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Aubrey Charles Osman & Keith Oseman



Caution, Warning, Disclaimer:  The ancestral lines shown below are the ancestors that each project member, highlighted in yellow, BELIEVES to be their ancestors.  Standards of proof or evidence used by each member may vary, and documentation for each ancestor may vary. These listings alone should not be taken as proof of ancestry; they are shown here to facilitate the finding of a common ancestor by project members or by others who may wish to test to see if their ancestral lines connect to one of the members.  For more information, please contact the individual members at the email addresses listed below.



We are waiting to receive Aubrey’s ancestors; please check back later.


Contact.  To exchange information or inquire about Aubreys ancestors please email Aubrey at < sosmankhan@yahoo.com >



We are also waiting to receive Keith’s ancestors; please check back later for his too. 


Following  is the brief message on Keith’s ancestors that he submitted with his join request that gives some indication of his ancestral origins:


     “I am researching the surname OSEMAN. I can trace my london ancestors back to my GGG-GF William Oseman (christened HOSEMAN) 1801. His father Benjamin (1772) and earlier ancestors came from the Herefordshire/Worcstershire area. There is a good chance that some of these ancestors were in the city of Worcester in 1651 during the Battle of Worcester which ended the English Civil War(s)!

     I believe that the name is derived from OSMAN/OSMOND and may link back to other Osman families along the south coast of England in earlier times.”


Contact.  To exchange information or inquire about Keiths ancestors please email Keith at < osemank@ntlworld.com>



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