William Harrison and Rhoda Garnett Burnett

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These pages are about the family and some of the descendants of William Harrison and Rhoda Jane (Garnett) Burnett.  In the 138 years since their marriage in 1862, the descendants of William and Rhoda, and their spouses, have grown to at least 800 people that we know of, and include 7 generations.  Recently, through the marvel of the internet and email, we have made contact with cousin Raymond Lee Burnett who is a descendant of Isaac Thomas Burnett.  Raymond lives near Melber, KY in the area where William and Rhoda lived and maintains contact with Bonnie and Ollie Bell Reasons who are descendants of Rhoda Harrison "Hattie" Burnett.  Raymond has contributed many new photographs and new information about several of the descendants.  The pictures and information are shown in Photo Album form rather than story form, but we have tried to group the photos according to families.

Most of the following pictures and comments are from Raymond Lee Burnett, the greatgrandson of Isaac Burnett.

William Harrison Burnett was born Feb 20, 1841 in Trigg Co., KY and died 13 March 1935 in Graves Co., KY at the home of his daughter, Hattie Burnett Reasons. He married Rhoda Jane Garnett, daughter of Charles Washington Garnett and Nancy W. Shelton on March 4, 1862 in Trigg Co., KY. They had 11 children. William donated the land for the Owens Chapel Methodist Cemetery to be built upon and he is buried there. The land adjoined the land of Hattie and Ebb Reasons, where Ollie Bell Reasons was still living in 1989.  William's death certificate states he was born in TN however Tax Lists show his father was living in Trigg Co. in 1841.
This is a photo of 25 members of the Burnett and Garnett families, taken Feb 13, 1893, the same day as the other Burnett family photo below. The photos were taken in front of William Harrison Burnett's house.  Beneath the picture is a numbered sketch and list of the people in the picture.  Click here to see  a family tree of those in the picture.  Every one is accounted for except George Ann Powers [8] who is probably the younger sister of Rachael Powers.
This group is only William Harrison Burnett, father; Rhoda Jane Garnett, mother, and their eleven children lined up in order of birth; Charlie Henry; William "Willie" Sherman; John Cornelias; Susan Mildred; Isasc Thomas; Nannie Leah "Sadie"; James Washington ; Melissa Agnes; Robert Jackson; Rhoda "Hattie"; and George Oscar.
This Graves County Atlas of 1880 was obtained from Don Simmons, of Melber, KY, a publisher of historical books of the area.
This page from the above Atlas shows the northeast corner of Graves County and the Melber/Lowes area where William Harrison lived.  In the upper right corner is Louisburg, where Melber is now.  Highlighted are the homes of W. H. Burnett;  C. Garnett (Charles Washington Garnett, Rhoda Jane's father); J. W. Lisenby, the brother of Nannie Jane Lisenby, Ora Elliott's mother; and a B. White.  Raymond Lee Burnett lives in the house labeled B. White, the house where he was born. 
This is the same area as above as now shown on DeLorme's Street Atlas, and how we would find it today.  The Brush River and the highway from Melber to Lowes remain the same, but most of the other roads have changed. 



This section contains photos of Isaac Thomas and Dolly Ann (Thurston) Burnett.  Isaac Thomas was the fifth child of William Harrison and Rhoda Jane Burnett and the older brother of James Washington.
Isaac died on Dec 12, 1961 at the age of almost 89.  Dolly died exactly 11 years later on Dec 12, 1972, also almost 89 years old.  This picture was probably taken in the late 1950's.
Isaac and Dolly's house which cost $675.00 when it was built in 1915.
Same house after current owners,  Dwain & Sharon Warren, remodeled it.  Sharon is the Granddaughter of Isaac & Dolly, and the daughter of Colvin & Hortense "Tense" Burnett.  Colvin is a son of Isaac and Dolly.
This picture of Hortense Burnett is from her obituary.  She died on March 9, 2001 at her home at the age of 81.  Click on her picture to see her obituary.
After Hortense died the farm of Colvin and Hortense Burnett was divided into several tracts of land and auctioned off on Saturday, April 28, 2001.  This is the front page of the auction announcement brochure.
This map is from the auction brochure and shows the location of the farm.
This aerial photograph of the farm is from the auction brochure and shows the extent of the farm and how the land was divided into the different tracts of land.
This is from the back page of the brochure and shows the house and outbuildings, and also a view of one of the fields.



Noah Eric Burnett is the fifth child of Isaac and Dolly, and Raymond Lee Burnett's grandfather.
Noah Eric Burnett's headstone.  Pearl Right was his second wife.
Ellna (Elna) Evelyn Sperry Burnett, first wife of Noah Eric Burnett, taken in 1934.  She is Raymond Lee Burnett's grandmother.
Ellna Evelyn Sperry's parents and sisters, probably about 1914.  Front Row:  (1) Marie Rosetta, born Oct. 4, 1909, died Apr 12, 1937.  She married Colvin Shelton on July 7, 1932.   (2) Gladys Aline, born May 16, 1912.  She is still living.  She married Solon Nicholson.   (3)  Myrtle Virginia, born July 26, 1914.  She is still living.  She married Otis Troutt.  Middle Row:  (1)  John Alexander Sperry, (father), born Jan 29, 1875 in Melber, KY., died Jan 25, 1958 in Melber, KY.  (2)  Bertha Jane Owen(s), (mother), May 9, 1885 in Rosebude, IL, died Oct 8, 1966 in Western Baptist Hospital, Paducah, KY.  (John and Bertha were married June 9, 1901 in Metropolis, IL).  Back Row:  (1)  Elna Evelyn, born Sep 10, 1904, died Mar 25, 1957.  Married Noah Eric Burnett, divorced and married Floyd Nellis.  (2)  Hazel Opal, born Feb 13, 1903, died Aug 26, 1983.  She married Dick Holt.  (3)  Mary Alice, born July 18, 1907, died Sep 23, 1994.  She married Fred Williams Brown on Mar 8, 1929. 
Photo of the marker for John & Bertha Sperry.  It is in Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery on 62 highway out of Paducah.
Ellna Evelyn Sperry with her second husband, Floyd Nellis.
Norris "Randal" Burnett before he married Annis Stone.  Randall is the second son of Noah Eric Burnett, and Raymond Lee Burnetts's father.
 A school picture of Annis Fay Stone taken when she was in the 9th grade in 1947 or 1948.   Annis Fay is Raymond Lee Burnett's mother.



Rhoda Harrison "Hattie" Burnett was the 10th child and youngest daughter of William Harrison and Rhoda Jane Burnett.  She married Ebb Luther Reasons on Dec 19, 1906.  This is their wedding photo.
This is Ebb Luther and Hattie Reasons on Sep 24, 1958.  They would have been 74 years old and married 52 years.
Ebb and Hattie had seven children.  This is a photo of the oldest, Agnes Jane Reasons, standing near their original home.  It is believed that it was built on land owned at the time by William Harrison Burnett.
Their third child was Enos Young Reasons who married Clarice Lorine Gourley.  They are known as Young and Clarice.  This is a clipping from the newspaper about their 60th wedding anniversary celebration on Dec 10, 1994.
This is a clipping from the Paducah Sun on Dec 19, 1999 about them celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.  The picture is the same as the above, so it must have been taken before 1994.
Ollie Bell Reasons is the 6th of Ebb Luther and Hattie Reasons seven children.  This is Ollie Bell in 1998.
Ollie Bell Reasons still lives in the Reasons family home that was built by Ebb Luther on the same site as the old homeplace.  This is a picture of the house in 1998.  Both Ollie Bell and her younger sister Bonnie Catherine still live in the Melber, KY area.