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Jeffrey P Osborne and Felipe Osborne Shea


Caution, Warning, Disclaimer:  The ancestral lines shown below are the ancestors that each project member, highlighted in yellow, BELIEVES to be their ancestors.  Standards of proof or evidence used by each member may vary, and documentation for each ancestor may vary.  These listings alone should not be taken as proof of ancestry; they are shown here to facilitate the finding of a common ancestor by project members or by others who may wish to test to see if their ancestral lines connect to one of the members.  For more information, please contact the individual members at the email addresses listed below.



Originally, based on the 12-marker test, both Jeffrey and Felipe were placed in Family Group 1.  Both match perfectly to each other on the 12-marker test, but were a GD of 1 from everyone else in FG1.  Normally a GD of 1 indicates a probable common ancestor.  However Felipe’s 25-marker test results show that he is definitely NOT related to anyone in FG1 or to anyone else in the project.  Jeffrey has not had the 25-marker test so we can’t say for sure that he is not related to anyone in FG1, but based on the perfect match with Felipe, he is being located in the new FG20 with Felipe for now. 


This situation where there is an apparent relationship in the 12-marker test but definitely not related on higher order tests is the first time this has occurred in our project.  However, FTDNA says it has happened in other projects and is not that unusual.  It illustrates the value of getting higher order tests. 


We have been unable to get any information on Jeffrey’s ancestors, except that he stated that he knows them back to England.


Sharon Farmer is researching her husband Phillip’s ancestors.  She is using her husband’s father, Phillip (aka Felipe Osborne Shea) Osborne as the dna donor.  They know very little about his ancestors and what is known is listed below.  Both the grandfather and great-grandfather were born in NY, NY as far as they know.


Ancestors of Felipe Osborne Shea


 1   John B Osborne b: in New York, NY 

.  +Lucretra Ray  

........ 2   John Baptist Osborne b: Abt. 1886 in New York, NY  d: Sep 29, 1933 in Cottrellville, St. Clair, MI

................... 3   Philip (aka Felipe Osborne Shea) Osborne

.............................. 4   Phillip Osborne  

..................................  +Sharon Farmer  




Migration:  Apparently from NY to MI.


Contact.  To exchange information or inquire about Felipe’s ancestors please email Sharon at < sharonleef@aol.com >


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