Thurmaston Heritage Group Cemetery

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Thurmaston Cemetery.

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Allen Thomas Henry
Angrave Oliver
Bailey William
Bates Louis
Bentley George
Bentley Gerald
Berrington John Tom
Berrington William Lol
Bexon Ernest Walter
Biggs Eliza
Birks Douglas
Black Joseph Allin
Blount Albert
Blount Henry
Blount William
Brown Harry
Burton William H
Cart Ben
Cave William Marshall
Colver Arthur
Colver Sydney Arthur
Copson Clement Edwin
Dawson G W
Doig William
Foister Charles
Foister Thomas
Garner Charles
Garner William Charles
Garratt Joseph
Goddard George
Goddard John
Greasley Cyril Kelham
Grundy Frederick Harvey
Hardyman Leonard
Hartshorn Albert Edward
Hartshorn Alfred
Hartshorn Clara
Hartshorn F W
Hartshorn James Owen
Hartshorn Percy Arthur
Heath Alec
Hewick Henry
Hollis George F
Horsfall Frederick
Hubbard Charles
Hubbard Samuel
Hufton Richmond
Hurst Alfred Gilbert
Hurst Frank
Jones T H
Keeling A L
Keeling Dan
Keeling L T
Keeling Leonard
Lane Eric Aubrey
Lawrence Arthur Charles
Lewin George Henry
Lewin Henry
Lewin John
Mamatt Doris Sylvia
Martin Joseph
Martin William
McNaught E F
Mulgrove Samuel
Noble Percy
Parker Joseph
Partridge George
Peberdy John
Pegg Sydney Reginald
Pick Elizabeth
Pochin Norman
Pole Arthur
Pole George Hammond
Pole Oliver Hammond
Pole Wilfred Hammond
Porch Frank
Porch Fred
Porch George
Pratt Herbert Arthur
Prestidge Dan
Ridgway Ben
Ridgway Charles James
Rose Henry
Rowley James Henry
Rudkin John Lewis de Grange
Sabin William
Sharp Joseph
Sibson Owen
Smith Arthur
Smith Ben
Smith Ernest
Smith Harry 1
Smith Harry 2
Smith Harry 3
Smith John
Smith John William
Smith William Cecil
Smith William Charles
Stokes Thomas Mark
Strong Horace
Strong Walter
Talbott Charles Fergus
Toon David Stanley
Toon George Percy
Toon Horace Edgar
Toon James
Toon William
Topham Arch
Towe Alfred
Towe Ernest Edwin
Towe George
Ward Roland
Watkins William
Westbury Henry
Wheatley Gilbert
Winterton Daniel
Woodford Reuben Arthur
Woodford Thomas Arthur
Wright Albert Arthur
Wright Alfred James

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