Thurmaston Heritage Group Road Rollers Limited, Thurmaston (Set2)


Enjoying a tea break are (left to right) Dennis Porch, Bob Loomes, Albert Chapman, Barry Topley and (sitting) Charlie White.



Mr. Frank Johnson, a roller driver for nearly 45 years.

He originally began on steam rollers.


Reconditioing fuel injection pumps is

Mr. Mick Ellis.


In the accounting office are Mrs. M. Cartright, Mr. F. K. Morran and Mrs. C. Johnson (right)



Looking over an engine are (left to right) Mr. Bill Foster (works manager),

Mr. Leonard Passingham (engine fitter) and Mr. Kenneth King.



Keeping a watch over the spare parts in the stores department are Mr. Tom Duffy and Mr. John Powell.



Co-ordination is maintained from a control room at each depot with the aid of cars equipped with two-way radio. Here Mr. Howard Kemp directs the movements.


Painting is an important part of maintaining rollers. Here Mr. John McGowan puts a coat of paint on a tandem roller.


Mr. Cyril Wooding and Mr. Leslie Fox have worked at Road Rollers since they left school. Here they maintain a Swedish-design vibratory roller.


Working on repairing a rubber tyred roller are Mr. John Smith and Mr. Harry Watson. Bearings are receiving attention and so will the tyres of the vehicle in the picture.



The above images appeared in the Leicester Illustrated Chronicle, April 7, 1967.

The article, one of a series called 'Made in Leicester', was entitled 'Meet the workers of Road Rollers Limited'.

Pictures courtesey of Mr. Dave Kirton via Mr. Ray Young of Syston.




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