarah Swain, they married in Bennington in 1736/7,  they had 2 known children