The LeBlanc & MacLean Families of Nova Scotia

This web site is dedicated to my parents,
Henry and Agnes (MacLean) LeBlanc.
The genealogy of my family became a hobby of mine shortly after my mother passed away. Perhaps hobby isn't exactly the right word. As a friend of mine said "genealogy isn't a hobby, it's an addiction, a disease". Sorry, I don't provide cures here. In fact, my purpose is to feed the addiction, not cure it.
My areas of research concern LeBlancs, Aucoins and MacLeans of Inverness County, Nova Scotia and Camerons of Pictou County, Nova Scotia. I say Camerons of Pictou County, but in fact I know little of this branch of my family. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion, that they were actually from Cape Breton.
I've learned many things during the course of my research: about the history of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton; the hardships and celebrations of my ancestors and the spirit of those who have come before me. It's hard to imagine emigrating to Cape Breton from Scotland in the early 1800's or being separated from family and friends during the expulsion of the Acadians.
It is the history and experiences of my ancestors that feeds my research, but the focus of this site is straight genealogy. There are others much better at telling the history of the early Scots and French in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, so I leave that telling to them. You can find additional information on the links page.

The LeBlanc & MacLean Families
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