Thurmaston Church Hill Road VE DAY Celebrations


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Victory in Europe - VE-Day celebrations

This picture features some of the children who lived in Church Hill Road, Thurmaston. They are celebrating the end of the war in Europe - VE-day - the 8th May 1945. The conical hat worn by boy number three can be seen to bear part of the word "Victory". Can you identify any of the people in this picture? Is one of these people your father or mother, grandfather or grandmother? Are you one of the children in this picture?

The VE-Day celebrations were a nationwide outpouring of emotion and thanksgiving for the end of hostilities in Europe. For tens of thousands of people in Britain VE-Day was also tinged with sadness. There was the knowledge that many young men and women had not been fortunate to live to see the day when the war in Europe would be over. Of course, for many servicemen and women in the far-east the war was not over. Victory over Japan, VJ-Day, would only be realised following the unleashing of atomic weapons.

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