1880 Crittenden Co. Arkansas Census, Tyronza, page 8

1880 U. S. Federal Census
Crittenden County, Arkansas
Tyronza District, Supervisor District 1, Enumeration District 54, Sheet 8


Dwg No. Fam No. Surname First Name Color Sex Age Relation-
Fa. Mo.
56 79 Esknidge S. A. W F 33 Head OH OH OH
      T. W. W M 1 Son AR TN OH
    Richards C. A. W M 10 Son AR NC OH
    Richards K. C. W M 8 Son AR NC OH
    Richards W. A. W M 17 Step Son AR NC NC
    Davis H. C. W M 32 Boarder TN NC NC
    Winters G. E. W M 32 Laborer OH VA VA
    Eskridge William B M 17 Servant AR    
57 80 Martin S. A. W M 32 Head NC NC NC
      I. E. W F 29 Wife TN TN KY
      Richard W M 4 Son AR NC TN
      Ruth W F 2 Dau AR NC TN
      Jonlis? W M 2/12 Son AR NC TN
    Metcalf E. W F 58 Mo in law KY    
    Metcalf N B. W M 38 Boarder TN Tn KY
    Blackwood H W M 15 Laborer TN    
58 81 Hanson W. H. W M 38 Head IL ? MD
      H. C.? W F 11 Dau TN IL TN
      C. W. W M 9 Son TN IL TN
      L. B. W F ? Dau TN IL TN
      S. F. W M ? Brother MD MD MD
58 82 Finlwood J. M. W M 39 Head NC ? ?
      Virginia W F 28 Wife AR ? TN
      C. W. W M 8 Son AR ? AR
      Clara W F 6 Dau AR NC ?
      Edgar W M 4 Son AR ? ?
      Anna W F 2 Dau AR ? ?
    Maxcy John W M 28 Boarder TN ? ?
60 83 Deal A. P. W M 30 Head NC NC NC
      Maggie W F 21 Wife AR AL AL
    Jenkins Lewis W M 19 Bro in law AR AL AL
    Jenkins Ruth W F 15 Sis in law AR AL AL
    Jenkins Mary W F 13 Sis in law AR AL AL
61 84 Alexander Wm. W M 49 Head TN NC NC
      T. E. W F 34 Wife AL AL AL
      A. B. W M 5 Son AR TN AL
61 85 Roman J. W. W M 34 Head WV VA VA
      Z W F 16 Wife AR TN KY
      Mary W F 9 Dau AR ? MO
      L. C. W M 1 Son AR ? AR
    Gordon Martha W F 45 Mo in law KY ? KY
    Gordon G. H. W M 52 Fa in law TN ? TN
    McDaniel George W M 19 Laborer AR ? MO
    Walch Aug W M 21 Laborer AUS* ? AUS
63 86 Johnson I. J. W M 57 Head KY ? VA
      C. A. P. W F 45 Wife AR ? AR
      Thomas W M 20 ? TN ? MS
    King C. H. ? ? ?   MO ? -

H. C. Davis's occupation given as Minister
S. A. Martin's occupation given as County Surveyor
N. B. Metcalf's occupation given as "Rafting."
G. H. Gordon's occupation given as "Surveyor"

AUS = Austria

This page was difficult to read. It appears that tape had been used on portions of the original prior to microfilming. These areas were too dark to read. Most of the column "Birth place of Father" was too dark to read.

Crittenden Co.

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