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Thurmaston Hall, Herrick's Lane (Humberstone Lane).

This painting, which is, perhaps, an over-painted print, on a mahogany board, which measures approximately 10 x 7 inches, was recently sold in a collectibles shop in Bridport, Dorset. The original painting is in a distressed condition, this image has been digitally enhanced to show the painting as it may have appeared when new.

It is a typical late 19th to early 20th century work from Bohemia, depicting a young gypsy woman and her beau, the two decently separated by a rustic fence. Beneath the top rail of the fence, to the right of the picture, there appears to be a signature.

Branded on the mahogany panel are the letters 'H.N.B.' These may constitute a vendor's mark, or may signify manufacture in Bohemia.

On the panel is written, in pencil -

Thurmaston Hall, Leicester, Mark Maidment, A Present from Mr. Checkland From Bohemia Septemeber 16 1902.

Mark Maidment, a stud groom, was employed by George Edward Checkland at Thurnby Court, Leicestershire, prior to the occupation of Thurmaston Hall. The Checklands moved to the hall on Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston, sometime after 1901, and, on the evidence of the panel dating, before the autumn of 1902. George Edward Checkland died during 1903, and his wife, Agnes, continued to live at the hall until her decease thirty years' later.

Mark Maidment died on the 15th November 1904 and is interred in Thurmaston Cemetery. After his death his widow, Emma, with her daughters, Florence, Louisa, and Rosa, moved away from Thurmaston. In 1911 they lived at 4, Moira Street, Leicester. Rosa Maidment died on the 7th March 1921 and was interred with her father.

In 1939 Mark Maidment's two spinster daughters, Florence and Louisa, lived together in Taunton. So it is possible that the picture was taken by them to Southern England. Louisa Maidment died during 1963 and Florence Maidment passed away during 1971.

If you can add any commentary regarding this painting, or any further details of the Checkland or Maidment families, please use the following link to contact - Thurmaston Heritage Group




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