William and Lula Osborne Photo Album

William Roswell Osborne and Lula Jackson Osborne Photo Album

by Tom Osborne (tlosborne@aol.com)

These photos are from the albums of Louise Earnhardt Osborne and have been made available by her son William Roswell Osborne III.  There are too many photos to make comments on each one, so they are presented without additonal comment, and generally in the order in which they appeared in her albums.  The labels are the original notes found on the photos or in Louise's album.

(Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture; use the Back button on the browser to return to this page. This page uses about 335 KB for the 106 thumbnails so may take a minute or so to download.  The full size files range from 25KB to 126KB and average about 60KB.)

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