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In the late 1970's, Mary Lawrence (Burnett) Osborne sent my mother, Dorothy Jane (Burnett) Johns, a family tree book for her birthday.  The book had blank forms to fill in with names, birth, marriage, and death dates, parents, children, etc. and the sisters gathered considerable amounts of information about their branch of the Burnett Family Tree. At this point, I was also bitten by the genealogy 'bug' and started helping with the research and collection of material. I never dreamed, at the time, of how many hours of my life would be spent following leads on microfilm in the Detroit Historical Library, writing to newsletters or other Burnetts across the United States  and finally using the internet. It was about this time that my cousin, Dean Egner, also began doing research and we shared whatever information we found.

A travel article published in the Detroit News by James A. O. Crowe , October 8, 1978, led me in search of information about Crathes Castle (pronounced Krath-ees) near Aberdeen, Scotland which is still held by the Head of the House of Burnett in the National Trust of Scotland. With the help of my local librarian, we located the book , Scottish Castles Of The 16th and 17th Centuries, which was loaned to me by the Michigan State University Library. This wonderful book contained many pictures and valuable information about the roots of the Burnett family .

Over the years, I have been in correspondence with many people who are also researching their Burnett lines. There is one person, however, June Baldwin Bork of Apple Valley, California, to whom I am especially thankful for helping me to link our family with the rest of the tree. June has published , The Burnetts And Their Connections, <http://junebaldwinbork.com/> an incredible three volume collection of  documented information and is known in the Burnett research circles as "the authority" on our family.

Recently my cousin, Tom Osborne, was bitten by the genealogy bug and has proven to be a tremendous asset in the technical end and research phase of this endeavor. We can all thank Tom for setting up these pages and for his work on the Osborne family. Now sit back, click a few buttons,and enjoy your time travel through our pages.


The Burnetts of Scotland -  The Burnetts Of Ley have held the lands of Crathes Castle  since the time of Robert Bruce. They are among the few Scottish families who can claim origin from English stock prior to the Norman Conquest.

Famous Unrelated (as far as we know) Burnetts - Have you ever been in a crowded room or walked along a busy sidewalk and overheard someone say the name "BURNETT"? Didn't your head almost swivel off your neck trying to find the person who said it? Now you can learn a little more about the more famous Burnetts.

Our Ancestors - On this page we link to an Excel spreadsheet chart that shows all of the ancestors of the children of James Washington and Ora Atwood Burnett on one chart, and summarize what we know about our ancestors.

Our Burnett Kin - This outline is dedicated to those of our family who are not genealogists. I have started with our oldest known ancestor, Thomas Burnett, and proceeded to our closest mutual ancestor, James Washington Burnett.

William Harrison and Rhoda Jane (Garnett) Burnett - William Harrison and Rhoda Jane had 11 children, one of which was James Washington for which we have much informaton below.  Recently, we have been learning more about the descendants of some of the other children.  This page shows the information and photos.

James Washington and Ora Atwood (Elliott) Burnett - The story of  James and Ora's family with photos.  For additional old photos, see the Photo Album on page 6.  Read about the old farm on "Our Memories of Papa's Farm", page 7.  For more on the families of each of their seven children, see the pages below.

James Elliott and Hazel Mary (Johns) Burnett -  These pages contain a nice biography of Hazel written by Elliott and presented by him at her Memorial Service in 1983.  Also has many old pictures.

John "Harold" and Marie (Burnett) Hall - The family of Harold and Marie with photos.

Carl Edwin and Mary Lawrence (Burnett) Osborne - the family of Carl and Mary L with photos.

James Adel and Dorothy Jane (Burnett) Johns - Don't miss these pages!  They contain a wonderful story of their wedding and early married life written by Jim, and many old pictures.

Milton "Ray" and Edith Grace (Beemer) Burnett - Ray and Edith's family with photos.

Ruth Virginia Burnett - Ruth's family with photos.

Vernon "Earl" and Kathryn Anita (Burnett)  Rust - Earl and Kathryn's family with photos.


Addison Josephus and Nancy Jane (Lisenby) Elliott -  the family of Addison and "Nanny" with photos.

Tom Osborne  (tlosborne@aol.com)

Famous Unrelated (as far as we know) Osbornes - Have you ever been asked if you were related to Tom Osborne, the Head Coach of Nebraska, or some other famous Osborne?  I have.  In this section, Sue finds and tells about some famous, probably unrelated, Osbornes so you won't look so dumb when asked.

William P Osborne - the families of William P. Osborne and Amy S. Edmondson Osborne, and of Amy Edmondson Osborne and David J. Watkins.  Both William and David Watkins served in the 120th Illinois Infantry in the Civil War.  There are several of Williams military documents posted, and interesting links to Johnson County, IL, Civil War information.

Our Ancestors - On this page we link to an Excel spreadsheet chart that shows all of the ancestors of the children of William and Lula Osborne on one chart, and summarize what we know about our ancestors.

Thomas Green Osborne - the families of Thomas Green Osborne and Sarah Ellen (Vancleave) Osborne, and of Thomas Green Osborne and Sarah Ann (Trigg) Osborne with photos.

William Roswell Sr. and Lula (Jackson) Osborne - the family of William and Lula with photos.  For over 100 family pictures see the Photo Album.

Carl Edwin and Mary Lawrence (Burnett) Osborne - the family of Carl and Mary L with photos.

The Memorial Day 2000 Cemetery Tour - On Memorial Day, May 28, 2000, William R. (Bill) Osborne, III, visited the Old Zion Cemetery and the Cedar Creek Cemetery, both near Ozark, IL, where many of our ancestors are buried, and the Oak Grove Cemetery in Paducah, KY where our grandparents are buried.  On this page, Bill and Hope share their pictures and comments with us in this online cemetery tour.

The 1937 Flood in Paducah - The 1937 Paducah flood is an unforgetable event for three generations of our Osborne and Burnett families.  This page links to the story of the flood, and has several excellent pictures.  A link to the famous murals on the present floodwall is listed.

The 1991 Osborne Family Reunion - In June of 1991, a reunion of the descendants of William R. and Lula Osborne was hosted by Jane and Nolan Harton at their estate in Lone Oak, KY and 82 of those descendants were able to attend.  This page shows a group picture of those descendants, identifies each person, and relates them to their family tree.


Sue's database:   http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=est3739-2

Tom's database:   http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=tlosborne

Updates Page - This page lists the dates of the most recent updates and what was changed.

Family Relationship Chart - Use this page to determine what your relationship is to another related family member.

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