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After making the family pages, we keep finding more photographs relating to Mama and Papa's family.  This page has lots of miscellaneous photos that have been discovered; they are in no particular order.  Each is shown as a thumbnail with what information we know about it and the people or places in it.  To get a full size image, click on the thumbnail, then return with the Back button on your brower.  If you find more photos you would like to share, please send them to us with what you know about them and we will post them here.  Enjoy browsing the pictures.

This first set of photos is from Dean Egner.

Comment from Dean: "... while in the Army Signal Corps from Ft. Gordon GA 1967.  I graduated honor graduate from Field Radio Repair.  Because of graduating honor graduate I was kept as an instructor and hated it but learned a lot.  I pulled some strings and was able to get on the volunteer list for Vietnam.  Arrived in Vietnam Jan 1, 1968 and stayed until Aug 2, 1969"
Dean:"No date; taken with Polaroid and no info on back.  Names are Uncle James, I think son James Ray, Ruth, Unknown man and Hazel."  Sue:"Left to right: Elliott, Jim Burnett (seated), Ruth, Dick Albert (Joyce's first husband), and Hazel. It looks like it was taken in a church reception area so it is probably at a wedding but I don't know whose. Joyce and Dick were married about 1953 or 1954 so I think this was taken around that time. Just a thought...Ruth and Hank were married in 1956 and this is her picture, so it could be their wedding reception."
Front of Mama and Papa's house; June 1963
Hank Ruszalla at the farm; August 1963.  The garage is on the left; the gate to the barnyard and the barn are in the background.  Mother said that Hank did a lot of the work putting in the bathroom for them.
Dean: "Left is Hank Ruszalla, Ruth's second husband.  The cook stove is to the left of grandpa, right of the picture."
Tom:" Date on this picture?  There's the kitchen! Now where is this located relative to the rest of the house?"  Dean: "You're not going to believe this but I got out my magnifying glass and am able to read the year off the calendar just to the left of grandma's head.  From that I could see the ER for the month and with the 6th and 13th on the Sat I looked up the month. Date Nov ?? 1954, time was 1:22 PM.  It was probably Thanksgiving; time for us to visit with Will and myself in school.  As far as the kitchen it was just to the right of the kitchen table and before going out the back door."  Sue:"...to the right of the Dining Room. The dining room led to the Living Room in front. The stairs to the attic room, bath room and another bedroom were on the left going from back to front. There was a fireplace in the front bedroom."
Dean: "Front row: Sue, Wilton, Me (Dean): Second row: Ray with probably Neal (Ray's oldest.  I am 4 years old and Neal is just under 2 years younger than me), Grandma, Edith.; Third row: uncle Jim, Ruth, Dot, Edith and I don't know the last one but she is in several other photo's I have (this is Marie).  I'm not sure but I think this is at Uncle Jim's or Uncle Hazels house.  Wonder who's taking the picture..probably Uncle James."   Sue: "This was taken in Jim and Dorothy's living room on Trinity in Detroit."
Mama and Papa on Christmas day, 1964.
Mama and Papa with  Ray and Edith's son Neal Burnett. He was born November 22, 1950 so this is probably 1951 or '52.
Papa in front yard; August 1963.  Probably Hank Ruszalla in background.
Papa's farm in 1954.  The cow barn is on the right, and I believe that is the workshop on the left with the flat roof.  Looking from about where the gate is by the garage down into the barnyard.  Don't know who the people are.
Mama and Papa Burnett's house, 1954
Tom: "Who is that on the right; is that Hank?  The date on the photo looks like it might be 1960 instead of '62."  Dean: "You're correct on both counts.   Notice the house and enclosed back porch and the well just behind them."
Papa and Mama; Aug 1962.  Dean on who is in pictures on wall: "I think it's (Right to left) uncle Harold, Marie and son Larry.  In another picture there's a little closer and frontal shot and it just looks like uncle Harold's profile.  The picture on the right is Dot "
Papa, Mama, Ruth; June 1960.  Comment from Dean: "The dog is Pudgy!  My city dog from Dearborn.  The dog needed room and we didn't have it, grandpa said he would take him.  I remember the first time we (Grandpa, Hank and myself) took him in the field.  Pudgy never saw a bull or horse before.  He went right up to the bull and started sniffing and barking at the bull.  Well the bull took it a few minutes and had enough.  The bull took out after pudgy and chased him for a couple minutes then the bull stopped like on cue and the horse picked up and took over chasing him.  Well pudgey took off running and I remember him jumping clear OVER the fence and didn't stop until he got back to the house.  We all laughed so hard.  I never saw grandpa laugh so hard in my life.  Well pudgy didn't last long on the farm and grandpa had to give to some neighbors who had children."
Dean: "No date but I think it's probably late 50's.  That is the back door and the well was located on the right as you go out the back door.  The bath room was installed to the left in the early 60's.  Cook stove was to the right of this picture in the kitchen."  Sue: "Shirley is standing behind and next to Mama. Again, this is about 1952. Shirley was born in 1942 and she looks about 10 years old.  L to R: Papa, Ruth, Uncle Marvin (Mama's brother), Shirley Rust, Kathryn, and Earl."
Papa's death notice from Paducah newspaper.
Ruth in her "coolie" hat fishing. June 1954
Shirley on left, Kathryn in the middle, and Dean on right.
Dean concentrating hard on the fishing.  This is at Papa's fish pond, June 1954.
 Jun 1954.  We don't know who it is with Aunt Kathryn.
This photo is dated Jun 1954.  It looks like it was taken on the porch of Aunt Kathryn's,but we don't have a clue who they are.
Earl and Kathryn, Hank Ruszalla, Uncle Marvin Elliott, Shirley Rust, and Mama Burnett at dinner table, about 1960.
Dean Egner, about 1957.
Earl and Kathryn, probably on the porch at their house on Madison St in Paducah; date unknown.
Shirley (Rust) and Timothy Poat, and Earl Rust, July 1969.
Edith (Beemer) and Ray Burnett, Ruth, and Marie, date and place unknown.
Ewing Wilton Egner Sr. headstone in the cemetery at Luka, KY;  picture taken July 1969.
Kathryn, Debbie, and Carolyn, July 1969.
Kathryn, Mama Burnett, Ruth, and Mary L, date unknown.
Kathryn, Mary L., Mama Burnett, Ruth, Dot, and Marie, May 1967.
Kathryn, Shirley (Rust) Poat holding Timothy, July 1969.
Papa and Mama Burnett, Wilton, Dean, Hank Ruszalla, and Ruth, about 1957.
Shirley and Debbie, July 1969.

More pictures from Sue.

Sue and Nancy Godfrey, 1954.
Sue: "This was taken in front of the Godfrey home."
Nancy, Houston, and Billy Godfrey, 1954.
Sue: "This was also taken in the Godfrey yard."  Tom: "I think these were taken in the side yard of Aunt Addies house on the Clinton road.  As I remember, the Godfrey's lived in a smaller newer house on the Contest road.  Since these were dated the same, 1954, as the one below, I wonder if they were taken the same day at Aunt Addies, and the one below is in her living room."
Godfrey house party, 1954.
Sue: "I don't know whose house this is.  (Left to right) Edith Burnett, Aunt Addie Harper (Evelyn Sue Godfrey's mother), Evelyn Sue Godfrey, Mama Burnett, Houston Godfrey (in front) and Nancy Godfrey on right edge."
Sue: "This isn't a very good picture but interesting none the less. (Left to right) Mary L. holding Bobby, Mama, Papa holding Tom Johns, Dorothy. Joyce Johns and Tom Osborne in front. [Joyce born, June 1934; Tom Johns, b. Aug 1935; Tom Osborne, b. Nov. 1934; Carl Jr. "Bobby", b. June 1936] What is the truck behind them? I can only make out 'VAUGHN' ".  Tom: "It says "???NS & VAUGHN" and "Bakery"  (behind Mother's head).  Apparently it is a bakery truck.  It might be in Papa's front yard facing the driveway."



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