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When Thurmaston Heritage Group hosts local history exhibitions, often those parts of displays that touch on family history promote most interest. At exhibitions one may often hear comments such as 'my family have lived in Thurmaston for generations' or 'my family are descended from an old Thurmaston family'. Sometimes these comments are based on diligent family history research, sometimes not. One might ask then who were or are the 'old Thurmaston families', those whose names have been associated with the parish for many years. Perhaps one of the best sources of information that gives a snapshot of history are the census returns. Since 1801, with the exception of the war year 1941, the census has been taken in England every ten years. However, it was not until 1841 that the census began to record the names of individual people - earlier censuses had sought numerical information about a parish.

It is therefore extremely interesting when snapshot information survives for a parish that pre-dates the 1841 census. Below is a list of family names that are taken from a document that survives in the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. It is "A List of all the inhabitants residing in the South End of Thurmaston in the County of Leicester, taken July 8th 1814". Although not a complete listing of the parish families, as it does not include those living in the North End of the village, it consitutes around 80% of those living in Thurmaston as a whole. It is therefore a useful listing of many of the family names associated with the parish in the early 19th century.

The names given below are taken from the list, each being the head person of a household. Against each name was recorded the number of male and female people in each home, the list therefore represents 700 individuals. Comparing the numbers of people recorded in the document to those recorded in the censuses of 1811 and 1821, the total population of Thurmaston would have been around 875 individuals.

Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Samuel
Barfoot, Catherine
Barfoot, Thomas
Bates, Mary
Baum, Joseph
Bently, Edward
Bently, John
Bently, Thomas
Bently, Thomas
Berridge, John
Berridge, William
Berridge, William
Birch, Samuel
Bird, Thomas
Bishop, Edward
Bishop, Elizabeth
Bishop, Samuel
Blount, James
Blount, John
Blount, William
Boyer, John
Breward, Samuel
Bright, Mary
Brown, John
Brown, Thomas
Carr, Thomas
Cart, Swift
Clark, Cornelius
Coltman, James
Coltman, Thomas
Coltman, Thomas
Cooke, Henry
Cooke, Tyers
Croxton, John
Daft, Thomas
Deakin, John
Drakes, John
Elliott, Samuel
Evans, Thomas
Faulknall, Eleanor
Felstead, Elizabeth
Felstead, Samuel
Foister, Charles
Fox, James
Fox, William
Gandy, Jarvis

Gent, Abraham
Gilbert, John
Glover, William
Goddard, John
Goodman, William
Gretton, George
Grundy, John
Hall, William
Hammonds, Mary
Harrison, William
Harrison, William
Hartshorn, John
Hartshorn, Richard
Hartshorn, Thomas
Hartshorn, William
Haywood, Thomas
Henson, Thomas
Henson, Thomas
Hinson, Thomas
Hudson, Thomas
Hughs, Edward
Hurst, William
Hurst, William
Iliffe, John
Johnson, John
Kirby, Thomas
Kirk, Thomas
Kirk, William
Lane, John
Lane, Thomas
Levice, Barnabas
Levice, Samuel
Lewin, Elizabeth
Linthwait, William
Liquorish, Benjamin
Lord, Joseph
Lunn, Isaac
Martin, John
Martin, Samuel
Mason, William
Mills, John
Newton, Ann
North, Thomas
Oswin, Thomas
Parker, Thomas
Pepper, Mary
Pick, John

Pick, William
Platts, Elizabeth
Pole, Robert
Preston, John
Pymm, William
Reffin, Richard
Roberts, Richard
Roddle, Mary
Sarson, William
Saunderson, William
Sharman, John
Sharp, Ann
Sharp, John
Sharp, Joseph
Shelton, John
Simpson, William
Sisson, Edward
Sisson, William
Sisson, William
Smith, Edward
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Stevens, John
Stevens, John
Swann, Thomas
Swift, Alice
Swift, John
Swift, William
Toe, Joseph
Toon, Samuel
Tyers, William
Watts, Edward
Watts, Thomas
Weale, James
Weston, John
White, Benjamin
Wilbon, Sarah
Wright, John
Wright, John

The list shows that there were 347 males and 353 females living in the South End of Thurmaston. Six women and three men were living alone. Just over 40% of households had between 4 and 7 people living in them. The largest households were those of William Berridge, Samuel Allen, Joseph Toe and John Johnson, with 12, 13, 13, and 20, persons in each houshold, respectively. Christian names in the original list were abbreviated, but have been expanded in the above list for the sake of clarity. Surnames are given according to the list. Some names like Toe and Wilborn are likely to be familiar today with spellings such as Towe and Welborne.

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