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The Roman Milestone, Belgrave Gate, Leicester, in 1836.

In 1771 a Roman milestone was discovered by workers involved in extracting gravel near the Fosse Road, by the old toll-gate at Thurmaston. For several years after its discovery the milestone remained exposed to the elements, until, in 1783, it was acquired by Leicester Corporation, who had it erected as part of a lamp standard in Belgrave Gate, Leicester. In 1844 the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society had the milestone removed to the Leicester Town Museum, as the stone was suffering from damage. Today the milestone is housed in Leicester's Jury Wall, Museum.

The milestone bears an inscription, translated as:

To the Emperor and Caeser the august Trajan Hadrian, son of the divine Trajan, surnamed Particus, grandson of the divine Nerva Pontiflex Maximus, four times invested with Tribunitial power, thrice Consul. From Ratae [Leicester] Two miles.



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