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An interesting read 19 copies remaining

Our Vic - The story of a Leicestershire sailor

This illustrated A4 publication of 112 pages tells the story of three brothers, Vic, Bill and Eric Foster, and their friends and contemporaries from Thurmaston, Leicestershire, England. It is a family story set against the backdrop of the 1939-1945 War. The book explains how three young men went away to war and how one of them, Vic Foster, did not return.

Vic Foster served aboard a destroyer, HMS Volunteer, in the Western Approaches. He also sailed in the same ship as part of Arctic convoy PQ16, and experienced the horrors of a voyage to North Russia. He later transferred to His Majesty's Landing Ship (Tank) 418. He was lost aboard the ship on the 16th February 1944, along with many others. The book also tells the story of Bill Foster's escape from Singapore and Eric Foster's time in India.

There are many references to Thurmaston people within the publication and there is a full listing of the Second World War dead of the village. The book also contains a provisional listing of the crew members of HMLST 418, and much other previously unpublished material.

The book is intended as a tribute to those that served their country from 1939-1945, many of whom, like Vic Foster, gave their lives. He was one among very many valiant hearts, just one of those ordinary young people from the villages, towns and cities of Britain who experienced extraordinary circumstances.

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