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The Checkland family of Thurmaston Hall,
Herrick's Lane (Humberstone Lane).

In the 18th Century the Checkland family are reputed to have lived in the Leicestershire town of Hinckley. Their origins seem to have been in trade. Edward Checkland, c1792-1846, was a publican. Until his death in 1846 he kept the King William IV, on Colton Street, Leicester. Mrs. Agnes Checkland, widow of George Edward Checkland, was the last member of the family to inhabit Thurmaston Hall.

After the death of Mrs. Checkland, in 1933, the executors of her estate sold Thurmaston Hall and its contents.

It is possible to download the Thurmaston Hall sale catalogue in four sections, to do so click on the following links

Catalogue Pages 01-09

Catalogue Pages 10-18

Catalogue Pages 19-27

Catalogue Pages 28-36

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