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Members of Thurmaston Working Men's Club, c1920's

Can you identify any of the people on this picture? Is one of these men your father, grandfather or great-grandfather? Can you see your brother, uncle, or great uncle on this picture? These are men who are likely to have served in the Great War, 1914-1918.

The man identified by the letter 'N' served in the Great War. This can be determined by the badge that he wears on his jacket lapel. He is wearing the Silver War Badge for Services Rendered.

The Silver War Badge was authorised in 1916, for officers and men of His Majesty's Forces who had been retired or discharged from the services on account of sickness or wounds. Each sterling silver badge was individually marked with a unique identifying number; the number corresponding to that of a certificate that was issued with each badge. The badge was issued to men who were discharged from the services at home or overseas.

Original registers of the Silver War Badge are housed in the National Archives, Kew, London.

Point the cursor at the head of each individual to reveal if their name is known.

If you can identify anyone in this picture send an email to the website author by clicking on this link - ThurmastonWMC


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