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Members of the Leicestershire Yeomanry

The pedigree of the Leicestershire Yeomanry began during the 1790's, when home defence forces were raised throughout the land to counter the threat of a French invasion of Britain. Home defence cavalry forces were raised in both Leicestershire and Rutland and it is to these units that the Leicestershire(Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry trace their origin.

The full length photograph was taken at Oakham, Rutland, in 1939. In the background can be seen the railway crossing that is near the centre of the town. The three young men are Eric Montgomery of Thurmaston (see WWII index), Dusty Miller of Oakham, and Percy Potter of Thurmaston (see WWII index).

The head and shoulder photograph was taken in early 1940 and shows Percy, left, and Eric, right. The uniform worn by Percy shows very clearly the regimental badge of the Leicestershire Yeomanry. The lower scroll of the badge bore the inscription South Africa 1900-02. This was in recognition of the battle honour gained by the regiment during the Boer War, when members of the regiment made-up companies of the Imperial Yeomanry force.

In the Great War, 1914-1918, members of the regiment endured the battles at Ypres, 1914-1915; Frezenberg; and Arras, 1917. These places constitute the titles of just three of the ten Great War battle honours attained by the regiment.

Some original recruitment books of the Leicestershire Yeomanry are housed in the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

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